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9 min
huawei mate 40 pro

Price: £1,099 (inc VAT) from I’ve had the Mate 40 Pro a month now and I’ve been waiting for a promised software update before writing this review. In the meantime, Huawei has decided to sell off its Honor business, cutting ties completely in the hope that the sub-brand will survive and live on. The problem, of course, is that both Huawei and Honor are hampered by the same trade restrictions which prevent them working with US companies. And this causes not just the absence of Google services but also limitations in which components Huawei can put in its phones. What this means is that the Mate 40 Pro could never score well in this review. Not because of the hardware – that’s exemplary – but because you can’t get and use the…

13 min
oneplus nord n10 5g

Price: £329 (inc VAT) from The OnePlus Nord – the company’s return to the mid-range market since its first outing back in 2015 – benefited from just as much (if not more) hype than the company has placed on some of its recent flagship launches. It was preceded by a four-part documentary (which has since reached Amazon Prime Video), covering its development in the face of COVID-19, it spurred a dedicated Instagram account which still serves up related posts multiple times a day and the phone’s gone on to become one of the most well-received mid-range handsets of 2020. With all this in mind, when rumblings that the company would be expanding the Nord line to include more affordable devices, we were excited and intrigued to see how OnePlus would drum up…

9 min
realme x50 5g

Price: £299 (inc VAT) from When the Realme X50 Pro made its debut in the first half of last year it redefined expectations for how much a powerful 5G flagship phone should cost these days and now the standard Realme X50 5G is looking to do the same in the mid-range market. A glance at the spec sheet and the X50 5G has a pretty sizeable overlap with phones at twice its sub-£300 asking price, meaning that although Realme doesn’t yet have the brand recognition of other phone makers, it has the potential to win customers over simply on the impressive price/performance balancing act that this phone appears to strike. DESIGN You can’t blame Realme for finding a design that works and sticking with it. On the upside, the X50 doesn’t look half…

7 min
motorola moto g9 play

Price: £159 (inc VAT) from The Moto G9 Play arrived just six months after the Moto G8 series was on the scene. It’s the first of three phones in the G9 range (so far), which includes the Moto G9 Plus and the newly-announced G9 Power. The G9 Play, however, is also the cheapest at £159. We test it out to see just how much value it offers for your money. DESIGN Straight out the gate, the design looks clean and minimalist – and bright, thanks to a vivid, scintillating Sapphire Blue back (though you can pick it up in Forest Green too). It’s all smooth plastic, mind you, but it doesn’t feel cheap or tacky. The Moto G9 Play is light, at just 200g, especially in comparison to the chunky Vivo IQOO 3…

50 min
best budget smartphones

Flagship phones are more expensive than ever, but as the high-end gets better, so too do more affordable models. It’s now possible to buy a new handset under £250 and still get a phone capable of handling everything you throw at it. The best budget phones are also more attractive in the long-term thanks to cheaper contract prices, though you might prefer to buy these handsets outright and then pay only for your minutes, texts and data. 1. XIAOMI POCO X3 NFC Price: £199 from Budget phones come with compromises – that’s inevitable. What matters is picking the right compromises, and with the Poco X3 Xiaomi has done exactly that. By dropping 5G and building a little extra bulk onto the frame, Xiaomi has managed to squeeze strong specs, a 120Hz display, a…

46 min
best headphones

The best headphones are the ultimate tool for intimate listening experiences. Whether you’re listening on your phone, a digital audio player, a disc player, or even a PC or gaming console, when you’re ready to shut out the world and be one with your music, there is nothing better than a great set of cans. And you probably have multiples of them, since most every smart device and digital audio player comes with a pair; but it’s a safe bet that you’re really not satisfied with any of them. Comfortable high-quality headphones can transform your audio experiences ranging from listening to music and podcasts to watching TV programmes and films. Whether you prefer the isolation of in-ear headphones, the comfort of an over-the-ear model, the convenience of wireless, or you’re not sure…