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samsung’s new galaxy s21 line-up chooses refinement over reinvention

Last year’s Galaxy S20 line-up was such a massive change that Samsung introduced a new naming scheme to hammer home how consequential the upgrade was. This year, the Galaxy S21 series refines that vision at much lower prices. Samsung has launched three Galaxy S21 models in very similar sizes. The S21 and S21+ have 6.2- and 6.7in screens like their S20 predecessors, while the S21 Ultra is slightly smaller, 6.8 inches versus the S20 Ultra’s 6.9in screen. The top and bottom bezels are a bit slimmer as well to create a near-all-screen look, but all three models are essentially the same size as last year’s. Galaxy S21 S21: 151.7x71.2x7.9mm S21+: 161.5x75.6x7.8mm S21 Ultra: 165.1x75.6x8.9mm Galaxy S20 S20: 151.7x69.1x7.9mm S20+: 161.9x73.7x7.8mm S20 Ultra: 166.9x76x8.8mm They also weigh quite a bit more than last year’s models, even the S21, which is made…

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8 quirks to know about the samsung galaxy s21 before you order

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is easily its best flagship bargain in years, with the latest flagship Snapdragon processor, a powerful triple-camera array, and a premium look and feel. But if you’re thinking it’s just an updated version of the S20 or even a smaller version of the new Galaxy S21+, there are a few things you need to know before you plunk down £769 to order. 1. THE SCREEN RESOLUTION IS FULL HD+ 1080P Galaxy S buyers are used to getting the very best screens around. The Galaxy S20 brought a 6.2in Quad HD+ 3,200x1,440 Infinity-O Edge display with a pixel density of 563ppi and a 120Hz refresh rate. While the size is the same, you’re not getting all that with the new Galaxy S21. Rather, you’re getting a flat Full HD+ 2,400x1,080…

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with the galaxy s21, samsung has figured out the iphone’s secret: value

Apple isn’t exactly known for its low prices. The iPhone X was the first handset to cost more than a thousand pounds, the wheels for the Mac Pro cost £400, and just last December it launched a £549 pair of AirPods. Heck, it sells a charger that isn’t even very good for £129. But when it comes to its phones, Apple consistently gets it right. It’s true that the most expensive iPhone 12 tops out at £1,399, but for the most part, the iPhone 12 is very attainable, even with 5G and OLED displays across the board. When compared to the top flagship phones of 2020, in fact, the iPhone 12 slides in well under the average premium Android handset. But with the launch of the Galaxy S21, it seems as though…

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samsung galaxy m31

Price: £245 (inc VAT) from Despite the profound impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the deluge of Samsung phones shows no sign of abating. At £245, the Galaxy M31 is one of the most affordable devices in the company’s current line-up, aiming to provide a great smartphone experience at a fraction of a cost of the S and Note lines. With a mammoth 6,000mAh battery and competitive specs across the board, on paper it looks like Samsung is onto a winner. But how well does that translate to real-world usage? Read on to find out. DESIGN Samsung has clearly cut some corners with the Galaxy M31’s design. The most notable is the plastic back and frame of the device, meaning any illusion of this being a premium device is quickly lost. I was initially…

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realme 7 5g

Price: £279 (inc VAT) from The Realme 7 line has pushed the envelope in terms of what you can expect from an affordable phone; with the standard 7 serving as a brilliant budget option, while the higher pricing of the 7 Pro edges it into the mid-range tier, equipped with some notable tricks to grab your attention. While these devices staked their claim as noteworthy budget offerings back in October 2020, Realme actually had a third member waiting in the wings, in the Realme 7 5G. While COVID and its effects on the company’s supply chain meant that the 7 5G wasn’t ready to launch alongside its siblings, it’s no less potent a mix of impressive hardware at a low price – Realme’s bread and butter. Despite the name, the Realme 7 5G…

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oppo reno 4 pro 5g

Price: £649 (inc VAT) from The Reno series has always placed a focus on aspects like design and camera performance, with the best of the current bunch – the Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G – being no exception. Oppo has hit what could roughly be considered a biannual release schedule with its Reno line, meaning the differences from the likes of the Reno 3 to Reno 4 (and indeed the forthcoming Reno 5) Series’ will feel incremental to those wondering whether they should upgrade from one generation to the next. In the case of the Reno 4 Pro 5G specifically (notably a different device to the LTE-only Reno 4 Pro), Oppo has essentially blended some of the best bits from its Find X2 and Find X2 Neo smartphones to make a device…