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xiaomi redmi note 9t

Price: £229 (inc VAT) from The Redmi Note 9T is the latest phone in Xiaomi’s budget range, offering 5G capability. It joins the Redmi Note 9, Note 9S and Note 9 Pro, but comes with some key differences beyond the 5G capabilities. There’s a slightly lower battery life, a different processor and a more stripped back design. However, it still manages to clock in just over £200. With all that in mind, how does the phone stack up in actual use? DESIGN Like other Redmi 9 phones, this is quite a big handset. It measures 161.9x77.3x9.05mm and weighs 199g. If you’re looking for a phone that will slip into your pocket or something you can use one-handed with ease, this isn’t the one. However, the size does make it great for watching videos on. The…

9 min
moto g9 power

Price: £179 (inc VAT) from Motorola launched the budget G9 Power in the tail-end of 2020, as the last of three phones in the G9 series, which includes the G9 Plus and the G9 Play. The G9 Play impressed me last year: it neatly packed all the essentials you could want in a handset and tied it with a pretty £159 bow. The G9 Power takes it one step further, offering even more value for money. DESIGN It’s hard to believe the G9 Power packs a massive 6,000mAh battery when it’s so light, relatively speaking. At 221g, it’s just a touch heavier than the 200g Moto G9 Play. On the back, you’ll find a matte surface textured with concentric ridges which help add grip. It looks hardy yet handsome, with a frosty sheen that…

10 min
vivo y70

Price: £229 (inc VAT) from The past few years have seen many successful Chinese smartphone manufacturers expand into Western markets, bringing a wealth of high-quality, low-cost handsets with them. Established players such as Huawei and OnePlus were joined in the UK by Xiaomi in late 2018, before Oppo and Realme arrived in 2019. Completing the BBK (Oppo, OnePlus and Realme’s parent company) representation is Vivo, with the Guangdong-based company officially entering Europe in late 2020. One of the four phones to hit these shores is the Y70, a handset which aims to offer the premium smartphone experience at a more affordable price point. We’ve seen this strategy many times before, though. Can the Y70 stand out, considering the fierce competition at this lower mid-range price point? DESIGN The Vivo Y70 does a good job…

11 min
samsung galaxy tab active3

Price: £539 (inc VAT) from As a global tech giant, Samsung produces an incredible amount of hardware each year. Its high-end TVs and flagship smartphone usually make most of the headlines, but there are plenty of devices specifically targeted to certain industries. Among them is the Galaxy Tab Active3, a rugged tablet that’s aimed at B2B customers and those working in extreme environments. With a host of durability features, it feels well optimized for this purpose, but does it make sense for consumers to pick one up? Read on to find out. DESIGN The design of the Tab Active3 feels like taking a trip back in time, with huge bezels and physical navigation buttons below the screen. Both of these have long since been upgraded on consumer-focused tablets, but they make a…

9 min
review: samsung galaxy s21

Price: £769 (inc VAT) from The Galaxy S21 might be the smartest phone Samsung has ever made. Like the iPhone 12, it doesn’t have the best specs or the biggest screen. But it delivers where it counts, at a price that’s very attainable for a phone with a full complement of 5G, a high-end camera, and the latest Exynos 2100 processor. At £769, £30 less than the iPhone 12, and £170 more than the Google Pixel 5 and Galaxy S20 FE, the S21 is already a strong contender for smartphone of the year. Android and Galaxy enthusiasts will moan and wail over the things that are missing, which is admittedly a pretty lengthy list: 12GB of RAM, QuadHD+ resolution, expandable microSD storage, MST payment support, earbuds, a glass back and a…

6 min
iphone 12 versus samsung galaxy s21: which should you spend your £800 on?

The year has barely begun and we already have our first heavyweight smartphone battle of 2021. Samsung has released its line-up of Galaxy S21 phones a little earlier than usual this year, and it’s clear they have Apple’s newest phone in its sights. Samsung hasn’t reinvented the S21 as much as it’s retooled it to take on the iPhone 12, with a lower price point, sharper design, and some new camera tricks. Here’s how the two £800 smartphones stack up. DESIGN Samsung’s Galaxy S is always at the forefront of Android smartphone design and the S21 continues that tradition. Samsung has crafted a truly unique design where the metal sides seamlessly blend into the camera array, as if it were snapped onto the back. The back is made of plastic rather than…