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Ask Science and Arts Magazine for Kids and Children February 2019

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Each themed issue of ASK invites newly independent readers to explore the world of science and ideas with topics that really appeal to kids: What makes wind? Where do colors come from? Were pirates real? Filled with lively, well-written articles, vivid graphics, activities, cartoons, and plenty of humor, ASK is science kids demand to read! Grades 3-5

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nosy news

Trendy Tail Trick If you’ve ever been to a dolphin show, you might have seen dolphins “walking” on their tails. It’s a common trick that trainers teach the animals. But researchers have seen some wild dolphins tail-walking, too. They think it was a trend. The fad started with a dolphin named Billie. She lived off the coast of Australia. When she was young, she spent some time in a center with captive dolphins. No one trained Billie. But she saw trained dolphins at the center doing tricks. Later, Billie was released back into the wild. Then some other dolphins in her group started walking on their tails. Scientists think Billie learned how to tail-walk, then taught the other wild dolphins. The trick was popular for years. But after Billie died in 2009, tail-walking…

4 min.
my brilliant idea

What is an invention? An invention is... • a new device or way of doing something • that is useful and solves a real problem. An invention doesn’t have to be a whole new machine. It could also be an improvement to an existing device. What are invention contests? Invention contests are a place for inventors to show their work. Expert judges look at the inventions and ask questions. The best inventions win prizes. What kinds of inventions do kids enter? It might be a new device. It could be an improvement to an old device. Or it might be a way of doing something, like a new kind of knot. Your invention could be anything, as long as it’s new, useful, and solves a real problem. How do I enter? First, find a contest that is open to your…

1 min.
winner tips

You don’t need to solve huge problems like world hunger. Find a small problem in your life like “I wish my binder was more like a backpack.” If you have that problem, other people will too. Then come up with a creative solution. —Allie, age 13 Try, try, try. Fail, fail, fail. Try, try, try—SUCCEED! —Lino, age 13 We all have our strengths, and that helps our team. —Eli, age 10 Work with a team. That makes things go faster. —Jack, age 11 Read the rules very closely. —Brayden, age 11 It doesn’t matter if you win one year or not. Did you put together something that is presentable and works? Then you are smart enough to win. Just try again next year. —Paige, age 11…

7 min.
how to shake up a mosquito

Who are we? We’re the InvenTeam of Northeast High School in Florida. Like most people in Florida (or anywhere), we don’t like mosquitoes much. So we decided to do something about it. The Mosquito Problem Most inventions start with someone trying to solve a problem or make something better. We’d seen a lot of stories in the news about Zika and other sicknesses carried by mosquitoes. Could we invent something to stop the mosquitoes that carry diseases? Scientists and Inventors Scientists do basic research. They discover how things work and ask questions about the world. Inventors and engineers use what scientists discover to build devices that solve problems. We Become Mosquito Experts If we wanted to stop mosquitoes, we had to learn more about them. We discovered: • Mosquitoes are hard to get rid of! • There are many…

1 min.
test and tweak

We tested a lot of different motors with weights stuck on in different ways. We finally chose a geared motor that could change speeds. It shook the most for the least amount of power. We tested motors at different speeds. We discovered that if the motor went too fast, the waves canceled each other out. Slower was better. To program a computer you have to write code and check it over and over, until the machine does what you want. There were lots more things we wanted to have it do, but we didn’t have time to code it all. We tested the case shapes with different motors. We measured the waves in a ripple tank, to see which shapes and motors made the best waves. We tried to come up with a team…

2 min.
the kid inventor hall of fame

Frank Epperson (1894-1983) Did you ever run off and forget your drink? That’s what happened to 11-year-old Frank Epperson in 1905. He’d been mixing drink mix with a stick, and left the cup and stick out on the porch all night. And it got cold. In the morning, Frank found a frozen lump of sweet drink—with a handy stick to hold it. He thought that was pretty cool. So he made more. Soon, everyone was enjoying his ice pops. At first Frank called them Epsicles, but later they got a different name—Popsicles. Obsession: blue raspberry Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) Benjamin Franklin was an American writer, printer, and inventor. He helped found America, and invented lightning rods, bifocal glasses, a heating stove, and a glass organ. But Franklin’s first invention was just for fun. As a…