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Summer 2019

The World’s Best Gay Magazine. We pride ourselves on exclusive content and we are the premier destination for film, music, sports and pop stars plus LGBT heroes and allies that want to speak directly to gay men. Each issue has a balance of features on a diverse range of subjects, with block busting A-list celebrity exclusives and in-depth analysis of news and issues affecting the LGBT community. No other gay magazine can come anywhere near Attitude’s star pulling power, with celebrities such as James Franco, Tom Hardy, Elton John, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ian McKellen, Liam Payne, Take That, Matthew Lewis and countless more giving exclusive gay press interviews to us. Plus we have the likes of Paris Lees, Matt Lucas, David Furnish, not only appearing in the magazine but also writing for it.

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pride in love

01 Jake Bass and Max Wallis Fashion Nick Byam Jake wears shirt, by ASOS, shorts, by Levi’s 02 TeTe Bang, Cheddar Gorgeous, Anna Phylactic, Lill, Astina Mandela and Liquorice Black 03 Dr Ranj Singh and Janette Manrara 04 Lavinia Co-op and Jonny Woo 05 Gok Wan and Jake Graf 06 Jodie Harsh 07 Stephen Clissold and Andrew Lumsden 08 Lady Bunny and Daniel Lismore 09 Shahmir Sanni and Phil Samba 10 Rob Rutt and MJ Palmer 11 Stefanos Dimoulas and Neoptolemos Dimoulas 12 Danny Smith and Otto Baxter 13 Glyn Fussell and Rileasa Slaves 14 Sharan Dhaliwal, and Sophie Duker 15 Glamrou and Crystal Rasmussen 16 Le Fil 17 Mark Ames and James McNeill 18 Juno Dawson and Max Gallant 19 Darren Styles and Gillian Styles 20 Dean Atta and Thomas Sammut 21 Doctor Le Strange and Dom Top 22 Jeffrey Hinton and Kevin Le Grand 23 James Barr and Dan Hudson 24…

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meet the team

Francisco Gomez de Villaboa, photographer Unite the Union sent me to report on Cuba Pride (actually called Jornadas en contra the la Homofobia). I was in Havana for 10 days of panel discussions, activities and the parade. It’s nothing like the apocalyptic Prides I am used to (such as Madrid), but I loved its political vibes, debates and the level of education going on Nick Byam, junior fashion editor My most memorable Pride has to be Gran Canaria. It was my first time away with a bunch of gays and I was 21 so had zero responsibilities. My bestie and I loved to pile on the accessories (as you can see) and get as messy as possible Thomas Stichbury, features editor Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they’re content in cute denim shorts and a…

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up & down

PRIDE OF AFRICA Botswana decriminalises homosexuality YAY TAIWAN The first Asian nation to legalise same-sex marriage SUPERHEROES IRL Chris Evans slams the ludicrous “Straight Pride” parade DRAG RACE SUMMER BREAK Whew chile… time to Ru-cuperate before it all kicks off (again) CROP TOPS We’re all for the ab-fab Eighties revival THE NEW YORK (BEHIND THE) TIMES Pissing the gays off in an ageist story on Madonna and disrespectful feature on drag queens NYPD SOZ Better late than never: an apology for the Stonewall raid COKED-UP MPS Puts being snapped on a Tube drinking mojito in a can into perspective SHAME OF AFRICA Kenyan judges uphold laws outlawing homosexuality…

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attitude magazine

Editor in chief Cliff Joannou cliff.joannou@attitude.co.uk Assistant editor Tim Heap tim.heap@attitude.co.uk Features editor Tom Stichbury thomas.stichbury@attitude.co.uk Chief sub editor Hugh Sohn hugh.sohn@attitude.co.uk Travel editor/staff photographer Markus Bidaux markus.bidaux@attitude.co.uk Sports editor Mark McAdam mark.mcadam@attitude.co.uk Editor at large Matthew Todd matthew.todd@attitude.co.uk Art director Gary Simons gary.simons@attitude.co.uk Designer Laurène Pineau laurene.pineau@attitude.co.uk Fashion and grooming director Joseph Kocharian joseph.kocharian@attitude.co.uk Junior fashion editor Nick Byam nick.byam@attitude.co.uk Web editor Will Stroude will.stroude@attitude.co.uk Web editor Steve Brown steve.brown@attitude.co.uk Intern Lewis Blewitt Head of partnerships Mike Buckley mike.buckley@attitude.co.uk Commercial manager Andy Goddard andy.goddard@attitude.co.uk 020 3598 6741 Account manager Joanna Hill joanna.hill@attitude.co.uk 01342 872041 Account manager Sean Lineker sean.lineker@attitude.co.uk 020 3598 6743 Managing director Darren Styles. OBE Commercial director Craig Lewis Operations director Nigel Russell Events manager Lesley Harris Production executive Tom Doyle…

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editor in chief’s letter

As the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots approaches, we at Attitude Towers wanted to celebrate what Pride has always been about: love, and the right to love another free of punishment by the law, at an event powered by the strength that comes when queer people gather and share a unified voice. While the significance of the Stonewall riots did not become apparent for many years after they happened on 28 June 1969, what they did do in the short term was act as a spark to inspire the first Pride rally that took place a year later in New York. It was a fighting spirit that would eventually span the world. Without the Pride movement, there certainly would have been no equal age of consent, laws to protect LGBTQ people…

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attitude loves

KURT GEIGER DONNIE RAINBOW TRAINERS It’s important to think about your outfit from head to toe, and never more so than at Pride (after all, we’re all friends of Dorothy and her famous ruby slippers). Kurt Geiger London has you covered on the footwear front, with the Donnie Rainbow trainer (£129). Not only are these leather trainers bursting with Pride, with their metallic coloured stripes, but the brand is also donating 10 per cent of all sales of the Rainbow collection to the Attitude Magazine Foundation. Established last year, the foundation has already raised close to £200,000, with grants and donations totalling £100,000 so far awarded to both UK and international organisations including the Elton John Aids Foundation, the Matthew Shephard Foundation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation, Pride in Football and The…