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Audio Esoterica

Issue 1 2019

Audio Esoterica is a spectacular new high quality publication for the discerning audiophile. Only the very best high-end components are featured, in dramatic photographic layouts that emphasise product design and engineering excellence while the industry’s leaders provide insider insights to Australia’s most experienced audio journalists. Audio Esoterica is all about the very best that the high-end audio world has to offer.

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the return of halcro

Stereophile magazine called Halcro’s DM58 “the best amplifier ever” back into 2002, and now this classic Australian brand is back, with the new Halcro Eclipse monobloc power amplifier and a stereo version promised to be the lowest distortion amplifiers in the world, with unmatched phase accuracy, and higher output power.More information from magentaaudio.com.au ■…

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it’s a fact

PMC’s new Fact Series Fenestria loudspeaker is a six-driver, three-way design that uses four 165mm carbon-fibre flat-diaphragm bass drivers, a 75mm dome midrange driver and a 19.5mm Sonoflex-domed tweeter, all designed from the ground up for use in this flagship $89,999 pair of speakers. For vibration management they use a ‘mass-damper’ vibration cancellation technology taken from the science of skyscraper contruction — sky-high high-end!More information: interdyn.com.au ■…

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speakers for the stars

Both home cinema and stereo listeners can thrill to the first true update of the classic M&K Sound S150 speaker, taking the technologies developed in the recent S300 series, including new Danish-designed high-performance tweeters, extra-stiff fibreglass cones, and of course 40 years of experience delivering truly transparent sound systems to Hollywood studios.More information: www.indimports.com ■…

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the stradivarius of vinyl

The Colibri XGW Signature Stradivarius is van den Hul’s latest flagship phono cartridge, priced at $10,499, made from cross-grained Brazilian Pau wood (a high density wood often used in instrument bows), coated with a ‘Stradivarius’ lacquer, named after the famous violin maker, and fitted with a solid boron cantilever tipped with a proprietary Type 1s, 2×85μm stylus. Each one is hand-built to order by A.J. van den Hul personally, and the build process can even be tailored according to the user’s preference.For more information: audioactive.com.au ■…

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mcintosh ma252

The McIntosh MA252 integrated amplifier is the first hybrid integrated amplifier this world-famous American company has ever built. That’s an important statement given that McIntosh has been building amplifiers for 60 years. So the McIntosh MA252 has been 60 years coming… was it worth the wait?But first, what is a hybrid integrated amplifier? Basically it’s a component where one of the two amplifying stages uses valves — or ‘tubes’ as our US friends like to call them — to amplify the audio signal, while the other amplifier stage uses transistors. Any integrated amplifier has two amplifying stages — usually called the ‘pre’ and ‘power’ stages — so this means there are two ways to build a hybrid audio amplifier. One way is to use valves for the ‘pre’ section and…

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linn selekt dsm

Generational change occurs in technology, as it does in populations. Linn, once described as “Scotland’s only leading cool brand”, provides examples of both. The company’s founder, Ivor Tiefenbrun, leveraged his father’s precision engineering company to set Linn in motion with a precision-designed turntable notable for a new patented point bearing. And with it, he began the conversion of the hi-fi world to the crucial concept that the quality of the source in an audio system is critical to the system’s overall quality. This ‘source-first’ philosophy sounds smackyourself-in-the-face obvious today, but was most definitely not the mode of thought back in 1973 (see Linn, The Origin Story, p30-31).Thirty years later, another change in the generations saw Ivor’s son Gilad Tiefenbrun taking the reins as Linn’s Managing Director in 2009, having previously…