Australian Country Homes

Australian Country Homes Issue 6

Australian Country Homes celebrates the warmth of the country aesthetic. We open the doors to some of Australia’s most interesting homes and see the enviable everyday lives of those who have made the move to a calmer, more welcoming and personally enriched way of living. Brought to you by Australian Country magazine, this new quarterly publication showcases the best of Australian country residences; from the weekender to the station homestead, the farmhouse to the historical home. Australian Country Homes covers the length and breadth of Australia. In every edition of Australian Country Homes you will see inspiring ideas from real Aussies on real budgets just getting out there and creating wonderfully warm environments. You will also experience rare glimpses into the families and businesses behind some of Australia’s most desirable lifestyles. Tour the styles, the plans, and the self-made touches that create a welcoming country home.

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precision planning

In a strange twist of fate, Kylea and Grant Wilson found the ideal block of land on which to build their dream home as they were about to step on a plane for an extended overseas working holiday. But find it they did when they paid a farewell visit to friends on the outskirts of their home town of Ballarat just before the trip. The eucalypt-studded block was the last remaining in the area and afforded just the right mix of proximity to town and a rural setting. Negotiations for the sale continued while the couple were abroad. They became engaged in Africa in 1993 and returned to Australia to marry the following year. “All the time we were travelling, we were planning the house,” Kylea recalls. “Right through Europe and the…

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bathed in glory

Splashing around With a swathe of practical, chic finishes and fixtures to choose from, we’ve picked the best of the best for the perfect bathroom space. Pamper zone Make the most of your bathroom experience with these must-have soothing body products. Sleek storage Organisation is key to creating stylish and functional spaces. Fabric features From towels to bathrobes, these accessories will ensure a comfortable bathing experience from start to finish.…

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a renovator’s recipe

I’m not at all surprised when Fay Gamble reveals her tiny cottage in Goolwa, South Australia, is at least the seventh she has purchased, revamped and passed on. There’s no doubting her flair, creativity and experience. Walls are whitewashed with many coats, backyards are blitzed and rooms are repurposed according to their light and dimensions. “The first cottage I spruced up was in Yankalilla,” she says. “My husband and I bought it for negative-gearing purposes but when our marriage broke up, I was left living there. I had no money and I couldn’t afford to maintain it, so I put all my efforts into decorating and cleaning it up for resale.” That positive outcome 13 years ago triggered a light-bulb moment — the realisation that buying and selling could be the…

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down in the woods

Most people can name a French parfumier of choice but for Cathy Court, the fragrance that sends her into a swoon is not Fragonard or Chanel or even Guerlain, but furniture polish. One whiff of the distinctive combination of beeswax, citrus oil and turpentine and Cathy is transported back to her childhood in England, where she was raised in a family of master furniture craftsmen. “My grandfather Frank Hudson was a master wood carver,” Cathy explains. “He started his business at the end of WWII repairing bomb-damaged furniture. Gradually, he moved into bespoke furniture, which was sold mainly through Harrods. But my earliest memories of Grandpa involve him caressing the wood, touching and feeling the grain with a genuine love for his medium.” Cathy’s father met her mother, a pub-sign artist at…

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bold and beautiful

It takes a special gene to be able to successfully pair the classic and the quirky and balance the bold with the understated to create an inspired haven with surprises at every turn. Jodie Mae Ladhams has that gene in spades. In just three years, she’s transformed her character home on Brisbane’s north from “an explosion of peach and avocado with accents of the ’90s” to a sublime sanctuary for her family, including husband, Andrew, their children, Jesse and Sidonie, and three spoiled felines. “We were looking, looking, looking and this house kept showing her face in the searches, but she wasn’t in the area we were looking at,” Jodie recalls. “But, eventually, she said: ‘Oh come on, damn it’, so we went to have a look and the minute we…

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art with heart

By the time they get around to having baby number three, most mothers can be forgiven for feeling they have parenting pretty much down pat. Sydney graphic designer Martine Vanderspuy confesses that after raising children Kristina and Dan with relative ease, she was totally unprepared for the curve ball that life delivered with the birth of Tom. “I’d managed to stay on top of motherhood and my work as a graphic designer for magazines and advertising agencies,” she recalls. “But it was a completely different story with Tom. From the outset, he couldn’t feed and he had to be fed through a nasal-gastric tube. Then it emerged that his stomach wasn’t processing food properly, so it had to be bypassed, which meant feeding by tube directly into his bowel.” For Martine and…