Australian Country Homes

Australian Country Homes Issue 14

Australian Country Homes celebrates the warmth of the country aesthetic. We open the doors to some of Australia’s most interesting homes and see the enviable everyday lives of those who have made the move to a calmer, more welcoming and personally enriched way of living. Brought to you by Australian Country magazine, this new quarterly publication showcases the best of Australian country residences; from the weekender to the station homestead, the farmhouse to the historical home. Australian Country Homes covers the length and breadth of Australia. In every edition of Australian Country Homes you will see inspiring ideas from real Aussies on real budgets just getting out there and creating wonderfully warm environments. You will also experience rare glimpses into the families and businesses behind some of Australia’s most desirable lifestyles. Tour the styles, the plans, and the self-made touches that create a welcoming country home.

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from the editor

Hello readers, Welcome to the first issue of Australian Country Homes for 2021. This issue, we’re excited to bring you more new and inspiring features designed to help you style, renovate or build your dream home, right alongside feature articles that will warm your heart and inspire you. And let’s be honest — after 2020, we could all use an extra dose of inspiration. In this edition, we look at one of the most functional rooms in the house that often gets overlooked when it comes to design: the laundry. We uncover some of the latest in technology alongside some practical design tips to help you ensure this area of your home is not only optimised for everyday use but looking good too. Also, as per usual, we have some fascinating tales…

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SLEEP IN STYLE We fell in love with this stunning two-piece merino PJ set the second we laid our eyes on it, and it’s not hard to see why. Even in the photos, the 100 per cent merino jersey manages to look soft and luxurious — the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep. Long sleeves on the top and shorts on the bottom allow you to maintain the perfect body temperature as you drift off into the land of nod, and if you need a little extra warmth on some of those cooler nights, you can team it with a merino dressing gown to ensure you’re super cosy. The two-piece merino PJ set from Smitten Merino is proudly made in Tasmania from Australian merino wool. This item is available in…

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lakeside luxe

Sometimes in life you just have to take a leap of faith. That’s exactly what a young English couple did when they swapped the glamour and glitz of the Gold Coast for a luxurious rural retreat on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Neil Holmes and his wife, Heidi, moved to Australia from England. After settling on the Gold Coast for several years, the busy tourist destination had them yearning for a quieter lifestyle. Their adventure all began with a four-day escape to the country. “I’d lived in rural England and was desperate to get away,” Heidi remembers. “For my birthday we spent a few days in the hinterland by the lake and fell in love with it. I said to Neil we just had to live here,” she says. Neil quickly adds, “The first…

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roadside bohemian

According to Coco Sheils, if you were to compare her style with that of her sister Lamb, she is Vivienne Westwood to Lamb’s Collette Dinnigan. The two women run an endearing mutual admiration society, but it’s easy to understand the analogy. While Lamb is elegant and restrained, Coco’s signature is whirlwind, all colour and movement. Coco, who is a marriage celebrant and jewellery designer, and Mike, who has his own security company, live with their two children Fallon and Nash. Coco also has two adult children, Kieran and Brittany, and family is clearly very important to them all. The couple bought their land on the Mornington Peninsula in 2005 and moved into a shed at the back of the block. In 2009, they found a derelict house nearby that they moved to…

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harvest home

Mickey Robertson would probably hoot with laughter at being called a domestic goddess, but on hearing her philosophy on household duties the phrase keeps coming to mind. Take laundry for example: “We all have to do it,” she says in her pragmatic way. “So we might as well embrace it. I make doing the washing a joyous event. There are no plastic baskets or utilitarian pegs in my laundry. I have beautiful cane baskets and lovely wooden pegs. I keep in mind the unbeatable smell of sun-dried washing, which makes the chore worthwhile. And then I iron with lovely linen water so everything smells fresh and fragrant when you use it.” Always a glass-half-full kind of person, Mickey has applied this philosophy to the restoration of the home she shares with…

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styled for summer

The old adage about truth being stranger than fiction could well be applied to Ararat real estate agents Kim and Greg Kerr. As Kim takes up their story, she “won” Greg in a scavenger hunt. “I grew up in Horsham in the Wimmera region and Greg was originally from Ararat, although he has lived all over,” she explains. “We dated briefly as youngsters, but went our separate ways and married other partners.” Roll forward 20-something years and Kim was on a bus-tour hen’s party outing to Ararat when she spotted Greg’s office as they drove past. When she announced to her fellow travellers that she used to go out with a guy from the agency, her friends offered 20 bonus points in the game they were playing if she went in and…