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Australian House & Garden

Australian House & Garden

August 2020

Australia's number one home design and decorating magazine, filled each month with gorgeous houses and gardens to delight in, homewares to covet and food to savour. Plus, you'll find loads of travel ideas, health and beauty news, expert advice and much, much more.

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editor’s letter

You will always find me in the garden at weekends. What is it about digging, planting and mulching that has such a calming effect? I guess it’s the nurturing, the tracking of progress over a week, and the satisfaction of seeing that the controversial, pungent worm tea you’ve been brewing really has helped new growth and unexpected flowers. Time in the garden is meditative and a great way to turn over problems in your mind while reaping something tangible. This is our country-themed issue and while my garden is a modest patch of metro green, the homeowners featured in these pages enjoy vastly more substantial verdant expanses. I love the way they describe their houses: one owner says that walking inside is like a giant hug, another says they exhale as…

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your h&g

Escape route After years of cutting back on all things remotely luxe (including avocado toast) and stressing about the ever-rising property market in Sydney, my partner and I finally secured our first home in November. A lick of paint, some colourful art collected while we were dreaming of buying and a few creature comforts made our 1887 terrace liveable. Eight months down the track, as we navigate fertility issues and pandemic-related job-stability nerves, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and start thinking about making a mark on our home. H&G is a constant source of both inspiration and heated discussion. We’ve been confused by the design options out there, but H&G seems to focus the mind. You make our bathroom and kitchen ideas feel attainable.…

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h&g social

A clever renovation found fans on Facebook, the charming exterior of interior designer Terri Shannon’s home won hearts on Instagram, while Pinners took a shine to a beautiful butler’s pantry. Facebook australianhouseandgarden Highlights from each issue plus links to tours of our favourite homes. Instagram @houseandgarden View the most inspirational images of the month from H&G headquarters and out and about. Pinterest houseandgardenau Picture-perfect images from our pages and sensational products to covet. For weekly news and inspiration, subscribe to our free e-newsletter at…

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family ties

How does a photographer who has captured some of Australia’s most compelling interiors fare when it comes to renovating her own home? “It wasn’t easy,” says Shannon McGrath. “I have a new level of respect for architects and interior designers. The homes I photograph seem so effortlessly put together, but I now know the finished product is the result of immense skill and really hard work.” This home is one of a pair of airy apartments carved out of the carcass of Shannon’s father’s old workshop. “Dad was a mechanic and the workshop was part of the fabric of my childhood,” she says. When he retired to his farm in 1993, Shannon and her mother Wynne decided to convert the workshop into their home. They engaged Tim Jackson from Jackson Clements…

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life & style

FIRST ADULT HOME? An apartment in a 1960s block. It had a wonderful northerly aspect and a lovely community feel in the block. BUCKET-LIST DESTINATION? I would love to walk along the Great Wall of China (2) and visit Egypt (8) to see the pyramids. FAVOURITE MEAL? Pasta with bolognese. It’s a staple in our household. DREAM CAR? A Range Rover (6). Any model, old or new. I’D CROSS THE WORLD TO SEE… My extended family in South Africa. I LOVE A VASEFUL OF... Dried hydrangeas. I adore the way they keep their form after drying but soften to a more subtle shade of their original colour. FAVOURITE ARTIST? US artist Donald Judd (3). No one beats his minimalist ways. FAVOURITE FASHION LABELS? I generally prefer bespoke pieces and up-and-coming fashion designers to big brands. DONALD JUDD IS MY…

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little treasures