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Australian Knife Magazine

Issue 8 June - August 2019

Australian Knife Magazine is for everyone who appreciates a well made knife. We aim to cater to makers (aspiring and established), collectors and users of every variety. We bring to you news, reviews, tips and tricks, collectors' insight from Australia and around the World. We keep you informed of latest trends in both custom and factory made edged tools with focus on high quality, detailed photos. The only publication of its type in Australia!

Australian Knife Magazine
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editor’s say

In this issue, we travel 10,000km; East to West to bring you a report from the Perth Knife Show before flying North to the first Queensland Knife Show. Then there’s the Symposium weekend, you’d think that’s enough for a year but it’s all in a month’s work. When we started this publication, there were only 3 knife shows in Australia, now as we publish our 2nd anniversary issue, there are unprecedented 6 major knife shows on the 2019 calendar. Knife Art Association has worked tirelessly to put a knife show in every major Australian state, so it’s easier than ever for exhibitors and visitors to find one within reach. The level of talent, skill and diversity we are seeing emerging out of this country is truly awe-inspiring. Getting the collectors…

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the effect of chopping board material on edge longevity

www.knifeGrinders.com.au So you've put a considerable amount of effort into sharpening your knives, and understandably you want that sharp edge to last. Have you ever wondered why your knives go blunt after cutting soft food? It is a question that has confronted me for years: why my kitchen knives seem less and less sharp every time I take them out of the knife stand even though they only cut meat and veggies? I was starting to believe that they magically go blunt sitting in my knife stand, until I thought “maybe it is my cutting board?” Common sense would suggest that if you have a board made from a hard material, it will cause your knife edge to roll. To verify this, we've designed a systematic study into the effect of chopping…

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2019 perth knife show

It has been 17 years since there’s been a dedicated knife show in Western Australia. Only a few people here today would have seen one in their State or even imagined it would actually happen again. It is only through the total devotion and relentless dedication of Knife Art Association staff, members and volunteers that has made this event possible. So here I am, on a four hour “red eye” flight across the continent, on a schedule stretched as tight as a guitar string! The four hour flight East to West, crossing 4 time zones plus the Daylight Savings gives a handy advantage, and the plane touches down only an hour after takeoff (once you wind the watch back 3 hours!). There’s a bit of time to ponder on this…

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nsw zombie knife law

On 28 February 2019 an amendment to the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 commenced to include a zombie knife in the schedule of prohibited weapons: A zombie knife or other device that has a multi-edged blade, including a serrated section of blade, and: (a) is advertised or otherwise made available for sale using images or words that suggest the knife or device is intended to be used for violence, whether actual or threatened, against a person or fictional creature (such as a zombie), or (b) has, on the blade or handle, images, words or markings that suggest the knife or device is intended to be used for violence, whether actual or threatened, against a person or fictional creature (such as a zombie), or has been used to inflict violence. (Source: www.police.nsw.gov.au) So, with little warning,…

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brad white

Brad White is a 30-year-old trade qualified boilermaker living west of Brisbane and runs a small business “White Armoury”, where he crafts his custom knives and swords. He first started forging only 4 years ago when he spent a day in a friend’s forge and from there he was hooked! He soon built his first coke forge and started hammering… Though Brad is quite partial to a traditional Bowie knife or Rapier, he is happy to try his hand at almost anything. Currently he is doing a lot of work with HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), a community who are always looking for historically accurate and well-built equipment. When attending a knife show he will make a spread of a variety of knives to keep it interesting. Brad’s work was recently…

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zero tolerance - zt 0470

Here is my review of the recently purchased ZT 0470. I haven't bought a Zero Tolerance knife for a while, as my focus seems to have been taken by the likes of WE predominantly recently. So the current line up of ZT’s didn't really catch my eye until I saw the ZT0470, as soon as I saw it I knew I would have to get one eventually. What the company says: “This handsome new design from ZT and Dmitry Sinkevich begs to take pride of place in your collection. Not that the 0470 is a safe queen. Far from it. It’s a highly practical, easy-to-EDC design that handles a wide range of tasks and looks good doing it. The blade is CPM 20CV high-chromium stainless steel. This powdered metallurgy tool steel has a…