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December 2021

Australian Wood Review is Australia’s premier woodworking and woodcraft magazine. Step-by-step projects and articles on technique for all skill levels offer up to date knowledge on designing, joining, carving, turning, decorating and finishing wood. Our stories are authored by Australian master craftspeople and wood artists. Each issue includes reviews of all the essential hand and power tools and machinery, specialist fittings and products that woodworkers need to successfully complete projects. Australian Wood Review also profiles local and international makers, giving an insight into their working methods. Australian Wood Review is a magazine for all woodworkers and people who love wood.

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editor’s letter

Point of origin The ‘river table’ is arguably the biggest woodworking trend of our generation. In simple terms, you take two slabs of live-edged timber and create an infill between them. Social media is awash with videos of brightly coloured resin pours as well as furniture where glass has been cut to fit curves. But once an idea or a design becomes popular, its point of origin may be lost – all of sudden that design becomes ‘generic’ and supposedly common property. When US furniture designer maker Greg Klassen decided to trademark his River Table design it became a hot button topic. He was decried for it, and yet how should designers and artists safeguard their intellectual property? Is it even possible in a digital world fuelled by downloads and ‘shares’? ‘For a…

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perfect cast, eye candy, kustom grit

This review involves three products that sell individually but work well together in the process of resin casting: resin, pigment and a polish. The base material is Clear Cast, a two-part epoxy resin which can be used as either a clear filler, or coloured with additives. Eye Candy is a metallic pigment that does not dissolve into resin, but is suspended, creating a metallic effect similar to that seen in automotive finishes. The final product, Kustom Creations, is a two-step polish that promises a glass-like finish on resin. To trial the three products I needed to begin with the base material, the resin. Perfect Cast has some basic information on the two containers, however you need to check the website to get information on mixing ratios, application, clean up and health and…

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felder fd250 mortiser

This is a versatile machine that packs a real punch in such a small unit. Billed as a horizontal slot mortising unit, with some optional accessories and alternate tooling it is capable of so much more. I’ve had one for five years and find myself using it for more tasks every year. With a 2.6kw, 3x400 volt, 3000rpm, reversible motor that caters for left and right cutting bits and a solid quad-jaw chuck with clamping range from 0–20mm, this machine is able to securely hold and operate some significant tooling, ranging from 1/4" shank router bits, mortising cutters, hollow chisel mortising bits and even large plug cutters and forstner bits. There is an optional upgrade of a two-speed motor – I chose this option to allow for the slower speeds that…

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3m p2 half face respirator kit

We work in an industry where dust is inevitable, which is why every woodworker needs good dust protection. Machine sawing, sanding, routing or lathe turning will produce hazardous dust levels that we need to avoid. You can use a quality valved paper mask (which is acceptable), or go to the next level and use something like this 3M 6500QL series half face mask with filter cartridges. The benefit of the latter is much greater protection, as this sort of mask will give a better seal around your face, and the filter cartridges are far superior to paper style masks for filtering air. This particular mask is supplied as a kit that includes two sets of P2 filter cartridges which are rated for wood dust, masonry dust and even lead paint type fumes.…

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redsail 130w rsx130-1390 laser cutter

CNC laser cutting machines are now found in many workshops and used for cutting and engraving signage, templates and components in wood, plywood, acrylic, rubber, leather and paper. I initially purchased the RSX503050 Redsail laser cutter which has a 500 x 300mm bed size to cut costs for my business, Perth Cake Collective. I wanted to make my own cake toppers from acrylic and wood for a fraction of the cost I was purchasing them for. I knew the machine would pay itself off in no time, however it wasn’t long before I realised all the extra products I could create with it. The need for a larger machine was soon evident – I never imagined it would take a mere 10 months for me to upgrade to the larger model. With…

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massive christmas sale

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