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Banknote Reporter July 2019

The the most comprehensive monthly source of news and information on bank notes and all related fiscal paper. Each issue of Bank Note Reporter includes market values, calendar listings, news briefs, price guides, historical articles on paper money and why certain notes were created. Reports on the people, events and history that have contributed to this hobby make for fascinating reading. For both the new enthusiasts and the veteran collectors.

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5 min.
boe £100 realizes $82,339

Spink’s sale of the remarkable Lou Manzi and A.J. Simms collections of banknotes was held in London on May 9. It has been awhile since such a considerable number of rare and high-grade British notes have appeared on the market at the same time. The results make clear that numerous collectors with large quantities of disposable income were ready and waiting to snaffle a large slice of the spoils. Between them the two collections brought 300 notes to the block. Of these, 22 realized over $10,000 [£8,333] apiece. The total realized for the 215 lots of the Manzi collection was $937,626 [£738,288] and for the 84 Simms’ notes $251,506 [£198,036]. Clearance rates were 93% and 92% respectively, testifying to the exceptional quality of the material on offer. Star of the show was…

6 min.
great plane robbery created australian specimens

One lot in Queensland’s Roxburys auction house’s May sale provided the latest chapter in Australia’s 1982 Great Plane Robbery gone wrong. It consisted of an exceedingly rare Australian specimen set. On Sept. 21, 1982, the Queensland Police arrested five men at four airports in the Sunshine State. All were part of an audacious attempt to steal four Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) banknote consignments while inflight on Trans Australia Airlines (TAA) planes. Some A$600,000 was involved. Four of the Melbourne-based, would-be robbers had consigned themselves as freight, and hid inside specially constructed crates lined with telephone books. The intent was to emerge into the aircraft’s cargo hold in-flight and then work the old switcheroo. Notes would be removed from accompanying RBA shipments and substituted with telephone books. The RBA seals would then…

8 min.
a “boring” revelation in west virginia

A couple of interesting small towns south and west of Charleston, West Virginia caught my attention for this month. A note intrigued me in my collection from the Oil Field National Bank of Griffithsville, W.Va. I had no idea that West Virginia had been an oil producer, and decided that would be a worthwhile basis for one of these articles. So let’s journey to the Mountaineer State and check out not only Griffithsville, but also nearby St. Albans. We will start with St. Albans, a city of 12,000 located in Kanawha County, W.Va, at the confluence of the Kanawha and Coal Rivers. It is easily reached via Interstate 64 and US Route 60, west of Charleston, the state capital. I learned that St. Albans was not really involved with West Virginia’s…

1 min.

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3 min.
bargains in online only sections

Going over my recent catalogs I have found one constant…bargains in the internet-only sections. They are subtle, but apply to a number of notes, especially to circulated star notes and mid-grade notes. They seem to come more frequently in Small Size notes, especially in Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Bank Notes and Small Size Red Seals. For example, a North Africa $1 note in 64EPQ was described as a note of a 12,000 printing. But the block information was not included. This could only have been the FC Block. It went for $288, a pretty nice price for a scarcer note. In the Federal Reserve category, I have noticed in some of the early 1928 and 1934 groups that a number of stars are picked up at bargain prices. I regularly search…

9 min.
$1 series of 1917 & 1923 lts plugged a gap

From 1900 forward, the only $1 and $2 notes in circulation were silver certificates. The last of the $1 and $2 Series of 1891 Treasury notes had just ceased to be issued and the Series of 1880 legal tender notes $1s and $2s had been phased out back in 1896. The various silver purchase acts had flooded the Treasury with silver, which had been coined and monetized, but no one wanted to carry the things around. Silver certificates were issued against them so the Treasury had adopted a policy to use silver certificates for the nation’s $1s and $2s. In fact, the Treasury was only intermittent releasing higher denomination silver certificates after the turn of the century in preference to flooding the country with the silver $1s and $2s. The same…