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2 min.
christmas in nepal

TopGear telly returns this festive season with a Christmas special that promises to be groundbreaking in at least two regards. First, because it might actually be screened some time around Christmas. Second, because it genuinely, properly tackles a major motoring issue of our time. The issue of urban transportation. See, scientist-types predict that, by 2050, 70 per cent of the world’s population – some seven billion people – will live in cities. Which means that, in the future, the world won’t need SUVs or supercars. What the world will need… is city cars. Specifically, city cars that are tough enough to withstand anything the mega-cities of the future can throw at them. So, as a service to humankind, Paddy, Freddie and Chris were ordered to go out and buy, for less than…

1 min.
…stefan bellof perched awkwardly on a pit wall

Stefan Bellof was one of the fastest, most outrageously skilled racing drivers of all time. After winning the 1984 World Endurance Championship in a Porsche 956, he was widely tipped as a future F1 world champion, before a crash at Spa-Francorchamps ended his life at the age of just 27. For more than 30 years, Bellof’s 6m11 lap of the Nürburgring – set in a 956 at the frankly ridiculous average speed of 125mph – stood as the fastest-ever lap of the Green Hell. Stefan Bellof was, basically, a superhuman, capable of physical feats beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals. Stefan Bellof, as the photograph below proves, was a bit rubbish at perching insouciantly on a wall. This is a good thing. And not just because it’s nice to know that even…

1 min.
coffee break

Putting on some pre-Christmas timber A secret feeder at TGHQ has appeared, determined to fatten us up. We hate this. We love this. We ate this. Cars: Accelerating the Modern World This exhibition at the V&A has ‘Team Day Out’ written all over it. Reckon we could learn a thing or 10 from this one. Starts 23 November. NB joke – we know it all. Winter Wonderland: Hyde Park It’s cold. Let’s go to the middle of a park and queue for hours! Bah humbug. Actually, it’s great fun, worth the cold:) California playlist In tribute to folks heading to the LA Autoshow, office listening included Bran Van 3000, Warren G and The Beach Boys. Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO A nail-biting 7mins of epicness from our Ken, to reach the top of China’s most dangerous road. FULL CODE BROWN.…

1 min.
skinny mac

WHO KNEW AAMS system awakens as speeds increase. Helmet on? You can turn it off and send air to cool the engine instead. Meet Elva – the lightest McLaren road car ever and the newest member of the Ultimate Series, following in the footsteps of the P1 and Senna and sitting alongside the new Speedtail. No weight has been announced, expect something below the 1,198kg Senna obvs. After all, there’s no roof, windows or windscreen, while the doors are McLaren’s smallest ever and single-hinged. You can wear a helmet, or you can specify a windscreen, but McLaren suggests you’ll need neither. An Active Air Management System (AAMS) uses a movable carbon deflector to direct air from the Elva’s nose, projecting it over the passengers and creating “a relative bubble of calm” beneath. Note “relative” because…

1 min.
alejandro vukotich

1 BMWs are for drivers. Won’t they become commodities when they drive themselves? It’s an addition. They’ll still be good for manual driving, but in traffic jams or highways you can do urgent emails or whatever. I don’t see this as the enemy of BMW. 2 So when will it happen? Highway Pilot will be 2021. You can do something else as the car drives up to 130kph [81mph, but only on motorways]. 3 What about full self-driving? We need more sensors, prediction, interpretation, more computer power. That’s just for level 4 [self-driving but in very restricted circumstances]. 4 Hmmm, no one will put a date on that. Will it be in the eight-year lifetime of the iNEXT, the 2021 crossover? We’ll add functions during its life, and it’ll host the hardware needed – computers, sensors, actuators,…

4 min.
arnold schwarzenegger

“I COULD AFFORD THE TOYS, NO MATTER HOW OUTRAGEOUS” My area of Austria was occupied by the British after WWII. They drove by our farmhouse in tanks and big army trucks, so that’s how I grew up. The soldiers would invite us into the trucks and they’d give us candies – it was very sweet. Maybe that stayed with me, and that’s why when I was 18 I wanted to become a tank driver. But, of course, I was too tall. My first car was an old Opel Kadett which I bought when living in Munich. It had huge rust holes in it, but it only cost me like 1,300 Deutschmarks. It was junk! It didn’t take long for the seat to collapse – I had to grab myself up and hold…