Bespoke the chic and the cool No. 16

Bespoke the chic and the cool, is a magazine dedicated to quality',to the authentic exclusivity,to the stories of people and companies behind the scenes of this world, so selective but at the same time fascinating. Not only Saville Row, The Madeleine or via Condotti but rather the research of things, products, stories around the world chosen  carefully, exclusively for our readers.

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Dear Friends and Readers, we are back, there are neither winners nor losers. Bespoke will continue to live in its beHouse for a long time, receiving and carring throughout the world the paradigms of quality and excellence. Today more than ever, we are writing about stories and in this issue once again we have a full table of contents. Made with the attention that is due to a readership always attentive to the proposition and demanding towards an absolute quality. We start with a series of images dedicated to the fashion houses of the Fifty/Sixties where the protagonist is a fascinating woman and still very relevant today. Then a story that smells of Italian colonial Africa, embellished by memories of my friend Camillo Calamai, and a small masterpieces of fine artist coming from…

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be him

DOLCE&GABBANA’S BESPOKE SOUL Stitches, buttons, buttonholes and revers are only some of the elements which define the balance between creativity and technical skill. Dolce&Gabbana’s Winter Collection presents bespoke elegant suits: a proper choice of fabrics, a refined aesthetic pursuit and a touch of eccentricity. The Collection must is the coat which reveals at once the style and personality of the man wearing it. SETA SCRITTO CALFSKIN Bag… an accessory can make all the difference. Especially when that difference is top-quality leather. This lightweight and foldable Tote Bag is just as confortable in your hand as on your back. It is a leather good truly inimitable, with an identity all its own. OFFBEAT CLASSICISM AND TECHNICAL VIRTUOSITY The Berluti man knows the codes of the classic wardrobe but he delights in overstepping them to assert his…

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timeless style

"I wanted my clothes to be made and fit on the woman’s body curves to outline her solemn pace. I was looking for a completely new style never seen before". It was February 12, 1947, when Christian Dior presented his first collection: unusual silhouette, lengthened lines and volumes, tight waists and sexy bustiers, calf long "corolla" skirts. With his revolutionary New Look, Dior has written a new chapter in the history of Fashion. The New Look is an expression of grace and elegance, in perfect Jackie Kennedy style. It is the era of Vionnet and Balenciaga who choose warm and rich fabrics which gently wrap the body to show up values and to hide faults. The dress is art and means of seduction and self- communication. In 1952, Balenciaga created the "semi-ajuste" suit, tight…

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dolce & gabbana

Everything revolves around two elements, in the Dolce&Gabbana’s boutique of via Montenapoleone 4 in Milan: green marble and briar-wood. The choice of the colour green, which is unusual for Dolce&Gabbana, comes from a long study of colours and their emotional impact. Green is the colour of chlorophyll and a symbol of rebirth that maintains its original connotations. Briar-wood is a symbol of strength and stability which does not change with time. Gwenael Nicolas, founder of the Curiosity Architectural Studio, was asked to interpret the different souls of Dolce&Gabbana and to bring them to life with technological and creative spirit in one of the most prestigious 19th century aristocratic palazzos of Milan. The space blends baroque style and the sleek simplicity of modernism: this contrast becomes the ideal scenario for appreciating the sophistication…

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penhaligon’s portraits an olfactory fiction

Founded in 1870 by William Penhaligon, the house encapsulates the English idea of a traditional heritage fragrance house with a dedication to create scented stories. From the original Hammam Bouquet in 1872 - created after the smell of the Turkish baths located next to his first boutique on Jermyn St - to the latest creations like Luna in 2016, legacy with a twist is at the core of the history of the house. Each and every creation explores facets of high perfumery, challenging the traditions of the art and seeking new ways to interpret elegance. Truly English, Penhaligon’s is passionate about ingredients and still manufactures its scents in England using the finest rare ingredients. Penhaligon’s creations are now offered in own boutiques and selected distinguished stores across the world. Penhaligon’s…

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afar bags tasting of colonial era

There is one thing that is unique in Africa: time visible in every stich and detail and Afar bags and garment products contain this valuable asset. When I met for the first time Camillo Calamai, I realized immediately that I came across in a human being of particular interest. Actually I was also struck by a series of bags, suitcases and accessories in leather and canvas in the midst of which, with great discretion, one could feel his presence. Vigilant, but at the same time locked away, he was there almost by accident. We were in the area of Pitti Uomo dedicated to small independent producers, the makers, and my requests for information about the products exhibited by him, was immediately returned with a code tied to the story, what…