Bicycling Issue 3 2019

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inside knowledge

SELENE YEAGER RIDER, BIKE BUYER’S GUIDE P.2 1 If I feel a twinge somewhere like in my knee or hip, I lightly stretch and roll both sides of my body, not just the spot of the discomfort. Often, the feeling in one site is the result of tightness or knots somewhere else, like when a tight right hip causes left knee pain. ANDREW JUSKAITIS EXPERT, GIANT CONTEND 3 P.27 It’s tempting to be the first one to own the latestand-greatest product, but it’s wise to wait a year or two to make the purchase—first-year product can oftentimes reveal anomalies that machine testing and field testing didn’t catch. It’s not a safety issue, but usually a little detail like a creaky pivot that prototype testing didn’t catch. BEN FARVER EXPERT, ARGONAUT ROAD DISC P.90 When buying…

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the selection

I wanted to ride as much of that sunny spring Friday as I could, so that morning I’d logged in for eight hours of vacation time and that’s how it was that a little before noon I’d already looped back into town after about three hours out and stopped at the bike shop for an espresso. There were other people there from other rides, mostly people I knew, sitting like me at one of the two rickety wood-slat tables on the sidewalk, or on the concrete steps leading down to the shop door or leaning on the railing, and we had all decided to go back out together on a favored route once some of them finished eating. A mother and a daughter walked in among us, holding hands, both of…

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what we’re riding

JIMMY CAVALIERI IMAGE EDITOR HOMEMADE HOT SAUCE AFICIONADO 1 / Chrome Delta Backpack $110 For the last six years, my Chrome Delta has been my main bag. I can easily pack my laptop, a kit, cycling shoes, and my lunch with room to spare, yet it remains small and compact. 2 / Slica Seat Roll Premio $48 I don’t like to carry too much in my jersey pockets, but I like to be prepared. On every ride, I carry a tube, a patch kit, levers, a tool with chain breaker, and a spare link. And it all fits nicely into the Seat Roll Premio, creating a compact package that’s rattlefree thanks to the Boa Closure SySTEM:. 3 / Bontrager Circuit MIPS Road Bike Helmet $150 I have different helmets for different types of riding. The Bontrager Circuit MIPS…

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Bill Strickland EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Jesse Southerland Creative Director; Matt Allyn Features Director; Brian Dalek Director of Content Operations; Lou Mazzante Test Director; Suzanne Perreault Senior Managing Editor EDITORIAL Ali Nolan Features Editor; Taylor Rojek Associate Features Editor; Riley Missel Assistant Features Editor DESIGN + PHOTO Colin McSherry Senior Art Director; Erin Benner Art Director; Amy Wolff Photo Director; Kristen Parker Associate Photo Editor; Zack Kutos Designer CONTENT OPERATIONS Molly Ritterbeck Health & Fitness Director; Christa Sgobba Senior Editor; Hailey Middlebrook, Jordan Smith Editors; Danielle Zickl Associate Health & Fitness Editor; Matt Bevilacqua News Editor; Katie Fogel Social Media Editor; Drew Dawson Gear & News Editor; Daisy Hernandez Assisant Editor; Paige Szmodis Assistant Editor Kit Fox Special Projects Editor TEST TEAM Jennifer Sherry Associate Test Director; Matt Phillips Senior Test Editor; Amanda Furrer, Matt Jacobs, Bobby Lea, Gabriel Lodge, Morgan Petruny, Dan Roe Test Editors; Jimmy Cavalieri Image Editor; Trevor Raab Photographer; Joël Nankman Logistician VIDEO Derek Call, Pat Heine Video Producers Lori Adams Administrative Assistant CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Molly Hurford, Joe Lindsey, Gloria Liu, Selene Yeager, Whit…

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the test zone

Specialized Exos $499 You have to hold these 150-gram (each) shoes in your own hand to experience just how shockingly light they are. The upper is very supple but has less support than most race models. Light shoes are great, but not if your feet slide around. These shoes just arrived, but we’re already pushing them hard to see whether there’s enough support for all-around use.—Matt Phillips Engineered to Last In our recent test of minipumps we found a few exciting new options, like the Bike Tube Air Handler Mini, an inexpensive pump with an aluminum barrel that outperformed more expensive models. Our favorite, though, is still the $120 Silca Pocket Impero. It’s expensive but the best we’ve tried. It’s small, feels solid, and pumps smoothly. It’s a nice piece of U.S.-made gear…

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2019 bike buyer’s guide

THE THRILLING, MOMENTOUS, life-altering, rapturous, almost inconceivably soul-satisfying event of buying a new bike has an essential requirement: finding something that fits your needs within your budget. The financial calculus is up to you, but we have you covered on finding the absolute best bike for your needs. Our experts tested more than 275 of the latest bikes over the past 10 months (and researched hundreds more). Then we looked at every component down to the tires and BOTTOM BRACKET:s to identify the ones with game-changing performance at an exceptional price—ending up with 51 of the greatest bikes out there, arranged here for you by price. You’ll also find answers to the most vexing bike-buying questions and illuminating opinions on the latest bike tech. Whether you want to spend $600 or…