Bicycling Issue 5 2019

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inside knowledge

GLORIA LIU, WHEN I FOUND FLANNEL, P.36 When I was a beginner, a cycling coach told me that it takes five years for your body to fully physiologically adapt to consistent training. What stuck in my head was that I had a lot of upside to gain if I simply kept riding. I thought about that a lot when I’d go out on rides and get smoked by more experienced cyclists. When I hit the five-year mark and looked back, I was a totally different rider. ALSO: My pre-race or pre-big-ride breakfast is always oatmeal with maple syrup, peanut butter, and cinnamon.…

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inside knowledge

CHAS CHRISTIANSEN, MY RIDE MAKES MY STYLE, P.53 I think 90 percent of my hard times in cycling amount to me needing a cookie, a Snickers bar, or a cold soda. So I snack extra hard when things get tough, and usually that pushes me through. When all else fails, I’m out of snacks, and the switchbacks are neverending, I just start singing punk rock songs. ALSO: My favorite piece of cycling gear is my battered and well-worn Kryptonite U-lock. Fully stripped of all the extra rubber and plastic bits, then covered in multiple layers of stickers, it’s the most functional and stylish thing I carry every day. PAUL BASAGOITIA, HE’D RATHER BE DEAD THAN PARALYZED, P.70 My favorite piece of cycling gear is my Scott Genius e-bike. It has given me the opportunity…

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hello. antioxidants. goodbye free radicals.

SUPER FRUIT WITH SUPER POWER. We’ve all heard about antioxidants and how important they are to include in our diet through whole, natural foods. Here we take a deeper look at what makes antioxidants in pomegranates so unique. Pomegranates, and of course POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice, contain antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant known to combat unstable molecules that can cause damage to your cells and DNA over time. These harmful molecules are called free radicals. And they’re POM’s nemesis. Though the human body does a good job of handling normal levels of unstable molecules, things like smoking, stress and other environmental pollutants can contribute to the generation of even more free radicals. Which means, unless you live in a bubble, everyone can benefit from the antioxidant power…

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the selection

I love to ride light on gravel or dirt, with my weight a little more behind the bottom bracket than usual but without planting the rear wheel, and with a loose rein on the bar, so the bike can pretty much go where it wants to but doesn’t run out from underneath me. I love that feeling, that letting go but being there. I love that I can trust the bike, and I love even more that after all these years I have come to a place where I can trust the biking, which is a whole different thing. I love to take bad lines on the bad stuff sometimes, for fun, or for my own instruction, or sometimes to show to the riders behind me something about the way we…

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what we’re riding

LOUIS MAZZANTE TEST DIRECTOR, TRAINING IS CHEATING 1/Transition PBJ $399 Summer is pump-track season. I built this up two years ago, when my sons, Maddox and Lucas, were still on balance bikes. Now we can rip together. The excitement of picking each part reminded me of the first BMX bike I built with parts from a mail-order catalog with money earned by mowing lawns. Soon, I hope, my kids will do the same. 2/Rogue Hoe Highlander $50 This must-have tool cleaves the earth with something like eagerness. The blade is heavy and sharp enough to cut through forearm-thick roots with one swing. And the hickory handle shows an uncommon level of craftsmanship. 3/Osprey Moki Hydration Pack $50 Now that the boys are old enough to ride trails, even short distances, they demanded “water-packs” like Dad’s. These fit…

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