Bicycling Issue 6 2019

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inside knowledge

DAVID GUETTLER, HEY, BIKE SHOPS, P.80 My worst day on the bike was during a February ride in California. We rode down the Big Sur Coast through what was essentially a hurricane. Swirling, gusting headwinds that at one point blew us off the road. I learned to not eat a marijuana brownie for breakfast before rides like that. ALSO: My Spurcycle bell is my favorite piece of gear. It’s saved my ass many times and is a true musical instrument. Beautiful tone, which is great, because I have to hear it a lot. KATIE FOGEL, GO BANANAS, P.72 Try out a few different saddles before you buy one. They’ll all get uncomfortable after a few hours, but it shouldn’t be that bad. I learned this way too late in the game. ALSO: The…

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the selection

I had one jersey when I came to Bicycling in 1991. I had one bike, too, and one pair of shorts (not bibs, not back then), and one pair of shoes, one pair of gloves, one helmet. I had two water bottles. I rode in the same stuff every day, washing the jersey and shorts at night. I’d been at a job that I loved but that couldn’t fund things like a telephone or a bed. The little cycling gear I owned had come as hard-bought extravagances. Sometimes I wouldn’t get to washing the jersey, so I’d ride the next day in a T-shirt, and when I did that, I lied and told people the tee was a trick I used to make sure I would ride easy enough to really…

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what we’re riding

DAISY HERNANDEZ ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITOR, RIDING IN STYLE SINGE ’94 1 / Motobecane Le Champion CF Roadster $2,200 This is the bike that turned me into a cyclist, and the first one I’ve ever truly loved. It’s a badass carbon-fiber dream that slices through the air and offers a smooth ride with intuitive shifting. 2 / Giant Rev Comp MIPS $85 When I started riding, a quality helmet was one of the first things everyone told me I needed to have. This Rev Comp by Giant is easy to adjust, fits well, and looks good. Plus, I love the TransTextura Plus antimicrobial padding because it keeps odor at bay. 3 / Neutrogena Beach Defense Body Spray Sunscreen $14 I take few things as seriously as melanoma prevention. This sunscreen is easy to apply and…

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Bill Strickland EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Matt Allyn Features Director; Brian Dalek Director of Content Operations; Leah Flickinger Director of Content Creation; Lou Mazzante Test Director; Suzanne Perreault Senior Managing Editor; Jesse Southerland Creative Director DESIGN + PHOTO Amy Wolff Photo Director; Colin McSherry Senior Art Director; Eleni Dimou Senior Designer; Zack Kutos Designer; Kristen Parker Photo Editor; John Hamilton Associate Photo Editor EDITORIAL Molly Ritterbeck Health & Fitness Director; Tracy Middleton, Senior Features Editor; Darren Orf, Christa Sgobba Deputy Editors; Tyler Daswick, Taylor Rojek Associate Features Editors; Andrew Daniels How-To Editor; Hailey Middlebrook, Jordan Smith Editors; Danielle Zickl Associate Health & Fitness Editor; Matt Bevilacqua, Jennifer Leman News Editors; Daisy Hernandez, Paige Szmodis Associate News Editors; Katie Fogel Social Media Editor; Drew Dawson Gear & News Editor; Jessica Coulon Assistant Editor; Leah Campano Editorial Planning Associate; Lori…

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the test zone

CRASH TESTED These $20 ForceFlex shades are designed for toughness, so we put the ultra-flexible design through a series of increasingly rigorous real-world tests: BUTT IMPACT: Sat on them in back pocket, no damage MISSTEPS: Stepped on them, they bounced right back THROWN FROM YOUR FACE: We chucked them against our office walls, still good ROLLOVER COLLISION: Rode over them on a mountain bike, not even a scratch SKID CONTEST: After landing a bunny hop onto the frames, we finally bent the hinges and seriously scratched the lenses. —Dan Roe A METER-BY-METER ACCOUNT OF HOW WE TESTED THE 2,000-LUMEN LIGHT & MOTION SECA RACE AT OUR LOCAL TRAILS AFTER SUNDOWN 30 meters Lit up the forest enough that I could observe the angles of individual rocks along the trail and the wildlife through the trees. 100 meters Saw into…

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stealth cycling

Among the manufacturer claims we evaluated in our recent smart trainer test: “virtual silence.” Using a decibel meter, we recorded the latest Wahoo Kickr at 69 dB as Test Editor Bobby Lea rode at 15 mph—not silent, but about as loud as standing atop a Woodway treadmill set at jogging pace. Test editor and 3x Olympian Bobby Lea tried HVMN Ketones for a 100-mile bike race to see if it would make him faster. As a pro, I trained my body to burn fat at high intensities for as long as possible, saving my glycogen stores for when I really needed them. But I retired three years ago, and my metabolic efficiency isn’t what it used to be, so I tried HVMN Ketone Ester—natural, drinkable ketones—to save my glycogen stores until the…