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Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit

April 2020

Bon Appétit focuses on what's "now" in the world of food, drink, and entertaining, while still giving readers valuable cooking tools, tips, and most of all, recipes. This food lifestyle publication looks at life through the lens of food & cooking in, dining out, travel, entertainment, shopping and design.

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bon appetit

Editor in Chief ADAM RAPOPORT Creative Director MICHELE OUTLAND Deputy Editor JULIA KRAMER Director of Editorial Operations CRISTINA MARTINEZ Editorial Features Editor MERYL ROTHSTEIN Bonappetit.com Editor SASHA LEVINE Healthyish Editor AMANDA SHAPIRO Basically Editor SARAH JAMPEL Senior Staff Writer ALEX BEGGS Digital Restaurant Editor ELYSE INAMINE Associate Editors HILARY CADIGAN, CHRISTINA CHAEY, ALEX DELANY Assistant Editor ALIZA ABARBANEL Assistant Editorial Producer EMMA WARTZMAN Editorial Assistant JESSE SPARKS Assistant to the Editor in Chief RYAN WALKER-HARTSHORN Contributing Editors Editor at Large ANDREW KNOWLTON Editor at Large AMIEL STANEK Contributing Editor ALISON ROMAN Wine Editor MARISSA A. ROSS Contributing Writer PRIYA KRISHNA Entertainment Editor CAITLIN BRODY Design Design Director CHRIS CRISTIANO Art Director CHRISTA GUERRA Associate Art Director LETICIA SARMENTO Senior Designer BRYAN FOUNTAIN Art Assistant ANNALEE SOSKIN Photography Senior Visuals Editor MICHELLE HEIMERMAN Associate Visuals Editor EMMA FISHMAN Staff Photographer LAURA MURRAY Operations Editorial Operations Manager NICK TRAVERSE Production Manager MATT CARSON Associate Production Manager KATE FENOGLIO Copy Director GREG ROBERTSON Copy Manager BRIAN CARROLL Research Director JOSEPH HERNANDEZ Research Manager…

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they’re here for you

WHEN I ASKED SARAH JAMPEL why she was testing her salty buckwheat chocolate chunk cookies for what seemed to me like the 97th time, she started going on about the absence of gluten in buckwheat flour. She jotted down notes in her tiny, meticulous handwriting while explaining that the half cup of buckwheat flour called for in the recipe balances the one cup of all-purpose flour and how it was imperative that we get the ratio just right. Sarah is the editor of Basically, our learning-to-cook online vertical (eatbasically.com). And this month Basically takes center stage in the magazine with its Guide to Better Baking (page 48). Much of the success of the 16-page package can be traced back to Sarah’s obsessive nature, but that would be ignoring the fastidious habits…

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good clean fun

DUST BUSTER “As a designer I need everything in my life to be aesthetically pleasing—all the way down to this cheery steel dustpan.” Christa Guerra Art Director BRUSH UP “My evergrowing collection of chic reusable water bottles demands a cute bottle brush like this silicone one by Holikme (from $7; amazon.com) that’s safe for both metal and glass bottles.” Christina Chaey Associate Editor ALL-PURPOSE WITH PURPOSE “Blueland’s minimalist Forever bottle ($12; blueland.com) means I’ll never have to buy another cleaning product in a single-use plastic bottle. Fill it with water, plop in a $2 dissolvable tablet of super-powered surface cleaner, and go.” Emily Schultz Social Media Manager THE UN-PAPER TOWEL “I haven’t used paper towels in almost two years. Instead, I keep a stack of dish towels or reusable sponge cloths ($6; tenandco.ca) within sight and hide my one backup…

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family meal

A FEW YEARS AGO I made the game-changing decision to start buying fish not according to the recipes I’d bookmarked but based on what looked best at the market. These days I almost never know whether I’ll end up with salmon or black bass or halibut on any given night, but I always know how I’m going to cook it: by steaming, a back-pocket technique that works with any fish. No method does a better job of letting the delicate flavor of the fish itself really shine. The recipe on page 18 features a flavorful soy-ginger broth that creates a little steam-room environment in the pot, resulting in a rich and flaky, never-dry fish. Call it my version of spa food. Piri-Piri Meatballs This vibrant and spicy blender sauce livens up everything…

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which new cookbook is calling your name?

FOR BOOK CLUB In Everything Is Under Control (April; $25), dancer turned chef Phyllis Grant shares a fast-paced, heart-smacking memoir about cooking and motherhood—with recipes. A POSTCARD FROM PAL EST INE Ottolenghi BFF Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley’s Falastin (April; $35) takes us on an engrossing journey to Palestine with lush photographs, impressive reporting, and colorful dinner-friendly recipes. Plus tahini buns. MUCH ADO ABOUT VEGGI ES Bryant Terry’s Vegetable Kingdom (February; $20) serves flavor-blasted Afro-Asian-Southern-Caribbean vegan fare (Jerk tofu! Lacto-fermented beets!) and playlists in a bumpin’ party of a cookbook. THE BEAN BIBLE YOU NEED Joe Yonan’s fun-loving, very comprehensive Cool Beans (February; $20) will leave you smarter and unexpectedly psyched to bake a white bean Bundt cake. Bonus: All the recipes are vegetarian! PAIRS WELL WITH ORANGE WINE If cool is contagious, we want to catch it from…

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traveling shoes and the secret to better brews

Take Them in Stride I’ve been raving about this pair of Sabah shoes ($195; shop.sabah.am) made by Turkish leather artisans ever since my sister introduced me to them. I’ve worn them to trek through Delhi and Berlin and to shoot videos in the test kitchen—they’re that versatile. Pen Pals I love sending handwritten notes, and these illustrated Pyarful greeting cards (from $5; pyarful.com) are cute and cheeky! The puns are geared to South Asian culture (“Paneer or Far, You’re Always in My Heart”), but they’re universally lovable. The Bold Lip I wear a lot of lipstick, and MAC’s Frost Lipstick in Fresh Moroccan ($19; maccosmetics.com) is hands down my favorite. It’s a deep pop of red with a subtle shimmer that stays on alllll day and looks particularly awesome on darker skin tones. The Ideal Hot…