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Voyages et Plein air
Country Life

Country Life 25-Dec-2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Country Life, the quintessential English magazine, is undoubtedly one of the biggest and instantly recognisable brands in the UK today. It has a unique core mix of contemporary country-related editorial and top end property advertising. Editorially, the magazine comments in-depth on a wide variety of subjects, such as architecture, the arts, gardens and gardening, travel, the countryside, field-sports and wildlife. With renowned columnists and superb photography Country Life delivers the very best of British life every week.

United Kingdom
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2 min.
the news in 2020

January Garden centres have never had it so good, as politicians rush to fulfil ludicrous manifesto promises about tree planting. Unfortunately, a freezing January means that only the regrettably tiny handful of farming MPs are beefy enough to get their shovels into the ground. February Actors who have the temerity to be talented as well as privately educated are banned from this month’s glittering awards ceremonies, but a breakout category, #FloreatEton, honours Olivia Colman (Greshams) and Tobias Menzies (Frensham Heights) for The Crown. March An unforeseen Brexit glitch prevents Irish horses travelling to the Cheltenham Festival; Cheltenham being unthinkable without the Irish, the mountain travels to Mohammed and English racegoers enjoy themselves so much there’s a rush on long-lost Irish relatives and new passports. They might as well stay there anyway—they’ve not…

1 min.
country life

Editor Mark Hedges Editor’s PA/Travel Rosie Paterson 555062 Editorial Assistant Phoebe Bath 555046 Telephone numbers are prefixed by 01252 Emails are name.surname@ti-media.com Editorial enquiries 555046 Deputy Editor Kate Green 555063 Managing & Features Editor Paula Lester 555068 Architectural Editor John Goodall 555064 Gardens Editor Tiffany Daneff 555067 Fine Arts & Books Editor Mary Miers 555066 Executive Editor and Interiors Giles Kime 555083 Deputy Features Editor Victoria Marston 555079 News & Property Editor Annunciata Elwes 555078 Luxury Editor Hetty Lintell 555071 Group Art Director Dean Usher Art Editor Emma Earnshaw Acting Art Editor Sarah Readman 555080 Deputy Art Editor Heather Clark Designer Ben Harris 555245 Picture Editor Lucy Ford 555075 Acting Deputy Picture Editor Storm Johnson 555076 Senior Sub-Editor James Fisher 555089 Senior Sub-Editor Octavia Pollock 555082 Digital Editor Toby Keel 555086 Property Correspondent Penny Churchill Group Managing DirectorAndrea Davies Managing Director Steve Prentice Assistant Business DirectorKirsty Setchell 551111 Photographic Library Manager Melanie Bryan 555090 Photographic Library Assistant Paula…

4 min.
may i have this dance?

OUR incredulity that another year is over never wavers, but, as ever, there will be plenty to celebrate in 2020. The National Gallery will mark the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death with a groundbreaking exhibition (from October 3, 2020, for a review, see our January 8 issue). Come November, 30 million Americans will feel nostalgic about their ancestors—74 men and 28 women —who stepped off the Mayflower into the New World 400 years ago. Visit www. mayflower400uk.org for UK events. The oldest anniversary of note for 2020 (that we can think of) is the 1,500th of the Kingdom of East Anglia (founded 520). A 700-year leap brings us to 1220, when the first stone of Salisbury Cathedral was laid; it now houses the Magna Carta, plus Britain’s tallest church spire. It’s been…

1 min.
just dropping in for a quick bat

IN 2020, restoration of Vanbrugh’s Grand Bridge at Blenheim Palace will begin as part of a long-term, multi-million-pound project, but first, the Oxfordshire landmark has to ensure local wildlife is not disturbed—particularly bats, whose breeding sites are protected by law. To this end, daring Guy Miller of BSG Ecology has been spotted abseiling down the bridge to identify architectural features that could (or already do) support roosting bats and breeding birds. Various of these creatures inhabit the estate, including the rare barbastelle, lesser horseshoe and Daubenton’s bats. ‘We knew the bridge was being used by bats during the summer months, but we weren’t sure exactly where they were roosting, nor which species they were,’ explains Blenheim’s Richard Bowden, who promises that restoration ‘will not adversely affect the ecology’ and to…

1 min.
country mouse

IT’S been a remarkably successful decade for COUNTRY LIFE . Your magazine ends it as the only title to have grown its circulation every year for the past 10 years. I’m incredibly proud of that. Furthermore, it was crowned the 2019 PPA Magazine Brand of the Year—the publishing industry’s highest accolade. There are two reasons why COUNTRY LIFE stands alone in its success: the most important one being you, our loyal readers. You are our inspiration. If I have a stand-out mantra as Editor, it is to constantly ask the team what the reader wants to see and read, not what we want—we are led by you. The second is its talented staff. In the past decade, we’ve introduced an advent-calendar front cover, luxury pages and interiors sections, as well as London…

1 min.
town mouse

OUR family, as are many others, is fiercely divided on the topic of Brussels sprouts. I love them, however, so when I saw whole stems for sale at the market, I couldn’t resist buying one. I knew the stem would be unwieldy to carry home, also that it would generate controversy once there, but it seemed worth the trouble. What took me by surprise were the reactions among passers-by. Indeed, on the half-mile walk back, practically everybody seemed to find this far-from-unusual vegetable eye-catching. I might have been Birnam Wood moving to Dunsinane. The child accompanying me was at first deeply mortified by all the attention and briefly followed at a distance calculated to imply that there was no connection between us. After a while, however, it became impossible not to see…