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Country Life 29-Jan-2020

Published by TI Media Limited Country Life, the quintessential English magazine, is undoubtedly one of the biggest and instantly recognisable brands in the UK today. It has a unique core mix of contemporary country-related editorial and top end property advertising. Editorially, the magazine comments in-depth on a wide variety of subjects, such as architecture, the arts, gardens and gardening, travel, the countryside, field-sports and wildlife. With renowned columnists and superb photography Country Life delivers the very best of British life every week.

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the first farewell

SO it comes to pass at last: at 11pm this Friday, Britain will leave the European Union after 47 years of membership. Some will celebrate; others will weep. What everyone agrees, however, is that it will be a momentous night. How events will play out from that moment forward is anybody’s guess. Nevertheless, there is a great deal that needs to be done urgently at home if we are to bring the rancour and division that Brexit has generated under control. We have fallen into the way of dogmatic argument—over climate change, food, the environment, HS2—and it’s preventing sensible consensus. We need the Government to act decisively, but sensitively to the needs of the moment. If those who favoured remaining in the EU now generally accept the decision, by a small majority,…

2 min.
farming’s future

THE devil is in the detail’ is the response from countryside groups to the proposed Agriculture Bill. The Bill, which was reintroduced to Parliament on January 16, promises to ‘unleash the potential of the farming sector for decades to come’. The reaction from groups such as the NFU, CLA, Rare Breeds Survival Trust and CPRE has been positive, with praise for the Bill’s focus on the environment, the soil and financial protections for farmers. There is concern, however, on a lack of specifics, especially during the transition period that begins on January 31. Mark Bridgeman, president of the CLA, says: ‘The Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape farming policy and further prove the environmental credentials of the farming community.’ He warns, however, that ‘removing direct payments before…

1 min.
the agriculture bill at a glance

• Current system of direct payments to be replaced by targeted payments that reward ‘public goods’, such as better air and water quality, higher animal-welfare standards, improved access to the countryside or measures to reduce flooding • Direct payments will be phased out during an ‘agricultural transition period’ that will last seven years • Agricultural policy will be devolved • Defra will invest in supporting farmers to improve productivity and will monitor, evaluate and report on financial-assistance schemes, allowing for scrutiny on how well the schemes work…

1 min.
plug in at the pub

RURAL post offices are shutting, tea shops struggling and pubs seem fewer and far between, but the countryside might receive a boost from an unlikely source—electric vehicles or, rather, the necessity to charge them. Marston’s, the brewer and pub chain, started installing rapid-charging stations in 2018 and it’s hoped other companies will follow suit. About 80 miles of charge can be added in 20–30 minutes at the stations and, in theory, electric-vehicle owners will spend the charging time shopping or eating, thus stimulating other businesses nearby. Marston’s has partnered with Engenie, which manufactures the charging points, to place 400 chargers at the company’s 200 sites. Ian Johnston, CEO of Engenie, told The Times : ‘We think rapid charging will mean people sit down, check their emails or have a meal.…

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stuck in a paper jam

THE future of the Stonehenge Tunnel appears to be no closer to being resolved, as the Treasury and ministers battle over whether the project should go ahead. The Treasury believes the £2 billion project doesn’t represent value for money, but Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is committed to its construction. The tunnel aims to remove the notorious bottleneck on the A303, described as ‘the world’s most scenic traffic jam’. Sajid Javid, the Chancellor, told the Financial Times he wouldn’t comment on rumours, before adding: ‘Wait until my national infrastructure strategy, which will be published alongside the Budget.’ The Government’s first budget will take place on March 11. What is life in the countryside without endless fundraisers to repair the village hall? Yet, for some, they may no longer be necessary, as the…

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good week for

Central-London landmarks Tourist coaches will be prevented from parking with idling engines by Westminster Council, which will replace spaces with cycle racks and electric-car charging points Hair dye Scientists have proven what we all know—stress really does turn your hair grey The Crown Netflix has revealed that people in 73 million homes worldwide have seen the show about our Royal Family COUNTRY LIFE We have achieved our 10th successive ABC increase. In the future, it will probably be easier to tell you when we haven’t accomplished this feat…