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Country Life 15-Apr-2020

Published by TI Media Limited Country Life, the quintessential English magazine, is undoubtedly one of the biggest and instantly recognisable brands in the UK today. It has a unique core mix of contemporary country-related editorial and top end property advertising. Editorially, the magazine comments in-depth on a wide variety of subjects, such as architecture, the arts, gardens and gardening, travel, the countryside, field-sports and wildlife. With renowned columnists and superb photography Country Life delivers the very best of British life every week.

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2 min.
simple treats

LENT ended last week, but the denial goes on. Not so much of wine and chocolate—there’s plenty of that, thank goodness, in shops that are doing an heroic job with cheerful staff—but of the far more precious luxury of going freely about one’s business, without justifying oneself, as we’ve been able to do in this country for the 75 years since the Second World War. It’s painful enough for grandparents separated from grandchildren, care-home residents unable to receive visitors and university graduates wondering how on earth they’ll get a job, but it must be desperate for people in tiny, crumbling flats, for those caring for disabled children or advanced dementia sufferers and anyone stuck anxiously midway through crucial medical treatment. Even such a relatively short period of curfew—especially compared with nearly six…

3 min.
debate catches fire again

THE burning of heather on moorlands is a casualty of coronavirus, as the Moorland Association (MA) and some major landowners have banned the practice in recent weeks. In a statement released to its members, the MA said: ‘Due to the current weather conditions, concerns over Covid-19 linked respiratory issues and the overstretched status of our emergency services fighting the virus, the Moorland Association has asked its members to put any planned controlled burning on hold.’ In addition, routine burning is now paused on 34 tracts of land owned by United Utilities, the National Trust and Yorkshire Water across Derbyshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire. The move comes after a fire in West Yorkshire, on the Trust’s Deer Hill reservoir in Marsden, took the fire brigade days to extinguish. Amanda Anderson, director of the…

2 min.
farmers leading the way

MORE than 120 farms across the South Downs have joined forces to share best practice on projects, such as Nature-friendly farming. Even in lockdown, the work of farmers across the land goes on indefatigably, caring for the environment, nurturing livestock and providing the food that keeps the country going. Some 75% of the South Downs National Park is farmland and farmers play a critical role in maintaining the landscape and its inhabitants. With that in mind, six farmer-led groups across Hampshire and Sussex have collaborated on an online platform ( to share updates, projects and best practice. The site also showcases the ongoing work of landowners, such as growing hedgerows and wildflower margins, to encourage bees, butterflies and grey partridges. Bruce Fowkes, farming officer for the South Downs National Park, says: ‘Farming…

1 min.
good week for

North-London dendrophiles Author Rachel Summers has been spending her daily walk writing the names of the trees of Walthamstow on the pavement next to them. Sentences such as ‘Silver Birch -good for firelighting' and ‘London Plane-my favourite! Takes pollution out of the air' have been popping up all over the London borough, delighting residents Pandas Giant pandas are famously prudish, it was believed, but it might be that they simply don't appreciate hordes of tourists watching them. Two pandas in a Hong Kong park, Le Le and Ying Ying, have mated for the first time in a decade, after finally enjoying a period of privacy Recycling A ‘mutant enzyme' has been discovered that breaks down bottles into recyclable plastic ‘in a matter of hours'. The company behind the enzyme, Carbios, intends to begin industrial-scale recycling…

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bad week for

The Venezuelan Navy A skirmish between a cruise ship and a Venezuelan naval vessel has ended in a resounding defeat -for the Venezuelan Navy. The cruise ship Resolute was repairing its engines in international waters when Naiguatá ordered it into port. When Resolute refused, Naiguatá fired a warning shot and attempted to ram the cruise liner, which is designed to sail through icebergs in the Antarctic. Unsurprisingly, this did not end well for the Naiguatá and she promptly sank. All 44 hands were safely rescued Royal canines You would expect The Queen's dogs to be treated like royalty, fed with the finest dog food. Yet, in the documentary Inside Waitrose, presenter Daisy McAndrew revealed the two royal dorgis are fed on Tesco's basic dog food, 45p a can…

3 min.
your fields need you

AN acute shortage of farm labour that could put the country’s food supply at risk has prompted calls for a ‘Land Army’ of people willing to roll up their sleeves and work in the fields. Leading the campaign to help save the harvests is the CLA, with president Mark Bridgeman explaining that the crops most desperately in need of spare hands are ‘soft-fruit including strawberries and raspberries, asparagus and, later, many fruit and the main arable crops, such as wheat and barley’. Coronavirus restrictions make it hard to recruit seasonal workers to fill the ‘thousands of vacancies opening up in fields, polytunnels, glasshouses and packhouses across the country in the coming weeks,’ according to NFU vice-president Tom Bradshaw. He reveals that the NFU has held talks with Defra Secretary of State…