CrossStitcher May 2019

CrossStitcher is the UK’s best-selling crafts magazine. Each issue is packed with inspirational cross stitch designs and exciting new ideas that will help you make the most of this wonderfully relaxing and rewarding hobby. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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make of the month

Designed by: Susan Penny Stitch count: 28 high x 18 wide Design size: 5x3.5cm (2x13⁄8in) Stitch time: 3 hours This design was stitched on 14 count plastic aida. Use a small amount of white se wing thread to sew the split ring securely to the card front Make a… house keyring card Step 1 STITCH the house design onto a 6x5cm (2½x2in) piece of plastic aida, using two strands for the cross stitch and one for the backstitch. Leaving one blank square around the design, cut it out using a small pair of scissors. Next cut some felt to fit the back of the plastic aida rectangle. Step 2 FOLD a 10cm length of 15mm ribbon in half and thread through a 25mm split ring. Place the felt on the plastic aida back, with the cut ends…

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WHEN WE PLAN what to put in each issue of CrossStitcher, we look at when it will be in the shops and think about what you would all like to stitch at that time. Occasions, fashions and requests all play an important part. But every now and then, we just have to go off on a flight of fancy as there’s something so special we know you will want to stitch it as soon as possible. This month it’s Oswald – in case you are not yet acquainted, that’s the name designer Amanda Butler has given to her fabulous dragon (page 77). And yes, we give you full permission for a box set binge of Game of Thrones while you stitch him! There’s lots for little ones inside this issue too.…

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out there

Change of scenery Enjoying our Stitch People series on page 12? Then you’ll be just as excited as we are that they have just released their latest book Stitch People Backgrounds! The book is designed as a companion to previous titles that focused on creating characters – this time you get to place your designs in settings from around the world. Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean says, “Soon you’ll be putting your Stitch People characters on the beach, on the ski slopes, in the mountains, next to an RV, and more.” For more information visit PET PROJECT VELVET PONY DESIGNS have a whole host of new PDF charts added to their Etsy shop including this adorable Guinea Pig Cross Stitch Pattern created in beautiful colours and geometric shapes. Check out the shop for more animals…

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my craft room: charliemankin

Charlie of says, “I’ve recently moved into a new house with an amazing studio space after years in a studio apartment working from the end of the bed! I try to keep everything as tidy as possible – tidy workspace equals tidy mind for me, so I use the huge built-in wardrobes to hide all my packaging supplies and extra bits and bobs. One of my favourite parts of the studio is my photography area. I have my lights set up here so I can be ready to take new product photos at the drop of a hat which is really helpful. There is also a comfy chair in the corner which is perfect to steal a few minutes of stitching time with a cuppa, if it’s not occupied…

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stories with stitch people

Hullo all! There are few people who can say they have literally been ‘over the moon’, but for those who rode on the Apollo missions, they can thank this month’s woman in history for the trip! Margaret Hamilton was the lead software engineer for the team that developed the on-board flight software for the Apollo space program. A brilliant scientist and mathematician, her ultra-reliable software design included fault detection and recovery techniques. These recovery actions allowed the software to detect errors and overloads and reprioritise tasks to prevent system shutdowns and mission aborts. She also coined the term ‘software engineer’. She is inspiration for what you can do if you grow your mad skills. At a time when women weren’t really considered serious contenders in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering…

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crafty bookshelf

THE LITTLE BOOK OF SEWING KAREN BALL [Anima] CrossStitcher readers know more than the average person the sheer joy of making something with your own hands. Can you remember the first time you fell in love with needlecraft? Reminisce with this delightful little book composed of essays, anecdotes, quotes, how-to guides and practical tips. It makes an ideal present for a stitching or sewing friend, or perfect bedtime reading to get you in the mood for your next project! FOLK EMBROIDERED FELT BIRDS CORINNE LAPIERRE [Search Press] Corinne Lapierre in her latest book has come up with an irresistible selection of 20 folk embroidered felt birds, including a swan, hen, goose, owl, dove, peacock and a flamingo. Each bird is embellished with folk-style surface embroidery using stitches such as chain, feather, fly running, blanket, French…