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Cycling Plus July 2020

Cycling Plus is the manual for the modern road cyclist. Whether you're cycling weekly, an occasional new rider or a Tour de France fan you’ll find everything you need. Each issue is packed with buying advice and tests of essential cycling gear - everything from bikes to bags! Cycling Plus is the place to find training advice, nutrition secrets and practical tips guaranteed to improve your bicycling. It's also full of inspirational rides, real-life cycling stories and entertaining riding-related features.

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FROM THE EDITOR… SUBSCRIBE! NEW SUBSCRIBERS TO CYCLING PLUS CAN GET A LUSSO MERINO SHORT-SLEEVED JERSEY WORTH £65 ALREADY A SUBSCRIBER? Get access to exclusive content, competitions and offers. Turn to p88 This issue of Cycling Plus, we hope you will agree, looks very much as you would expect an issue of Cycling Plus to look, including oodles of bikes and gear being tested and rated. I owe a huge debt to the whole team for that, but as restrictions continue there will be some changes… we’re not out pushing bikes to their limit for a start. Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty ridden and written already to ensure your monthly fix, but we’ll also be focusing on the great writing elsewhere in the magazine and on our expert training advice. We hope you’ll find plenty to…

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the uk’s best tests for over 25 years the only bike buying advice you can trust…

While the country is under lockdown conditions we will only be testing gear on an indoor turbo or on our short, daily exercise rides on the bike, while this is still permitted. All bikes in this issue were tested and photographed before coronavirus pandemic restrictions hit the UK. Even under these conditions, you can rest assured our test team, led by senior technical editor Warren Rossiter, can separate the greats from the also-rans when it comes to tech, clothing, accessories and more. If it gets our seal of approval you’ll be bagging a great buy!…

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the tech team preview their issue highlights…

WARREN ROSSITER SENIOR TECHNICAL EDITOR For this issue I’ve been spending my time riding our cover star bike. Orro’s British-born aero offering is the impressively fast Venturi. Not only is it quick and good-looking it’s very well priced with it. SIMON WITHERS TECHNICAL WRITER This month you’ll see the results of my months of labour trying to decide on the best £1000 bike in 2020. The judging was tough as the 10 bikes all deserve their place. You’ll get plenty of grand days out for your cash these days. ROBIN WILMOTT TECHNICAL WRITER In this issue, I report on Canadian brand T-Lab – the greatest titanium bike builder you’ve never heard of – and its technically innovative, smart designs. T-Lab is a bike builder to watch as it has some incredible ideas on the way.…

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faster stronger laner

£2099.99 Orro reveals its affordable super-aero bike Handling is smooth and stable so you get super-aero speeds for less cash British brand Orro has built up a fine reputation in a relatively short time (it has been in existence for less than a decade). This reputation is built on the company designing bikes in the UK with British riders’ needs in mind. What also sets it apart is that all of its bikes are hand-assembled here, which means that your Orro dealer has much more versatility in the build: you can tune gearing to your preference or have your favourite saddle or preferred tyre choice fitted from new. That’s not all, as Orro has things nailed on in the value-for-money stakes too. All of which brings us to the new Venturi Evo. The…

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rainbow daze

£2599 Bright and bold gravel machine from Spain The 2020 Terra M20 certainly stands out from the crowd with its wild yellow/black frame and lime green/orange fork. And if you’re going to make this much of a statement in the looks department then you’d better have the chops to match (for the less extrovert rider, there are also anthracite/silver grey and black/red options). Thankfully, the Terra scores highly in the chops department and it’s all down to the way in which the bike feels both off- and on-road. The Terra’s geometry is a little different: the fork, for example, is a touch longer than a standard road fork. Orbea says this allowed it to design an amount of flex into the lower two-thirds while maintaining rock-solid rigidity at the head tube –…

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THE BIG PICTURE A QUIET PLACE A lone cyclist pedals by an eerily quiet Millennium Centre in Cardiff in late March as the Covid-19 lockdown emptied the usually bustling metropolis. At the time of writing, motor traffic across the UK dropped by as much as 73 per cent, taking us back to 1955 levels, leading to a substantial drop in air pollution. The government recognised the importance of cycling both as a means of transport and exercise, allowing bike shops to be one of the few business types to remain open during the lockdown.…