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ELLE Decoration Country No. 17

Explore the most inspiring homes in the countryside: from coastal hideaways to rural havens in the latest edition of ELLE Decoration Country. This beautifully crafted and stylish book showcases the interiors, lifestyles and houses of those who define contemporary countryside living. Discover 15 of the world’s most beautiful homes as well as 50 beautiful and useful essentials that will turn a house into a home. This coffee-table staple is a must for all lovers of modern country style.

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raw beauty

Driving along the rugged coast of Bornholm, a dot of land between Sweden and Poland often referred to as the ‘Sunshine Island’, chef Jesper Vollmer spotted a ‘For Sale’ sign with a roughly scrawled telephone number on it. Within 24 hours, he and his wife, actress and television host Annette Heick, had bought the plot overlooking the sea. ‘We have been vacationing here for years with our two boys and have a special affinity for this spot,’ says Jesper. The dream was to open a cookery school on the island, which was already a foodie paradise with several Michelin-star restaurants. Jesper had been working as head chef for the Danish royal family for 10 years when, five years ago, he broke his neck in a swimming accident and became partially paralysed.…

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divine mathematics

In order to appreciate this building, sat incongruously against the Arcadian backdrop of the Connecticut countryside, you have to abandon all the traditional ideas of comfort. Forget the usual proportions of a home, and don’t expect to find a right-angled wall anywhere. Walking into this unique space is like entering an exploded photograph, all acute edges and intersections. It is the work of Daniel Libeskind, the mastermind behind the plan for the World Trade Center site in New York, the Imperial War Museum in Manchester and many other landmark projects. This time, his clients were gallerist Tobias Meyer and his partner Mark Fletcher, both of whom work in the New York art world. They wanted a home that would produce strong sensations and, enthuses Libeskind, ‘we were only too happy to…

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embrace the exodus

I rocked up at the country pub one Sunday in 1996 with an asthmatic hatchback stuffed full of boxes and big hopes. I was 22, about to move into a South Oxfordshire village and had stopped en route for a solo lunch. Upon entering the ‘pub’ I was gobsmacked to discover crystal chandeliers, champagne on tap, goldfish in the loo cistern (since removed) and so many cool-kitsch decorative quirks that I felt I had walked through a time-space portal straight into Soho. This was my first hour of full-on rural living and I have been continually surprised ever since. Little did I realise that, 24 years later – thanks to the impact of the coronavirus – masses of London inhabitants, among other city slickers, would also be quitting the capital…

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nesting instinct

In Africa’s vast and ancient Namib desert, nature is the greatest architect. Millions of years have refined the shapes of the shelters that birds and animals create for themselves here. The gigantic nests built by sociable weaver birds in camelthorn trees – vast domed structures of twigs and grass often three metres wide – are some of the most striking examples. ‘They’re architectural masterpieces,’ says entrepreneur and conservationist Swen Bachran who, together with his friend, South African designer and artist Porky Hefer – known for his enveloping pods and hanging chairs in the shape of animals – has created this house, dubbed ‘The Nest’. When scouting out land for a potential conservation project, they camped on this stretch of desert, not far from the famous red dunes at Sossusvlei, and Porky…

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the dream of paradise

Spot the simplified form of this converted farmhouse clinging to the side of the steep Langtaufers Valley in South Tyrol and you may also notice the words worked into its wooden façade. Created from perforations used as ventilation, the poetic messages include ‘Wenn der berg noch ein berg war’ (when the mountain was still a mountain) and ‘Der traum vom paradies’ (the dream of paradise). They’re fitting, as for owner and nature-lover Othmar Prenner, this retreat near where he grew up really is a dream come true. Artist and sculptor Othmar’s affection for this region of the Alps can be traced back to school holidays spent at his grandparents’ country house, where his room in the loft was connected to the workshop. In the winter, his grandfather would be sat at…

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I’m tired of lockdown. Everything about it, even the word itself. I much prefer the French translation, ‘le confinement’, which really gets over that sense of restriction and claustrophobia. Plus, as with most things French, it somehow sounds altogether more sophisticated. This issue of ELLE Decoration Country, in fact, is meant as a real antidote to the dreaded ‘L’ word. Because, if there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s that, in spite of a global pandemic, economic meltdown and political uncertainty, rustic idylls remain constant, the vagaries of the weather and the change of the seasons continue uninterrupted. It’s reassuring and proof that life goes on. Now home-working has changed our opinions of cities for good, the pull of the countryside is stronger than ever. So, on these pages we…