ELLE Decoration Country No. 19

Explore the most inspiring homes in the countryside: from coastal hideaways to rural havens in the latest edition of ELLE Decoration Country. This beautifully crafted and stylish book showcases the interiors, lifestyles and houses of those who define contemporary countryside living. Discover 15 of the world’s most beautiful homes as well as 50 beautiful and useful essentials that will turn a house into a home. This coffee-table staple is a must for all lovers of modern country style.

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In the past, certain city dwellers have had a tendency to be rather condescending about those who decided to move to the country, sniffily judging them as not being able to cope with the pace and stress of metropolitan life. Such opinions have always been wrong, but never have they been more so than right now. Flexible work arrangements and refocused priorities mean even committed urbanites are joining the exodus, and proving that hotbeds of creativity, originality and style can be created anywhere, irrespective of geography. Perhaps those critical of an escape to greener pastures are, in fact, simply desperate to do the same thing themselves. We’ve dubbed this new movement a rural rebellion, and it’s being led by those dynamic individuals who have gone to the country, not to…

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leader of the revolution

For more than two decades, architect Richard Parr has been sensitively but steadfastly reinventing the British rural design vernacular. ‘When I first bought somewhere in the countryside in the mid-1990s, I looked at all these houses the local architects were working on and it felt very Edwardian: Edwardian in its thinking; Edwardian in design,’ he recalls. ‘It was very retrospective, as if people went to the country to regress. That’s what I’ve been really involved in changing.’ Richard has long embraced the town-country balance. Along with his 20-strong team at Richard Parr Associates, which was founded in 2012, the architect divides his time between the Cotswolds and London. His studio is located in a reworked grain loft on Easter Park Farm (part of the 19th-century model farm that he has been…

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castle on the hill

Sat atop an ancient pagan site overlooking the misty Tamar Estuary, the Castle of Trematon is the stuff of fairy tales. With its medieval keep, a 14th-century gatehouse and an elegant Georgian mansion built with stones taken from the Norman castle walls, it’s a magical mix of architectural styles that’s rich in Cornish history. Adding to the enchantment is its extraordinary nine-acre garden, which was planted by renowned landscape designers Julian and Isabel Bannerman. With its fragrant blooms, wild borders and romantic meadows, it is quite simply otherworldly. It was this very garden that first drew House of Hackney co-founders Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle to the charming spot that they now call home, and the events that led to them taking custody of the property were something of a…

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(extremely) remote working

FIELD HOUSE, Yorkshire Located a short walk from her family’s Victorian farm near York, Field House is architect Eleanor Grierson’s first solo commission. Hinting at neoclassical proportions but rendered ‘in a rural vernacular tradition’, the larch cabin was built in 2019 as a haven for the whole family, whether for work or pleasure. ‘It came into its own during lockdown,’ says Eleanor. ‘We used the cabin in so many ways – from an office and a yoga studio to an isolation bedroom, and for endless sundowners.’ The project was sparked after the discovery of a half-buried brick plinth in a wildflower meadow, now given new purpose with the cabin built on top of it. Inspired by local farm architecture, the structure is also a modern folly: a feature in the landscape to…

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victorian revival

Although it is considered by some to be a bit fusty and traditional, there’s a lot to be admired about Victorian design. A period where arts and crafts flourished, the era produced the original maximalists, renegade creatives who favoured the romantic and eclectic, and who weren’t afraid to mash up historic styles. They really knew how to do all things decorative. Built in 1879, this magnificent 12-bedroom mansion in St Leonards-on-Sea in East Sussex has all the commanding characteristics in keeping with the period, but there’s something different going on here. Any hint of Victorian stuffiness is countered with streamlined, contemporary design. This transformation is the work of its owner, Sydney-born interior designer Scarlett Gowing, whose passion for restoration and decoration has grown into a full-blown affair. ‘Once you start renovating…

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5 things to consider before you renovate

1. With listed properties, open a dialogue with your conservation officer early on. The rooms in the house had been sliced and diced over many years. Sourcing the original floor plans helped us show the building’s intended use as a private residence and aided our planning application. 2. Work with your home’s architectural features rather than against them. I drew inspiration from the stained glass in the wooden hallway, and created a scheme in soft, complementary tones. 3. Renovation plans demand good budget keeping. Leave room for hidden costs. Working at speed will often incur additional expenses with contractors. Going at a slower pace will give you more time to consider and refine your project as you go. Any work you can take on yourself is an additional bonus. 4. Try to understand…