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Share in the glamour and glitz of the movie industry with Empire, a magazine dedicated to delivering the latest interviews, movie reviews and behind-the-scenes stories from one of the most talked about industries in the world. Empire goes behind the scenes to bring you the real stories from the movie business, the stars, the latest releases in cinemas, video & DVD.

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this month at empire

HOME AND AWAY fans get the Logies. Sports fans get grand finals where teams triumph by kicking a pigskin ball through a big “H”. Movie fans? We get the night of glamour, glitz and occasionally awkward acceptance speeches that is the Academy Awards. Personally I love this time of year: all of the studios decide to release most of their designated “Oscar contenders” around December and January, meaning there’s usually a glut of great films released (our January issue alone featured three five-star films and fourteen that scored four). Couple that with the blazing Australian summer heat and you have the perfect excuse to plant your butt in the air-conditioned comfort of your local cinema. My OCD-driven quest each year to see every film or person that earns a nomination in each…

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CHRISTMAS CULKIN CRIME After reading your ranking of Christmas movies in issue #214, I just have one question for you folks at Empire - where is Home Alone?! Arguably one of, if not the best Christmas movie of all time. It is not mentioned ONCE in your article. So... what’s up with that? Love your mag by the way, besides this one atrocity. ALYSSA DE LEO, RESERVOIR, VIC I guess we just plain forgot about Kevin McCallister. Hey, it’s not the first time! TO DC OR NOT TO DC I am a bit of a DC Comics fanatic who has enjoyed all of the DCEU movies to date (including Justice League - it’s not a masterpiece but has some nice moments). I think Aquaman is by far the best movie to date in the universe…

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letter of the month

Great Empirical scribes, I notice that your January edition features many glowing reviews. Specifically, three movies earned five stars, 14 scored four, seven earned three and only one scored a mere two stars, which makes me wonder: are movies getting better? Are you guys especially favourable toward movies because they’re your pride and passion? Is it simply a good month for movie releases, or a combination of all factors? Now I wonder whether movies will become even better in years to come, and will five stars be enough? Perhaps Empire will be the first to break the five-star ceiling and ascend to six, seven, 10 or googolplex stars. Take it and run with it, I say. RAY MILCZARSKI, HAMILTON, VIC December and January are always cracking months for film on account of…

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the new black

“A FOURTH FILM is never easy,” admits producer Walter Parkes. In the late ’90s, Parkes, along with his partner Laurie MacDonald, bought the film rights to a then obscure, out-of-print comic-book series about exquisitely well-dressed secret agents working for an extraterrestrial police force. Three Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones-starring Men In Black films later, the franchise’s future seemed unclear; at one point, a perplexing crossover with 21 Jump Street was proposed. “We gave it a shot,” says Parkes of the abandoned project. “It turned out to be an impossible match-up.” So they went back to the intergalactic drawing board, starting afresh with a spin-off, and began hunting for a new duo to slip into those iconic black-and-white suits. “These are buddy comedies,” explains Parkes. “The rapport and energy and comic timing of…

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mother superior

“I JUST DIDN’T want it to look like a bad Doctor Who episode.” These are the sage words of West Australian director Grant Sputore, a man laser-focussed on creating one of the most credible big-screen robots yet - along with the help of the practical effects wizards at WETA Workshop - for his feature film directorial debut, I Am Mother. “I always wanted to realise Mother practically as a love letter to the science fiction films I grew up watching like Alien, Predator and RoboCop,” says Sputore down the line from Adelaide where the film was shot and the busy filmmaker is putting the final touches on the movie. “I knew having a practical robot for our actors to respond to would be so much better than using something digital.” Said…

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the other side of bonnie and clyde

IT’S THE REAL STORY For many people, Arthur Penn’s classic 1967 film Bonnie And Clyde, with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as the impossibly beautiful outlaws, is the definitive take on the story. But what about the people who caught them? The Highwaymen focuses on Frank Hamer, the Texas Ranger who tracked and ultimately killed the Barrow Gang; the film’s director, John Lee Hancock, considers it “a different lens” from the Penn movie, which depicted Hamer as something of a bumbling idiot. (Hamer’s widow would later sue the studio for defamation, settling out of court.) The Highwaymen, Hancock hopes, is something of a cinematic redemption. “This is Frank Hamer, front and centre,” he says. “I’m from Texas originally. The lore of the Texas Rangers is huge there. And he’s probably the…