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Empire Australasia April 2019

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this month at empire

IT’S APRIL 2019, and the first of this year’s genuine contenders for Biggest Film In The History Of Motion Pictures is almost upon us: Avengers: Endgame (Star Wars: Episode IX may throw its lightsaber in the ring come December to challenge the title, but we already know the real winner: *SPOILER ALERT* Disney. It’s Disney). Marvel Studios’ 22nd film in 11 years has offered up little in the way of actual details thus far – JJ Abrams must be well jelly at the level of secrecy Endgame has held onto up until this point – but we do know this: the Marvel Cinematic Universe will never be the same again afterwards (possibly because the movie will be three hours of Thanos facing the challenges of becoming the universe’s loneliest farmer?) We talk…

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empire australasia

EDITORIAL EDITOR JAMES JENNINGS ART DIRECTOR KATIE SMITH PHOTO EDITOR KRISTI BARTLETT 02 8114 9493 CONTRIBUTORS Michael Adams, Liz Beardsworth, Elizabeth Best, Simon Braund, David Michael Brown, Jenny Colgan, Nick de Semlyen, Fred Dellar, Andrew Dickens , James Dyer, Angie Errigo, Ian Freer, Alex Godfrey, Chris Hewitt, David Hughes, Travis Johnson, Dan Jolin, Tim Keen, Will Lawrence, Andrew Lowry, Ben McEachen, Jim Mitchell, Anthony Morris, Ian Nathan, Kim Newman, John Nugent, Helen O’Hara, George Palathingal, David Parkinson, Seb Patrick, Sophie Petzal, Nev Pierce, Jonathan Pile, Olly Richards, Adam Smith, Beth Webb, Amy West , Terri White, Rod Yates. ADVERTISING Brand Manager Simon Park 02 9282 8085 Director of Sales Paul Gardiner 02 9282 8676 Head of Agency NSW Karen Holmes 02 9282 8733 Victoria Head of Sales Will Jamison 03 9823 6301 Sales Director VIC, SA & WA Jaclyn…

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WHERE’S HARRY? Upon reading the March issue of Empire, I was delighted to find a whole debate dedicated to the marvellous work of composer extraordinaire John Williams, only to find that no-one mentioned the Harry Potter scores! How these scores could be overlooked baffles me, they are clearly his most incredible, emotion-inducing compositions! I am a huge fan of Star Wars and understand how Williams’ score produces a large sense of nostalgia, and understand why it took out the number one spot, but for Harry Potter to not even be mentioned is shocking. ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ will forever be my number one John Williams composition. ANNIE MCDONALD, VIA EMAIL We played a trick on you, see: if you wave a wand over the list you’ll witness it transform into 10 Potter scores! Possibly. ALL HAIL…

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letter of the month

Reading your article about the 40th anniversary of Richard Donner’s Superman is a heart palpitating reminder that this film was responsible for my first ever moment of cinematic superheroic euphoria. When I saw the film on the big screen on its first release early in 1979, I found myself cheering with the entire cinema as the Last Son of Krypton caught Lois Lane as she fell from the top of the Daily Bugle. No-one threw popcorn or rolled Jaffas down the aisle that day, and I’m certain that everyone in the audience was a prime candidate for cardiac arrest, as our collective hearts almost burst with unrestrained geekstasy. Margot Kidder’s “You’ve got me? Who’s got you?!” still makes me weep with joy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to…

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a whole newer world

A WHOLE NEW GENIE Think of Aladdin, the beloved 1992 Disney animated movie, and chances are your first thoughts will be of the genie, voiced inimitably by the late Robin Williams. The filmmakers behind the new live-action version are well aware that these are big curled shoes to fill. “Robin was such an iconic character,” acknowledges producer Dan Lin, who has been with the project since its inception in late 2015. “He brought his special brand of comedy to the character. We had to reinvent that. Will Smith brought his own style.” Lin says that Smith adds a “hip-hop flavour” to the songs, with several musical numbers sprinkled with “a little bit of Fresh Prince”. Early shots of Smith revealed in non-blue human form are misleading, however. “Ninety per cent of…

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marvel’s new tv vision

YOU MAY NOT have heard of screenwriter Jac Schaeffer. But with her scripts for Captain Marvel and the planned Black Widow movie, she’s quickly become one of Marvel Studios’ go-to writers. That status was cemented when she was appointed showrunner for the planned Vision And The Scarlet Witch series, expected to be an early title for Disney+, the studio’s upcoming rival to Netflix, in late 2019. So what does Schaeffer’s appointment mean? And what can we expect from this new wave of Marvel-related TV? We’ve heard promises before of integration between Marvel’s TV shows and film, but conflicting production schedules and competing storytelling needs have led to problems. Think the downfall of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Captain America: The Winter Soldier just as TV’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. was finding its groove. Marvel boss…