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Share in the glamour and glitz of the movie industry with Empire, a magazine dedicated to delivering the latest interviews, movie reviews and behind-the-scenes stories from one of the most talked about industries in the world. Empire goes behind the scenes to bring you the real stories from the movie business, the stars, the latest releases in cinemas, video & DVD.

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this month at empire

“WHY ‘30 YEARS, 30 Films’ this month, Empire?”, I can hear you think to yourself due to the fact all humans are energetic beings connected as one, hence my possession of a psychic ability that allows me to tap into your very deepest thoughts. Well, it’s as simple as this: Empire Australia and New Zealand turned 18 this year, but Empire UK turned 30, and since we’re the Baby Bear to their Momma/Poppa Bear, we party when they party. You, dear reader, then get to delight in the ultimate party fusion as we lay out the movie geek punch and film nerd chips for your sipping / snacking pleasure. The list itself, for me, brings back a flood of memories: I was a kid that was completely engulfed by the Batmania…

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SEEING TOO MANY STARS I think the bottom end of your review star meter is broken and I’m wondering about your ethics. I don’t really want to do this, but: are you sure that the atrociously flat, paint-by-numbers plotted Men In Black: International and how-did-they-screw-thisup-with-this-cast-seriously X-Men: Dark Phoenix were somehow good enough for three stars? I mean, they were both functional, but bad. Very bland, Hollywood dross bad. Yet you gave both three stars. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the giant multi-page pre-release features on them in the previous June issue, would it? Hmm? Lift your game. We want to trust you. I usually can, but this.? ANDREW JOHNSON, AUCKLAND NZ As you’d know, Empire runs features on a huge range of the latest movie releases, and we can assure you…

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letter of the month

Regarding your July 2019 issue, I noted a most horrible oversight. In your otherwise exceptional The Ranking, how could you neglect Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, one of the greatest ’80s comedies ever. It has better writing than Ghostbusters, and most of the others. I heartily agree with your inclusion of Trading Places, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Beverly Hills Cop, yes, but no FBDO? Maybe you meant Saturday Night Live and CSTV Regulars Comedies, as the incomparable Steve Martin and Martin Short hosted a number of times. I continue to love and adore your regular features: Masterpiece, Classic Scene, Story Of The Shot and amazingly spot on reviews. Please keep up the awesome work. DAVID LEAVITT, VIA EMAIL Thanks David! And you’re right – leaving Ferris off the list is a gross…

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no./1 welcome to phase four

WITH THE THREE-phase Infinity Saga dusted and done, there was a strangely muted excitement ahead of Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con presentation this year. Sure, there’d be announcements, but could it really measure up to what we’d lost? Happily, the signs point to yes, with this imperial phase for a studio on top of the world (literally, box office-wise) promising to be a bigger and more daring universe. Here’s how they’ll pull it off. BIGGER AND BETTER REPRESENTATION The billion-dollar grosses of Black Panther and Captain Marvel torpedoed the notion that only white men called Chris or Robert could lead a Marvel movie, and now we begin to see the benefits of that trailblazing. There was only a single piece of white male casting announced (or rather, confirmed) on Saturday, in Richard Madden’s…

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no./2 how the eternals will take the mcu to another level

THE MCU HAS done space opera before, in Guardians Of The Galaxy. It’s even explored cosmic characters with near-infallible powers, like Captain Marvel. But The Eternals — a comics deep-cut that even well-read aficionados won’t be too familiar with— looks set to deliver a full-on gods vs gods adventure on an entirely different scale for the MCU. Introducing the new team to the Hall H stage, Kevin Feige described the Eternals as super-powered “immortals who have been on Earth for 35,000 years”. In the comics they were created by another, even older race called the Celestials. We’ve actually already met a couple of Celestials on screen before — Kurt Russell’s Ego in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, and the enormous severed head/ecosystem of Knowhere in the first film. Concept art…

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no./3 how tv fits into the mcu

THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER The first Disney+ Marvel show, written by John Wick’s Derek Kolstad, will feature returning Civil War villain Zemo (Daniel Bruhl). LOKI The Tom Hiddleston-starring series will continue the Loki storyline directly from Avengers: Endgame’s 2012 flashback. Mewling quims are not yet confirmed. WANDAVISION The Scarlet Witch’s 2021 TV show sets up her appearance in Doctor Strange 2 later that year — and also includes a grown-up Monica Rambeau from Captain Marvel. HAWKEYE Jeremy Renner has confirmed that Clint Barton will explore his Ronin moniker from Endgame — while introducing new Hawkeye Kate Bishop.…