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talent wars

OVER THE YEARS, we’ve interviewed hundreds of high-impact entrepreneurs. Some elements of their stories are unique, others share a common golden thread that highlights why some companies become leaders in their field — and others don’t. One of the biggest contributing factors to success is people. Without fail, all of our cover profile entrepreneurs say that the foundation of their success is the teams they employ. Gil Oved and Ran Neu-Ner, co-founders of The Creative Counsel, which they sold for over R1 billion in 2015 to Publicis Group, say that the day they realised that staff are the key to a sustainable business was the day their company changed. Not only did they shape their growth strategies around their employees, but their key staff were ultimately essential to the outcome of their…

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start planning today for future wealth

PLAYER: Nelisiwe Masango POSITION: Founder and Director, Bear Run Investments VISIT: bearruninvestments.co.za/wp/ Nelisiwe Masango is a 26-year-old award-winning serial entrepreneur, financial wellness coach, day trader, investor and international speaker. In 2016 she was selected by Santam Insurance to become their entrepreneur ambassador and participated in a six-month web-based series to promote entrepreneurship. In 2017 she was awarded, by international giant Frost and Sullivan, the 2017 African Growth Innovation & Leadership Award, alongside founder and CEO of Discovery, Adrian Gore. She represented South Africa at the 2017 World Forum for Responsible Economy in Lille, France, discussing how entrepreneurship and financial literacy are required to build and sustain an effective global economy. Q What are some of the most common mistakes people make as they embark on their wealth planning journey? As a financial wellness coach, I’ve…

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5 simple steps to get you started

Get your finances in order by following Nelisiwe’s five-step plan: 1. Create a budget and find out which luxuries you can do without (for example, making sandwiches at home instead of buying at the office canteen). Once you’ve made a few sacrifices, you’ll have extra money to save. 2. Write down your financial goals, namely short-term, medium-term and long-term (for example, paying off your credit card, saving for a deposit on your new home or retiring comfortably at the age of 55). 3. Take a risk assessment to determine your investor profile and risk appetite. 4. Start investing in the products that best suit your profile. 5. Check these investments at least once a month but keep in mind that investing is a longterm habit and when you get extra money don’t be afraid to…

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the experts

Dr Vladimir Nedeljkovic is Chief Investment Strategist at Alexander Forbes Investments. He is an experienced business leader with a proven track record in creating and managing successful investment businesses, spanning outcomes-based solutions, structured solutions, indexation and multi-management. Notably, he has played a key role in the development of the exchange-traded funds (ETF) market in South Africa and in Africa. www.alexanderforbesinvestments.co.za Pieter Koekemoer is Head of Personal Investments Business at Coronation. His key responsibility is to ensure exceptional client service through a combination of appropriate product, relevant market information and good client outcomes. www.coronation.com Magdeleen Cornelissen is a financial advisor and the Practice Head at PSG Wealth in Menlyn, Pretoria. She graduated with a BCom (Honours) degree in financial management from the University of Pretoria and holds an advanced post-graduate diploma in financial…

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making your unit trusts work for you

Q What should be an investor’s strategy when it comes to unit trusts? Pieter Koekemoer: A financial plan starts with clearly defining your objectives. It’s easier to get what you need when you know what you want. Unit trust funds are regulated investment vehicles that can meet the full range of investor needs. Once you know how long you want to invest, it becomes possible to narrow down to the appropriate set of options. The key thing to get right is to take the level of risk appropriate to your needs. Taking on too much risk means that you may have less capital than expected when you need it. However, too little risk and you will eventually end up with much less capital than was possible. Generally, investors are well served…

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don’t be a procrastinator

“If you’re serious about personal and business success, overcoming procrastination should be top of mind. If you’re able to master the ability to not procrastinate, you’ll supercharge your productivity and performance without the need for any new tools, techniques or information.” THE MORE TIME I spend thinking, writing and coaching about how to combat procrastination, the more I realise how much bigger this problem is than I initially thought. Every person reading this column will at some point have fallen victim to this avoidance behaviour. In fact, many of us fall prey to it daily. If you’re serious about personal and business success, overcoming procrastination should be top of mind. If you’re able to master the ability to not procrastinate, you’ll supercharge your productivity and performance without the need for any new…