Enzo Issue 8

Enzo is an all-new quarterly magazine, dedicated exclusively to Ferrari… the road cars, the race cars, and the designers, engineers and drivers who have created the Ferrari legend. Every issue is packed with road tests of the latest models, epic drive stories, track tests of iconic racers, tales from the past, and interviews with the leading personalities in the Ferrari world.

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all the road cars 2010s-present

LaFerrari/LaFerrari Aperta (2013-17) Ferrari poured everything it knew into creating a new ultimate road car in the shape of the extraordinary, hybrid LaFerrari, its 789bhp V12 boosted by a KERS unit to deliver up to 950bhp. Just 500 were built, with production switching in 2016 to the open-top Aperta, of which only 209 were to be made. LaFerrari: 6262cc V12 plus KERS, up to 950bhp, 217mph 458 Speciale/Speciale A (2013-15) Successor to 430 Scuderia, so a hardcore 458, with power up by 35bhp, weight down by 90kg, and a sharper chassis. Also a last hoorah for the naturally aspirated V8. Speciale A convertible launched in 2014. 458 Speciale: 4497cc V8, 597bhp, 202mph+ 488 GTB/Spider (2015-) Latest in long line of mid-engined V8 cars stretching right back to the 308. What sets the 488 apart from its immediate…

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greatest races ferrari’s first

It is no exaggeration to say that the 1951 British Grand Prix marked a turning point in racing history, a point where the team that had been unarguably the greatest in the world handed over the baton to the one that, many believe, holds it to this day. But while plenty of you will know what happened that bright summer’s day at Silverstone, fewer perhaps know how it came about. This, then, is the story of that race, but also the circumstances that led up to it. I’ll say now that, indisputable facts such as who won the race apart, there are details here of which we cannot be sure, because what we are dealing with are the varying accounts of people with their own agenda to promote. So, for instance,…

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best of three?

The ‘accessible’ Ferrari. That was the idea behind the three cars you see here: the California, its twin-turbo evolution and its reincarnation as the new Portofino. Accessibility is a notion with many forms, however. Affordability, usability, versatility – all are aspects of accessibility. There was much speculation about the putative entrylevel Ferrari before the California’s launch in 2008. Some had hoped for a ‘new Dino’, compact and Porsche-priced, but the reality proved very different. Then-chief engineer Amadeo Felisa explained why. ‘We could easily make a car like a Lotus Exige,’ he said, ‘but buyers equate money with size everywhere except in the UK and Switzerland. They wouldn’t accept a car the size of the original Dino any more.’ ‘Ferrari reckons the Portofino is more practical, more usable yet more sporting than ever’ Besides,…

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baby boomer

Prince Jefri, the Sultan’s brother, probably didn’t need VAT relief on his new Ferrari. In fact, I’m pretty sure it didn’t even apply in Brunei, but somehow this tax-beating GTS Turbo caught the prince’s eye when he was finance minister of the oil-rich country. Based on the 328 but with the 3.2-litre V8 swapped for a 2.0-litre turbocharged V8, the targa-roofed GTS was shipped from Maranello in 1988 – originally Azzurro, later repainted Le Mans Blue at the factory on the prince’s wishes. His Highness drove it infrequently, so much so that the odometer read just 3671km when it was sold recently by Veloce Classic and Sports Cars of London. Veloce kindly helped Enzo locate the car and its new owner in Athens, Greece. Now wearing 3845km, it remains surely the…

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what the road testers said at the time

FOR US, THIS IS THE most exciting projectile we have ever been fortunate enough to handle, an electrifying sensation of a car that picks up its skirts and goes in response to the throttle like the proverbial bat out of hell. With the potential of reaching almost the legal motorway limit in the lowest of its five gears, owning such a car in this country might sound like folly. Fortunately the free roads of other countries are only minutes away by hovercraft or air, and for manoeuvres like overtaking the Daytona can flick up to unmentionable speeds and back again before anyone has time to notice. To put the Daytona in perspective, it took 1.3sec less to reach 60mph and 2.5sec less to reach 100mph than the Lamborghini Miura P400S tested…

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tim layzell

Among motorsport artists, Tim Layzell stands out. Some go for realism, some for impressionism, but only Layzell captures and conveys moments of intense action in his unique, pop art style. What makes his pictures so compelling is that the cars themselves and their attitude are authentically rendered while the surrounding scene is given a terrific sense of speed by his trademark bars of colour streaking past from a point in the distance. It’s surely true that all motorsport artists are motorsport enthusiasts but it’s doubtful that many expressed themselves quite as early as Layzell, who was drawing racing cars, motorbikes and Spitfire aircraft at the age of two. ‘My dad was a printer who was into cars and he’d take us to VSCC meetings,’ Layzell recalls. ‘In my early teens we…