Enzo Issue 10

Enzo is an all-new quarterly magazine, dedicated exclusively to Ferrari… the road cars, the race cars, and the designers, engineers and drivers who have created the Ferrari legend. Every issue is packed with road tests of the latest models, epic drive stories, track tests of iconic racers, tales from the past, and interviews with the leading personalities in the Ferrari world.

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my first ferrari drive

IT’S A MEASURE OF HOW far the market has moved on classic car prices that, back in the late ’80s, Motor magazine could produce a mini-series that showed what classic you could get for the price of a quite modest new car. It was called ‘The Classic Alternative’. As a newly arrived road test assistant, I must have had a bit more time on my hands, as I found myself writing about half of them. Which meant I got to drive around the country and try some great classics for the first time. I took my long-term test Peugeot 205 CTi to meet a Pagoda roof SL, and a Daihatsu Charade GTti to meet a 911. Why? Well, the three-cylinder turbo Daihatsu sounded like a flat-six and its handling was a…

10 min
two of a kind

Buyers of the Ferrari 575M Maranello usually have to decide between a model with or without the Handling GTC package. One owner has swerved that dilemma by putting one of each in his garage. Not only that, but both examples photographed here are particularly significant pre-series models: the regular 575M is a pre-production vehicle, while the HGTC (without the rear ’plate) is thought to be both the 2004 Geneva motor show car, and possibly a prototype tested by Michael Schumacher. Rutland-based Car-Iconics supplied both 575s and kindly invited Enzo to Rockingham, just days before the Northamptonshire circuit’s closure, to learn more about these rare Ferraris’ provenance and to drive them on track. For reference – and not photographed, to avoid over-egging the red-car pudding – we also have Car-Iconics’ standard 575…

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what the road testers said at the time

‘ON THE OPEN ROAD, the Dino is an absolute delight. The engine is completely smooth and utterly effortless throughout its range, being at least the equal in this respect of the 12-cylinder Ferraris, incredible though this may seem. The rev-counter is in the red at 148mph but luckily the dial is somewhat obscured by the steering wheel – one of my few criticisms – and so I timed the car at 151mph with a clear conscience. The Dino has just about the highest cornering power of anything I have driven. It bears no relationship to normal cars, being comparable only with racing cars. It simply goes round corners at speeds which seem absurd, the steering giving exactly the right feel at all times. The Dino never pushes its nose out and a…

2 min

Meccano SF71H model £39.99 | wonderlandmodels.com The Ferrari in which Kimi Räikkönen scored a famous win at the 2018 US GP is reduced to 325 parts, a number that makes the car only moderately difficult to assemble, according to Meccano. We’ll no doubt have fun proving them wrong. Ford versus Ferrari by John Starkey £15.99 | veloce.co.uk There are plenty of excellent books that cover the battle between the competition departments of Ford and Ferrari in the 1960s, but the narrow focus of this one makes it an easy read, and it will serve as a good primer for anybody planning to watch Le Mans ’66 in the cinema in November. Braun LE01 smart speaker £1099 | braun-audio.com Having secured the rights to the Braun name, Pure Audio has produced three new speakers of which Dieter Rams would…

10 min
thriller in tuscany

Even from the passenger seat, I can feel the front tyres of the F8 Tributo working hard, sense their treadblocks grinding as they slur against the asphalt and pull the car’s nose to the apex. I’m not sure if I feel more sympathy for them or for the rears which, shortly afterwards, are unable to resist the torque of the twin-turbo V8 and overspeed, jinking the hips of the F8 a few degrees sideways. Test driver Fabrizio Toschi applies just the right amount of lock and, still sideways, we gather speed towards the next corner. It’s a scenario repeated at most of Fiorano’s corners and I have no idea how much of the control is down to young Toschi, who has spent months here honing the dynamics, and how much is…

9 min

‘As a package, all wrapped up in those beautiful Pininfarina curves, it was just about perfect’ Has there ever been a prettier Ferrari than the Dino? Everyone has their favourites, of course, but in terms of pert loveliness I really can’t think of another to top it. I remember the first one I saw, in the paddock at Silverstone in the mid-70s, metallic blue with a cream interior. From its delicate, pebblesmooth nose to its delectably abbreviated tail, in an age of Hillman Hunters and Morris Travellers it looked wonderfully exotic and, to a teenaged me, fabulously expensive. Which was slightly at odds with reality because, as we all know, the baby Ferrari wasn’t originally marketed as a Ferrari at all, but as the first product of a Dino ‘sub-brand’ and at…