Enzo Issue 3

Enzo is an all-new quarterly magazine, dedicated exclusively to Ferrari… the road cars, the race cars, and the designers, engineers and drivers who have created the Ferrari legend. Every issue is packed with road tests of the latest models, epic drive stories, track tests of iconic racers, tales from the past, and interviews with the leading personalities in the Ferrari world.

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sharing the passion

THE FERRARI OWNERS’ CLUB of Great Britain is incredibly active, but many of the events that it puts on each year are accessible only to its members. However, there are a couple of particularly big ones that are open to all: the Classic Motor Show at the NEC in November and the Ferrari race weekend held at Silverstone. The latter usually takes place in September and is called Ferrari Racing Days, but for 2018 the action has been brought forward to April, with a revised format and a new name: Passione Ferrari. Both weekends are important to the club as they provide an opportunity to meet prospective new members, who in turn can see for themselves the wealth of cars within the club. At the recent NEC show, alongside the latest GTC4…

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Meccano F12 tdf £29.99 | argos.co.uk The constituent nuts and bolts and strips and plates are just like those that we remember so fondly from childhood, but Meccano models never looked this good in the old days. The whizzy new ‘FLEXTech’ bodywork panels make all the difference; this 9.5in-long model is as much fun to look at as it is to build. Ferrari T350 headphones by Logic3 $399 | ferrari-by-logic3.com Part of Logic3’s ‘Cavallino Collection’, these leather-trimmed, noise-cancelling headphones will revolutionise your experience of public transport, delivering sweet music while keeping the din made by your fellow passengers at bay. 312 T print by Simon Owen From £35 | historiccarart.net The work of the late Simon Owen celebrates iconic racing car liveries of decades past, and we can only assume that this was one of the first pieces…

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  stable mates

The ferry was booked, tent packed, sleeping bags stowed and maps got into order. John and Lynn Reaks were ready for a two-week motorcycle tour in the South of France. Then, just three weeks before they were due to leave, there was a change of plan. Their business was doing well and John, on a whim, decided to buy himself a Ferrari. ‘I’ve never been a dreamer, at least where cars are concerned,’ he says. ‘If a car was out of my financial reach, I didn’t fantasise about owning it.’ But when it became possible to buy something exciting, he just thought: ‘Why not?’ Which is how they came to acquire a 328 GTS. The registration number and vehicle type was changed on the ferry booking and a bike turned into…

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remembering dino

It was a story I’d long wanted to tell. To explore the life of Dino Ferrari by visiting some of the key places in his life and meeting some of the people who actually knew him. And to drive the streets of Modena and Maranello – and the old Ferrari test routes that Dino himself once drove – in one of the cars that bore his name. For me, that meant a 246 GT – a machine that in my own younger days embodied the beauty and romance of exotic sports cars like few others. So a plan was made, though it would take months of liaising with Ferrari to make it happen. Finally, in the Spring of 2007, all the pieces were in place. We were on. I expected it…

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  red leaders

‘I doubt you’ll find a specialist with greater depth of knowledge, experience and passion’ There are Ferrari specialists with more impressive premises, some with more impressive stock lists, and some linked to arguably more impressive clients, but I doubt you’ll find one that’s home to a greater depth of knowledge, experience and passion than Bob Houghton Limited. Tucked away on a deceptively large plot in the heart of the Cotswold town of Northleach, this is a family-owned and run business that, thanks to its eponymous owner, has a longer history of working with the marque than any other specialist. It also has a reputation for doing excellent work at a reasonable rate and for solving problems that have defeated others, all of which helps explain why it has an enviable relationship with…

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untold tales

THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH TIME. If it was just a case of driving a new car on a launch, it would be fine. But magazines and websites generally demand photographic and cinematic evidence of what you’ve been up to, and this almost always requires more than the allotted few hours available. As a result, people push the timetables on car launches, finding ways to expand and contract time that even Einstein would have thought impressive. And the journalist’s list of excuses for handing a car back late is almost as long and convolutedly creative as the schoolchild’s for a homework noshow. I’ve yet to hear anyone actually claim that they’re late because a dog started gnawing on a rear wishbone, but that’s not to say that such a claim has never been…