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Essentials South Africa AUGUST 2019

Essentials magazine is a ‘practicals’ lifestyle monthly packed with savvy solutions and stylish twists. Expect loads of tips and advice on fashion, beauty, health, food, consumer issues, decor and real-life reads. It targets real South African women, putting them at the forefront of the content - and on the cover - every month.

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welcome to

Hello! Do you sometimes feel like you’re on a non-stop roller-coaster, lurching from one task to the next, with absolutely no downtime in sight? If you’ve reached the point where you barely have time to gulp down a cup of coffee then you need to stop, take a deep breath and turn to p14 of this issue. Why? Because, like me, you most probably will be thrilled to read that well-being experts actually advise that we all indulge in the art of doing nothing. Yes, really – and because they’re healthcare professionals, we’d better take their advice veryseriously! They say it’s time to silence the inner chatter, get in the zone, and make time to put your feet up. There’s even advice on how to find the ‘doing nothing’ that suits…

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we’ve been...

WEARING NEW CLASSICS Fashion editor Xolani Gumede has rounded up must-buy items to see us through this season and beyond (p32). READING A GOOD BOOK With so many brilliant new releases (p103), we couldn’t resist curling up on the couch for a good reading sesh (the experts on p14 made us do it!). TESTING HAIR REPAIR Just in time for saving damaged winter hair, we’re excited about the recently launched L’Oréal Paris Elvive Rapid Reviver range. EATING SWEET TREATS Who could resist a delivery of the new Lindt Creation Macaron and Pistachio Delight flavours? Definitely not us!…

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hot right now...

EATING IN TAKE IT SPICE AND EASY... No need to go out for a great curry – you can whip up one at home with our round-up of the best (p64). INDULGING CHOCOLATE LOVER’S DIET Yes, you really can eat chocolate and still lose weight (even the experts say so!). Check out our diet on p56. MAKING CHANGES SMALL TWEAKS, BIG IMPACT Who says being healthy has to be hard work? Sometimes it really is as easy as adopting simple habits that make a difference in the long run (p52). GETTING CRAFTY EASY UPCYCLING PROJECTS Ditch a boring bookshelf or coffee table – here’s how to give it new life on a a tight budget (p98).…

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‘family has always come first for me’

In addition to a stellar TV and film career, Jessica Alba has also gone on to prove herself as a successful entrepreneur. She started her own business, The Honest Company in 2012, after her first daughter was born because she wanted to make non-toxic household products more accessible. Not only is The Honest Company now estimated to be worth $1 billion, but she also has a lead role in L.A’s Finest – a spin-off series of the Bad Boysfilm franchise – which has been renewed for a second season and is set to air in 2020. Jessica and her film-producer husband, Cash Warren, live in Los Angeles with their two daughters and a son. ‘Working hard has always been a part of my mindset’ I was brought up to be independent and self-empowered.…

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should you ban kids from social media?

Claire Dunwell, 40, is married to Ian, 53, and has two sons Sam, 11, and Louie, eight. Call me old fashioned, but I’d love to take my children back to a time before Twitter hashtags and Instagram likes. It was a special time when kids could grow up simply being kids. Social media piles enormous pressure on today’s youngsters – they can no longer clock off at the end of a school day because social media sparks FOMO (fear of missing out). It's sad that popularity these days is judged by virtual ‘likes’ and my heart goes out to those who only have a few online friends. I do believe social media is a breeding ground for bullying, and that’s why I have banned my son Sam from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ‘Social…

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is there a magic number?

‘Being a single-child family is the best decision we’ve ever made’ Tracy Buchanan, 41, lives with husband Rob, 38, and their daughter Scarlett, five. Just for a moment while watching Scarlett playing with her cousins, I wondered what it would be like for her to have a sibling. But at home later that day, as she brushed her doll’s hair, I was reassured that the calm atmosphere proved I’d made the right decision – our family is complete with one child. I’ve always wanted kids, but there was a time when I wondered if it would ever happen. Rob and I wanted to start a family soon after we got married in 2007, but after 18 months of trying I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Our first two rounds of IVF in 2010…