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Essentials South Africa NOVEMBER 2019

Essentials magazine is a ‘practicals’ lifestyle monthly packed with savvy solutions and stylish twists. Expect loads of tips and advice on fashion, beauty, health, food, consumer issues, decor and real-life reads. It targets real South African women, putting them at the forefront of the content - and on the cover - every month.

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welcome to essentials

Hello! Are you the kind of person who can turn an innocent game of 30 Seconds into a terrifying show of dominance? While that sort of behaviour might not get you invited back to parties, experts say that being fiercely competitive can actually be good for you – enhancing your performance and giving you a clear purpose. But, shockingly, research has shown that women are more likely to ‘opt out’ when faced with competition, while it makes men up their game and perform better. So if you tend to cave under pressure or just can’t get motivated, the advice on p14 will help you tackle whatever’s holding you back. And the life-changing professional advice doesn’t stop there. You can expect brilliant tips and tricks on just about every page of this issue;…

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we’ve been...

STYLING BEHIND THE SCENES Fashion editor Xolani Gumede got to work showing us how to punch up our colour confidence (p32). PREPPING ...OUR FEET FOR SANDAL SEASON With the weather heating up, it’s time to get your pedicure on point. Beauty editor Martinique Stevens shares her simple at-home guide (p26). CRAFTING ...A ROPE BASKET PLANTER With so many fabulously easy DIY ideas to test, the planter makeover was one of our favourites. Read how to make your own on p101. TASTING ...A GORGEOUSLY DRY ROSÉ We raised a glass of Haute Cabrière’s Pinot Noir Rosé 2019 in celebration of summer. More on this blend on p61.…

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hot right now...

BAKING (& EATING!) SUPERB COOKIE AND BISCUIT RECIPES Try one of our five recipes for beautiful bakes – like these party rings – that hit the sweet spot (p74). REDECORATING HOME TREND TO TRY Breathe new life into your interiors with a fresh, crisp palette and nature-inspired decor (p86). CHILLING OUT SLEEP BETTER... STARTING TONIGHT Say bye-bye to heavy black bags around your eyes with these expert tips (p52). DRESSING UP FLATTERING FASHION BUYS From pretty pleats to slimming stripes, we’re swooning over the choices (p38)!…

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‘i won’t let anything hold me back’

‘It’s so important to surround yourself with good people’ Sarah Hyland, 28, was born into an acting family – both her parents and her younger brother, Ian, are actors – and got her start in the industry at the age of four, but is probably best known for her role as Hayley Dunphy on Modern Family. She was born with kidney dysplasia and when she needed a transplant in 2012, her father donated one of his kidneys. Unfortunately, four years later, her transplant failed so, in 2017, Ian donated one of his kidneys and she underwent a second transplant. Sarah lives in LA and is engaged to radio DJ and reality TV star Wells Adam. I’m just a human being. My name is Sarah. I have two of the most amazing dogs…

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should you pay more for organic food?

Rick Hay is a nutritionist, health expert and author. We already have so many environmental pollutants in our lives and there are additives and preservatives in so much of our food, so eating as clean as economically possible means you will get some health benefits. ‘Organic food is worth the extra cost’ The farming practices used to produce organic food may deliver a better quality soil, which in turn means more minerals to us. These are essential for our body, whether it is to ensure our teeth and bones stay strong or to keep nerve function working optimally. Organic food can also reduce the load on the liver, ultimately helping with skin conditions. A stressed or inflamed liver can mean that toxins aren’t broken down efficiently, so they come out through your skin. As…

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could your man pick your clothes?

‘I’m forever in a baggy cardigan’ Lizzie Catt, aged 42, lives with husband Will. WILL SAYS: Lizzie usually wears quite tomboyish clothes and while I think that she looks great, I know she loves the vintage look – it suits her – so it’d be nice to see her in that style more often. LIZZIE SAYS: When Will and I got married, I wanted to go for old-school glam, so chose a vintage dress and wore heels. I loved the look and was determined to wear it more. I really enjoyed searching through vintage boutiques for outfits, but then we had kids. Now, my ‘look’ is mostly cobbled together with stuff I fling into the trolley at the supermarket. Footwear is generally trainers in varying states of grubbiness and I’m forever in a…