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Essentials South Africa FEBRUARY 2020

Essentials magazine is a ‘practicals’ lifestyle monthly packed with savvy solutions and stylish twists. Expect loads of tips and advice on fashion, beauty, health, food, consumer issues, decor and real-life reads. It targets real South African women, putting them at the forefront of the content - and on the cover - every month.

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welcome to essentials

Hello! We all have things we don’t particularly like about ourselves, whether it’s your tendency to dissolve into a puddle of nerves at the mere thought of public speaking, or being a pushover at work. But what if I told you the things you see as your ‘flaws’ could actually be the secret to your success? According to Professor Philip Corr, who specialises in personality neuroscience, every personality trait has its positives and negatives – it’s how you manage and cope with them that makes all the difference. Having an anxious disposition, for example, has been linked to creativity and higher levels of self-awareness, while introverted leaders have been found to be just as successful as extroverted ones (see p14 for more). And if one of your ‘flaws’ is that you tend to…

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we’ve been...

SWOONING ...OVER GORGEOUS ACCESSORIES See how our stylish fashion editor Xolani Gumede used these fabulous pieces in our Summer Brights fashion spread on p32. TESTING ...WHOLESOME ICE-LOLLY RECIPES This month, dietitian Emer Delaney shares how to make healthy ice-lollies at home (p65) – we can’t choose a favourite; they’re all so darn tasty! PEEKING ...INTO A FEW READERS’ HANDBAGS! It’s not as odd as it sounds, we promise! Three readers share what they carry in their bags (p10) – and what they mention may surprise you... PLANTING ...OUR HANGING BASKETS See our how-to tips and best basket buys on page 87.…

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hot right now...

PAINT EFFECTS BREATHE LIFE INTO YOUR HOME We share clever paint techniques and savvy styling tips to highlight them (p82). FAT-FREE DESSERT BERRY JELLIES & RASPBERRY MERINGUES Plus three other delish desserts that are all under 600 kilojoules. Yes, please (p70). PRETTY STORAGE IT’S NOT AN OXYMORON! Clearing the clutter? Try one of our eye-catching storage solutions (p96). DIY HAIR COLOUR EXPERT ADVICE FOR BEST RESULTS ...with a fab product round-up, whether you’re covering grey or trying balayage (p28).…

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‘i believe happiness is a choice’

Pearl Thusi, 31, started out in local series like Isidingo and Jacob’s Cross. It wasn’t until she landed the role of Patricia Kopong in TV comedy drama The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency in 2009 that her career took off. Since then, she’s starred in local films, such as Kalushi and Catching Feelings, as well as international hits like TV’s Quantico. This month, she’s taking the lead in the first script-to-screen African Netflix Original, Queen Sono, playing the role of Queen herself. Pearl lives between South Africa and the US with her daughters, Thandolwethu, 12, and Okuhle, four. My character in Queen Sono is complex, and I just love that about her. I feel so fortunate to be playing the title character; and Queen is a feisty personality. She’s an agent…

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should dogs be allowed in bedrooms?

Amy De-Keyzer, 30, lives with her husband, Mark, and their dog, Sammy, in a four-bedroom house. Amy is employed full-time as a press officer for an animal welfare charity. We got our dog Sammy from a small animal rescue charity in November 2013, after he’d been abandoned. We knew he may have separation anxiety at first, but we were determined to give him consistent boundaries from the outset. Initially, I was adamant that he wouldn’t be allowed upstairs and couldn’t jump all over the furniture. But that didn’t last very long… ‘Sammy finds it stressful being shut behind a door and I feel much happier knowing that he’s content’ After Sammy had settled in, it became clear that he was incredibly reliant on me and wanted to be with me at all times.…

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what’s in our handbags?

‘For me size really is everything’ Eva Believer, 37, is a model and singer. I’m not bothered about having the latest designer handbag, for me it’s all about the size. I have so much stuff, and I need to be able to fit everything in. My friends joke that mine is a Mary Poppins bag – I’m constantly pulling out all sorts of random items. Usually, I’ll have sheet music with me, as I teach singing lessons to kids most nights of the week. And I have a lot of beauty products in my handbag, too. I never go anywhere without a full face of make-up if I can help it – even to the gym – which is why I always have my red lippy and my Chanel mascara on hand for…