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F100 Builders Guide Magazine

F100 Builders Guide Magazine

Fall 2021

F-100 Builder's Guide is the premiere car magazine for classic Ford truck owners and enthusiasts. Learn about vintage vehicles and how to restore or upgrade your classic Ford F-Series truck with modern tricks. Also get expert advice from other Ford F-100 collectors.

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dentside front bed panel from amd

INTRODUCING A NEW REPRODUCTION front bed panel for the ’73-’83 Ford Dentside F-100 and the ’73-’96 Ford F-150 Dentside. Correct for use on models with a Styleside/Fleetside bed only. Stamped from high quality heavy gauge steel, each front bed panel features the correct shape, size, bends, flanges and mounting points, like original. It arrives EDP-coated to help protect against rust and corrosion. The panel fits ’73-’83 Ford F-100 Styleside bed and ’73-’96 Ford F-150 Styleside bed. AMD is your number one source for premium quality Ford truck restoration parts. Stay tuned for the company’s all-new complete bedsides coming soon. These OE-quality components from AMD are the perfect touch to your restoration. Call 877-575-3586 today for full details or visit online at www. autometaldirect.com.…

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tci engineering’s ’53-’64 f-100 coyote custom ifs

THIS AMERICAN-MADE ’53-’64 F-100 Coyote Custom IFS is engineered for easy installation, enhanced drivability and a broader range of alignment adjustments. The company has taken its proven Custom IFS and made important modifications in order to fit late model Modular engines. The crossmember has been notched and reinforced, while the anti-sway bar has been moved to the front of the crossmember to make room for the Coyote oil pan. The one-piece crossmember design makes installation much easier. Just take a few measurements and place the crossmember into position. This front end is based on TCI’s custom-designed spindle with bolt-on steering arms and proprietary geometry to maximize comfort and performance. The offset stainless eccentric adjuster provides easy camber and caster adjustments. It’s available with dropped or stock height spindles to provide a…

3 min
lucky 13

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO win this 1969 Ford F-100 that’s been completely customized by Lucky 7 Speed Shop? That’s just what happened to Gene Moberly while attending the first Goodguys National Car Show in Kentucky. Gene was showing his ’77 Pontiac Trans Am, “Smokey and the Bandit,” and his wife was showing her red ’53 Chevy pickup. Gene won the F-Body award, by the way. As a registered participant, you got a raffle ticket to be placed in a box for the drawing to represent Kentucky at the Columbus, Ohio, show. While brush-hogging one his fields two weeks later, Gene got a call from California, and he let it go to voicemail, thinking it was just another telemarketer. Later that day, he checked his messages and, to his surprise, one…

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nationals lone star

THE 2021 GOODGUYS LMC TRUCK SPRING Lone Star Nationals event kicked off the beginning of the show season with a bang. Last year at this time, the Goodguys event in Fort Worth, Texas, was just getting ready to start off when they got word that they had to send all of the vendors home and the show had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus lockdown. Fast forward to this year, and we can start off by saying that there were more than 2,100 registered vehicles and trucks—not to mention we had perfect weather all three days despite a few threatening rain clouds! The folks turned out in droves. During the truck show, there was something for everybody. To start off, a disk jockey was spinning tunes all three days. And you…

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history of the 1957-1960 ford f-series

THE TIME LEADING UP to 1957 was an interesting one for sure. As the Cold War continued, the citizens of the United States tried to press on. As usual, there was plenty to keep us occupied—and distracted. In the entertainment world, the National Broadcasting Company introduces its peacock logo to the nation, promoting its lineup of color programming. Norma Jean Mortenson changed her name to Marilyn Monroe and marries playwright Arthur Miller, while Elvis Presley raises a few concerned eyebrows during his performance of “Hound Dog” on the Milton Berle Show. Shortly after, he buys Graceland for $100,000. Of more important note, Dwight D. Eisenhower announces he will run for re-election (he would end up winning), and signs the Federal Aid Highway Act, thereby creating the Interstate Highway System. In Alabama, Browder…

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lone star throwdown 2021

A SIGN HANGS ON THE GATE at the fairgrounds in Conroe, Texas, that reads, “Somewhere around this show, there is a kid who wants to be just like you someday. You owe it to them to be the best you can be.” That philosophy mirrors the original concept behind the annual Lone Star Throwdown truck show, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in February. It’s been over a decade since a couple of buddies discussed the idea of creating a show that was different from all the rest at that time. Todd “Radar” Hendrex and Lonnie Ford grew up as full-fledged members of the truck scene and decided it was time for something fresh. They searched for a venue and were able to procure the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. This vast piece of…