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FHM Australia February 2019

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for a laugh

My wife said she was leaving me because of my obsession with wearing different clothes every half an hour. I said, “Wait, I can change.” My job is to drill holes in things and then bolt them together. At first it’s boring, but later on, it’s riveting. I didn’t eat anything other than brown bread for dinner. That was my wholemeal. I saw a Korean martial artist holding out a basket of donuts. When I asked if I could take two, he said no. I said, “Can I at least Taekwondo?” My girlfriend said to me last night, “You treat our relationship like some kind of game!” Which unfortunately cost her 12 points and a bonus chance. A lot of people were confused at the grand opening ceremony of my ribbon-repair business yesterday! Two years ago…

4 min.
are my moves putting me in the friend zone?

“It’s never gonna happen…you waited too long to make your move and now you’re in the ‘friend zone’. Ross, you’re mayor of the zone.” And with that, modern-day philosopher and sandwich aficionado, Joey Tribbiani, created a monster. In that 1994 Friends episode, The One With The Blackout, he coined a term that would go on to strike fear into the hearts of all warm-blooded males around the globe: the friend zone. Once a man is placed into a girl’s friend zone, rubbing shoulders with other guys she likes hanging out with but has absolutely no interest in ever hooking up with, he’s got as much chance as a bowl-bound goldfish of escaping. Like said goldfish, you can see the girl you lust after but cannot touch her; the longer you’re trapped…

5 min.
is this the end of men as we know it?

Depending on how you look at it, the women of the Sanumá tribe in Venezuela are either really fortunate or particularly unlucky. The female members of the hunter-gatherer rainforest community have – for as long as anyone’s ever known – called the shots. In Sanumán society it’s the ladies who organise functions. It’s the women who arrange marriages. It’s even the women who labour in the fields, distribute crops and carry tools back and forth through the jungle. Why are they unlucky? Because their male counterparts haven’t kept up their end of the bargain. While the ladies are running things, the men have relinquished all responsibilities apart from those relating to mystical rituals. And it just so happens that Sanumán mystic rituals revolve around the hammering of naturally occurring psychotropic drugs…

1 min.
master the pisco sour

It’s totally fine that you’ve never heard of a pisco sour. Neither had we until we got an invite to London’s first Pisco Sour Week. Not ones to turn down a session on the sauce, we went to see what all the hype was. And we’re bloody glad we did. We found a cocktail that we’ve since been perfecting in our kitchens in time to bust out at the first barbecue of the summer. This Peruvian booze, made from distilled grapes, is the ultimate alternative to a well-stocked beer bucket. It comes from the home of killer grilling, contains Rocky’s favourite, raw egg, and has a bitterness that’s the perfect antidote to a sun-scorched face. And before you mention it, yes, we know that if you ask for one of these in…

2 min.
totally unbelievable pig wings

DJ BBQ SAYS… “If you like your meat freakin’ fast and so delicious you start to wonder if you’ve died and woken up on Planet DamnThat’sTasty, I’m about to blow your mind. You’re gonna want to throw down my unbelievable pig wings at your next cook out, then witness them smashing your summer with a slam of awesomeness. “The beauty in these bodacious bad boys, beyond them being a double hit of pork, is that you can still put them together after a skinful of icy cool beers. Four ingredients, three minutes of prep time and goof-proof indirect cooking means that even if you’re slurring your words and falling over your own feet, you’re gonna nail these and maintain your reign at the grill.” THE RECIPE Takes: 45 minutes Ingredients: A stack of inch-thick pork chopsDJ BBQ’s…

3 min.
supercharge your packed lunch

Ben Tish is chef director for the Salt Yard group, a collection of four London restaurants that specialise in cook 01 CLING FILM IS THE ENEMY “Don’t wrap your sandwich in cling film, it will make it sweaty. Instead, wrap it in hment paper, h will give it a deli feel and let the air circulate. You can bring your sarnie to work in a Tupperware ox, but I prefer a sturdy paper bag – again, it lets the sandwich breathe.” 02 FEELING SAUCY? “I know it’s obvious, but I love mayonnaise, especially alioli, which is the really garlicky variety. You should always use butter on your sandwiches as it not only adds flavour and texture, but stops it going soggy. Another great addition is onions in balsamic vinegar – just chop them up…