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No. 11

Fishing & Travel Magazine is the new English edition of Magazine Voyages de Pêche, a French magazine established in 1997. It’s a quarterly magazine, now available worldwide, with digital and print edition. It takes readers to the best angling destinations – both salt and fresh- in pursuit of dream fish! Lure fishing, popping, deep jigging, Big Game, fly fishing… Fishing & Travel covers it all, providing information about best tackle

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fishing & travel destinations/january - february - march 2020

Mexico Catching a roosterfish from the shore is not an easy task… And especially if you plan to fish on your own without a local guide as discovered by a Fishing & Travel subscriber from Italy. Hawaii On vacation on the Big Island, a father and his young daughter (both addicted to fishing) went chasing blue marlin off Kona with famous captain Bryan Toney. Canada From Europe it’s a long journey to Lake Phelps, a hot spot for big northern pike located in the province of Saskatchewan, in the heart of the Canadian wilderness… “But it’s worth it” says Danish reporter Rasmus Ovesen! Louisiana Fishing for “bull” redfish with a surface lure is an exceptional visual experience, even for “old hands” like Larry Dahlberg, the host of The Hunt for Big Fish TV show! Spain Discovering the preserved stretches…

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Totally off the grid Fishing destinations with neither telephone coverage nor WiFi are becoming increasingly rare these days. All the better for those who must absolutely remain reachable at all times, but as for me, I do not find such disconnected places unpleasant, quite the contrary! It reminds me of the not-so-distant past when there was only the satellite phone (25 USD per minute), and even then, it was not always possible to get in touch with the outside world from a fishing camp. At the end of the day, whether by the sea or the river, everyone would gather for a drink and share their adventures… We hardly gave a damn about world news, and above all the misfortunes and fake news that social networks feed on today! When checking out…

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INDIAN OCEAN Swordfish from Rodrigues Island Message received from captain Yann Colas from the Rod Fishing Club: “A team of scientists and anglers from Reunion Island, Jérémie Chanut, Sylvain Bonhommeau and Hugues Evano, came to fish with us in early January 2020 as part of the FLOPPED project (Finding Large Oceanic Pelagic Predators Environmental Distribution). The aim was to put satellite tags on billfish to improve knowledge about their migratory patterns. The result is mixed: 5 blue marlin bites led to 3 losses, 1 was tagged (about 80 kg) and another blue arrived almost dead at the boat (190 kg) and was not strong enough to be released. On the other hand, we had the joy of capturing a broadbill swordfish (the second in 12 years…), a 43-kilo fish caught at night…

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Ultimate Blue Water Game Fishing By Jürgen Oeder The first third of the book deals with the biology, migration routes and identification of the most important sport fish species, and where and how to catch them! It highlights some sixty of the best destinations worldwide and their prime fishing seasons! 464 pages, more than 400 photos. Jürgen Oeder is a German journalist and author. For more than 25 years he has been a regular contributor to German-language fishing publications such as Blinker, Kutter & Küste and Fliegenfischen; his work has also appeared in Saltwater Sportsman. www.ultimatefishingbooks.com Top Saltwater Flies Written and photographed by one of today’s most talented young fly tiers, Top Saltwater Flies sets the new standard for contemporary fly-tying instruction. These three gorgeous volumes comprise more than 900 eye-popping colour pages. In large,…

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great catches

MADAGASCAR A beautiful black-saddled coral grouper caught by Andy Deavin on a recent trip with Nirvana Fishing. The fish took a slow jig in about 40m of water. After a quick photo, it was released. BAHAMAS On vacation on Long Island, Roland Shnapka had great fun catching (sight-casting with a stickbait) marauding barracuda along the beaches! Fish released. MAURITIUS 109 lbs of dogtooth tuna caught by Bertrand Mauvis with a jig, in45mof water only, on 50 lb tackle and with a 50 lb fluorocarbon leader! Hats off! NEW CALEDONIA A big mahi-mahi caught by Benoît Moglia “with a Tenryu Furrary rod, a Stella 10000 SW filled with 40lb braid and a Williamson Jet Popper!” RODRIGUES A 40kg wahoo caught in October 2019 with a Rapala X-Rap and a spinning rod by Marc Lasgouttes who was fishing the famous Hawkins…

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new… products

DAIWA SALTIGA 2020 New reel, new sizes! The new Saltiga, featuring the Monocoque Body, will be launched soon in Europe (9 models). Here are the new sizes and specifications: 8000P: PE#4 300m, 92cm/handle turn, 645g, drag 25 kilos. 8000H 111cm/handle turn 655g, drag 25 kilos. 10000P: PE#5 300m, 98cm/handle turn, 645g, drag 25 kilos. 10000H: 118cm/handle turn, 655g. 14000P: PE#6 300m, 104cm/handle turn, 655g, drag 25 kilos. 14000XH: 134cm/handle turn, 665g. 18000P: PE#8 300m, 98cm/handle turn, 875g, drag 30 kilos. 18000H: 127cm/handle turn, 885g. 20000H: PE#10 300m, 143cm/handle turn, 890g, drag 30 kilos. Note that the weights announced here were not finalized at the time of printing. Prices will be announced soon. www.daiwa.com WFT KG STRONG Spools up to 2000m Manufactured in Germany, the WFT KG Strong braid has already helped capture ten world records! The chartreuse/yellow version is the favourite of German angler Denis Verreet,…