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Florida Design – Digital Edition

Volume 31-2

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shades of seaglass

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fan favorite

For acclaimed Los Angeles–based designer Ann Marie Vering, inspiration for her new collection of outdoor furniture at Restoration Hardware came from a handheld folding fan. With an education in architectural engineering and the soul of an artist, Vering says her creative ideas can come from anywhere. “I call it ‘hunting for inspiration,’” she says. “All my designs have meaning because I’m putting something into it from myself, something I’ve come across that inspires me and tells a story.” Each frame in Vering’s new Pavona collection is handwoven in a single continuous panel of all-weather cord, offering not only a durable finish, but also a stunning play of light and shadow. To tell the story of the fan through furniture, Vering has designed her new Pavona collection in all-weather cord—handwoven around curved metal frames that…

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out of the blue

IN ADDITION TO ENJOYING their vacation home in the Florida Keys, one couple decided to fully embrace their Floridian footprint by purchasing a primary residence in Vero Beach. “I knew the owners through a recommendation to design their Islamorada vacation retreat,” interior designer, author, and home makeover television personality Libby Langdon says. “They were living in New Zealand at the time, so I created the design long distance…we emailed and spoke on the phone, but never met in person.” Upon deciding to buy this 4,500-square-foot Vero Beach home, the couple once again turned to Langdon for her expertise—but this time they actually got to meet face-to-face. “The design process was so much fun working one-on-one with the homeowners,” Langdon says. Family fun and function define the home’s interior, which is rich with…

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surfside splendor

WHEN A PHILANTHROPIC NEW YORK couple relocated permanently to Florida, they fell in love with the newly developed Surf Club residences in Surfside, Miami. The wife was drawn to the impeccably restored 1930s Surf Club with its Mediterranean Revival vibe as well as the Richard Meier towers, which house the Surf Club’s private residences and Four Seasons Hotel. The final sell was the property’s serene beachfront acreage, just north of Miami Beach’s high-octane atmosphere. The 5,500-square-foot apartment boasts 2,200 square feet of patio space, which overlooks both the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. Of course, it went unsaid that her longtime friend and collaborator, David Scott, would design and curate the new space. Over the course of their 25-year friendship, Scott had designed the couple’s former Manhattan apartment, their home in…

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all grown up

WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU’VE built your dream house, only to realize that you need a space that better reflects your age and lifestyle? For a single and younger-than-typical retiree who built a 3,100-square-foot, Charleston-style residence near her family in Atlantic Beach, selling wasn’t the answer. When her mother convinced her that an interior design refresh would help her see her home—and herself—in a new sophisticated light, the trick was finding the right designer for the job. Mothers know just what their children need. And in this case, the client’s mother knew her daughter would need a design team with which she could feel comfortable. It wasn’t just about letting strangers inside of her house. It was about having them working around her three beloved rescue dogs, all of which…

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happy accident

AFTER TWO YEARS OF HOUSE HUNTING, a wrong turn ultimately led George and Jamie Lutich to their dream home in St. Petersburg’s Snell Isle. The couple moved from the Tampa area to a townhome in downtown St. Petersburg after marrying five years ago. They often spent their free time driving down random streets in surrounding neighborhoods to get a feel for the “vibe,” explains Jamie. “One day, we took a wrong turn a block away from where we always drove and halfway down the street we saw a For Sale sign,” she recalls. One look was all it took to convince them of the potential. “The lot was beautiful and we always knew that whatever we found, the home was going to be a tear-down, because we had our own vision,” Jamie…