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Forbes February 28, 2019

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a century’s worth of financial wisdom

AS YOU CAN SEE from our cover, youth remains an entrepreneurial asset in 2019. Digital natives continue to conceive and actualize amazing new business ideas, which helps explain the cultural power of the Forbes 30 Under 30, and why Forbes’ audience online, in print and at live events has never been larger—or younger But just as you’d rather have a 25-year-old than a 55-year-old show up to fix your computer, the opposite still holds true with your money. As technology accelerates, fundamental strategies to grow and guard your stash remain the same. That’s where Bill Baldwin, Janet Novack and Matt Schifrin—the Forbes Investment Guide Dream Team—come in. Between the three of them, they’ve been safeguarding readers’ money for 107 years, documenting every scam and loophole and window of opportunity since Reagan was…

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the euro how to make it great

THIS YEAR MARKS the 20th anniversary of the euro’s introduction, and not many champagne bottles have been uncorked in celebration. Since 2008, the EU has been beset by economic crises that have dulled any luster the new currency had. Too bad. Had Europeans understood the proper principles of monetary policy, the euro would be a resounding success, doing for participating EU countries just what the dollar has done for the U.S.—a common currency that enormously facilitates prosperity-creating investment and commerce. But this extraordinary creation has been bedeviled by profound misunderstandings that could ultimately threaten its very existence. Many critics moan that the euro has prevented Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and others from using devaluations to help their economies recover from terrible contractions. Still others carp that the euro enabled Germany to rack…

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restaurants: go, consider, stop

● Freds at Barneys New York 660 Madison Ave., between 60th & 61st streets (Tel.: 212-833-2200) Chef Mark Strausman serves the A-listers—and serves them well—at the uptown location of this iconic restaurant. Be forewarned: Portions are surprisingly large. To start try the grilled Hen of the Wood mushrooms on a bed of arugula with sliced Parmesan and balsamic or the roasted shrimp with lime, ginger and warm cannellini beans. For main courses a slight touch of tomato gives the linguine vongole a nice added dimension, and the roasted halibut is delectable. A perfect tiramisu or the exceptional profiteroles filled with three different gelatos will leave one happily sated. ● Il Mulino 86 West Third St. (Tel.: 212-673-3783) This old-school Village Italian spot has been around forever, and it shows. While classic in style and menu,…

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“I FEEL A LOT more comfortable covered in blood and screaming down an empty hallway than I do in a glittering dress,” says 22-year-old actor Anya Taylor-Joy, whose breakout role came in 2015’s The Witch. The surprise indie hit returned $40.4 million on a $5 million budget. “It’s learning how to be the ‘celebrity’ version of myself that has been quite tough.” Taylor-Joy, who is one of 300 young game changers, innovators and rising stars on our 2019 30 Under 30 Europe list, grew up the youngest of six children in a family that shuttled between Miami, Argentina and England. (Her father was a professional motorboat racer who competed around the world.) When Taylor-Joy was 16, a modeling agent approached her as she walked her dog outside Harrods department store in London.…

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meals and manicures

“IT’S BETTER TO SCALE fast and be everywhere instead of having a single towering presence,” says Zhang Yong, the cofounder and chairman of Haidilao, one of China’s most popular restaurant chains. Haidilao serves hot pots, basins of boiling broth in which diners cook their own meat and vegetables tableside. The experience is communal, like roasting marshmallows around a campfire, and it is ubiquitous in China, where hot-pot restaurants crowd the streets. What has made Haidilao a hit—with annual revenue now passing $1 billion—has more to do with its ambiance than its selections of sole, abalone or crispy, Sichuan-style fried pork. Zhang, 48, is a high school dropout now worth $6.5 billion after Haidilao’s September IPO. He has made the company famous for its unusual amenities, like tableside manicures and a service that…

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RICHEST BY STATE POPULATION: 28.3 MILLION GROSS STATE PRODUCT: $1.7 TRILLION (2.6% GROWTH) GSP PER CAPITA: $59,927 (RANKS 20TH) NUMBER OF BILLIONAIRES: 56 RICHEST: ALICE WALTON NET WORTH: $44.7 BILLION SHE MAY LIVE 1,000 miles from Chicago, but Alice Walton has nonetheless jumped into a heated battle in the Windy City by donating $522,000 to advance her pet cause: charter schools. That half-million went to two PACs working to install pro-charter candidates in the alderman and mayoral elections this February. Meanwhile, J.B. Pritzker, Illinois’s new billionaire governor, has suggested a moratorium on new charter schools, a position supported by the Chicago Teachers Union. Walton, the only daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton, sits on the board of her family’s foundation, which has long supported charter schools. In 2017, the foundation doled out $192 million to K–12 education causes,…