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a market sobriety check

AS THIS ISSUE WAS GOING TO PRESS, the U.S. Senate passed a tax-cut bill that, should it become law, will almost certainly energize the animal spirits of American corporations. Republicans in the Senate and the House still have a bit of cloakroom legerdemain to do before there’s a final 500-page piece of legislation for the President to sign. But in the end, businesses will surely get a grab bag of goodies, from a dramatically reduced corporate tax rate to more favorable rules on expensing capital investments—much of which they’ve been pining after for years. For investors, the people who actually own these public companies, the news ought to be just as rosy. After all, if corporations are paying less to Uncle Sam, then there will be more profit to parse out…

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for most donors, politics is a lousy investment

POLITICS EVERYONE BEMOANS the huge gobs of money swirling through politics. We grouse about K Street lobbyists and backroom deals and the grinding cynicism of TV campaign ads—all fueled by historic levels of outside spending on elections. But the truth is, very few big donors are getting much bang for their buck. Witness Tom Steyer: When the hedge fund billionaire turned Democratic sponsor sank $10 million of his personal fortune into a television ad demanding the impeachment of Donald Trump, the blowback from his erstwhile comrades was swift. One Democratic congressman called the ad “not timely”; another called it “not helpful”; Nancy Pelosi said, “It’s not someplace I think we should go.” And Donald Trump himself taunted gleefully that Steyer “never wins elections.” Armed with this feedback, Steyer doubled his buy to…

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the 2017 best in business

THIS YEAR BROUGHT HEADY DAYS for business: Stocks broke records, we got a new iPhone, and cryptocurrencies soared. But 2017 also saw its share of scandals, purges, and reckonings. Here, Fortune’s chronicle of the people, companies, trends, gadgets, hacks, and tweets that mattered most this year. SOURCE: BLOOMBERG AS OF 12/01/17 PAYCHECKS BIGGEST NET-WORTH INCREASES 1. JEFF BEZOS +$33.1 billion Net worth: $98.5 B The Amazon chief became the world’s richest person this year as his company stock soared. 2. HUI KA YAN +$27.5 billion Net worth: $34.9B The real estate tycoon is now China’s richest man. 3. MARK ZUCKERBERG +$22.3 billion Net worth: $72.2B Facebook blew past Wall Street expectations in 2017. 4. BERNARD ARNAULT +$22.1 billion Net worth: $61.3B Luxury was good to the boss of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. 5. PONY MA +$18.2 billion Net worth: $39B Internet…

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fortune’ s favorite business books of the year

BEST IN BUSINESS 2017 WE POLLED FORTUNE’S READERS, surveyed the staff, and— above all—read a lot of new titles to bring you this year’s list of our favorite books of 2017. From Sheryl Sandberg’s tale of grief and resilience to a backgrounder on the wine industry, we found these to be the most enlightening (and enjoyable) reads of the year. The roundup is, of course, subjective, but we hope you’ll like them as much as we did. THE MUST-READ OPTION B BY SHERYL SANDBERG AND ADAM GRANT Sandberg’s raw and heart-wrenching new book is useful for business readers and anyone else trying to recover from adversity. In it, she redefines what it means to “lean in,” describing the moment when the rabbi at her husband’s funeral told her to “lean in to the suck.”…

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gene simmons has some thoughts

ON HAPPINESS: A lot more money makes you a lot happier. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness was an idiot. ON VACATION: I’ve never taken a day off. What do you do on vacation except get sunburned, and eat too much, and spend money? A piece of advice: Wake the f--k up. People take 104 days off a year. You can really do more. Just two days out of the week, times 52 weeks? Imagine what you can do. ON ROCK: Rock is dead because of the fans. The fans killed the music because they refused to pay for music. ON KISS: We make far more money now than we ever did. ON CHOOSING MONEY OR POWER: It’s tough to buy groceries with power.…

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next gen goes next level

MOST POWERFUL WOMEN ON NOV. 13 AND 14, Fortune convened our fourth annual Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit in Laguna Niguel, Calif. The gathering drew startup founders, top Fortune 500 execs, political operators, and philanthropists—not to mention an Olympian, a pop phenom, and a rising star of the NASCAR circuit. But while the women who took the stage hailed from vastly different backgrounds, their purpose was the same: to share knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. Read full coverage of the event on “FINDING THOSE THINGS WHERE THERE’S BOTH PROFIT AND PURPOSE IS SORT OF OUR SWEET SPOT.”—Obi Felten Head of X Foundry, Google’s “moonshot factory”“PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR LEADERSHIP— IF YOU FEEL YOU’RE THE RIGHT PERSON, YOU NEED TO SAY IT.”—Erika Harold GOP candidate for Illinois attorney general FROM #ME TOO TO…