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Gas Engine Magazine April - May 2017

Gas Engine Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to the hobby of collecting antique stationary gas engines. Since 1966, collectors and restorers have turned to Gas Engine Magazine for information about specific models and companies, detailed restorations and event coverage, and to connect with other enthusiasts.

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2 min.
good intentions

Last issue, I noted my ongoing motions toward finally getting my 1920 5 hp Piersen running. With the engine finally pulled out and occupying the middle of my shop, I was confident that I’d finally make some real headway on it – to the point I suggested I might even have it running by now. Heck, I was so sure of myself, I even plugged it in the table of contents as an upcoming, next issue article, confident my good intentions would be met with success. Well, we all know the old saw about good intentions and the road to hell … But it’s not all bad, because I did in fact make some progress with the Piersen. With the engine finally cleaned up a bit, it was quick work to confirm…

6 min.
unidentified 4-cylinder and 2-cylinder marine engine, uk generator engine

52/3/1: Unidentified ice cutting machine I have enclosed an interesting photo of an early ice cutting machine. It has a 4-cylinder engine that powered the unit. I have never seen one like it. It does not have a valve cover on the engine. David Kolzow 615 E. Union St. Earlville, IL 60518 Sleepyhollow5@frontier.com 52/3/2: Fuller & Johnson DE correction The Fuller & Johnson Double Efficiency shown on Page 5 of the February/March 2017 issue is a 5 hp engine, not a 3 hp as stated, as the smallest size did not have a sight glass on the hopper, used a different style muffler and, based on the flywheel size, does not scale properly when compared to the gentleman standing next to the engine. Feel free to add my email and website www.fullerjohnsonengines.com to your GEM Experts list. Nick…

4 min.
recycled sparta

A friend, Greg Dills, was dropping his recycling off at the Lakeport, California, recycling center in July 2014 and happened to glance over at the scrap pile. To his surprise, on the pile was a pair of spoked flywheels. He made a quick U-turn and drove into the scrap yard for a closer inspection. After determining that there was indeed an engine in pieces scattered through the rest of the pile, he went to the office to strike a deal. The attendant said, “If you want it, it will cost you by the pound and you better hurry up; the truck will be here in five minutes to load the pile.” Needless to say, the deal was struck – at highway robbery prices. While paying for the engine parts, the grappling crane positioned…

3 min.
dreaming of big diesels

Take a quick glance at the exhibitors and attendees at gas engine shows, and it’s easy to think that this is an older person’s hobby. But take a closer look and you’ll find a growing number of younger enthusiasts. You’ll meet them here in Young Iron. Q:How long have you been collecting gas engines? A:I got my first engine when I was 5 years old, from my grandpa and grandma. Q:What attracted you to the hobby? A:My grandma and grandpa have a collection of engines, cream separators and tractors, and they encouraged me to get involved with them. They have helped me immensely with my obsession with “old iron” by guiding me to get my things running and back to original. Q:Who else in your family collects engines? A:My grandma and grandpa, as stated before, and my…

9 min.
350 hp fm diesel

When Ralph Altenweg of Dayton, Minnesota, was involved with pouring the cement for the base for a 1942 5-cylinder 350 hp Fairbanks-Morse diesel engine at the Rogers, Minnesota, Threshing Show in 1991, he had no idea the work would have to be repeated two years later. “The most important point is that the pillar for the tailboard bearing must be poured continuously with the main foundation as one solid chunk, approximately 32-cubic-yards of concrete 4 to 6 feet deep. The engine anchor bolts had to be almost in perfect alignment to hold the 30-ton engine. This was accomplished by a custom fixture made by Gene Zopfiand Leo Eiden,” Ralph says, noting that when Ed Klemish with Rocket Crane Co. set the engine, everything lined up. “We had a Fairbanks- Morse book that told…

3 min.
maytag tractor

I was traveling from my residence in Colorado in early May 2016 to visit family and friends in my adopted hometown and former longtime residence of Tulsa, Oklahoma. While there, I spent time at the nearby Steam Park Grounds in Pawnee, on the occasion of the 50th Oklahoma Steam and Gas Engine Show. It is a picturesque setting on Black Bear Creek, organized by the Oklahoma Steam Threshing & Gas Engine Assn. The area is situated near the heart of the Pawnee Nation in northeast Oklahoma, with lush forests, rocky bluffs and hilly terrain, and the serene waters of a nearby stream. I find myself on the lookout to catch a glimpse of white-tailed deer or wild turkey driving the winding road to the park. For me it brings back…