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Gas Engine Magazine April - May 2020

Gas Engine Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to the hobby of collecting antique stationary gas engines. Since 1966, collectors and restorers have turned to Gas Engine Magazine for information about specific models and companies, detailed restorations and event coverage, and to connect with other enthusiasts.

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Longtime readers of Gas Engine Magazine might recognize the name at the end of this column. For those who don’t, I was the assistant editor of GEM from 2007 to 2011 before moving on to other positions within Ogden Publications. You’re reading my words today because longtime editor Richard Backus has decided to scale back his direct involvement with GEM in order to focus on his successful auto repair shop in Lawrence, Kansas. While we’ll certainly miss working with Richard on a daily basis, he’ll still be offering his expertise as a contributing editor when time allows. The good news is that we’ve already found the next day-to-day editor of GEM, but I don’t want to steal their thunder. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be meeting them in this space…

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flywheel forum

55/3/1: Looking for info on K Motor I have an engine that I have not been able to get any information on. There is no tag but "K Motor" is cast in the block. Engine weighs about 70 pounds, and it has a single cylinder and single flywheel. It probably is about 1/2hp with about a 3-inch piston. A mag is connected directly to the back. Mag condenser has British, Canadian and U.S. patents of 1915 date. It is 4-stroke, water-cooled, with no governor. There are two levers on the carburetor to adjust fuel and air. There are two spark plugs in head directly opposite each other. Whether there was an electrode and a ground originally or two plugs firing 3 inches apart, I do not know. Engine came to me…

20 min.
auction block

Old iron brought big bucks at the first of two installments of the Kenny and Wendy Wolf Collection auction, Nov. 7-9, 2019. The online auction, hosted by Aumann Auctions Inc., featured more than 100 gas engines as well as portable steam engines and other pieces of early machinery. Mentioned in the February/March 2020 issue of Gas Engine Magazine, the Wolf Collection is known as one of the finest private collections of gas engines in the world, and the winning bids received for some of the rarer engines certainly supported that notion. Among the rare engines to go under the hammer, a 6 HP Miller camstopper sold for $42,000, a Charter engine went for $35,700, and a mostly original 4 HP Ohio sold for $26,250. Also notable were the high prices obtained…

4 min.
the humble spark plug

Given the spark plug’s critical role in the successful development and proliferation of the internal combustion engine, it’s interesting how little we appear to know about the details of precisely who invented the spark plug, and when. According to several sources, the first spark plug was invented by Edmond Berger in 1839. Little information exists to explain the why and how of Berger’s invention, which he apparently never patented. Further, we have to wonder exactly what his spark plug was designed for, as the internal combustion engine had yet to be invented when Berger is said to have crafted his invention. The need for a relatively simple, reliable device to ignite the compressed fuel/air charge in an internal combustion manifested itself greatly as the internal combustion engine took hold first in industry,…

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coolspring spotlight

At 75 feet long with an 18-ton, 18-foot-diameter flywheel, the 1917 600hp Snow is one of the largest gas engines ever to be preserved in running condition. The overall weight of the engine is estimated to be about 140 tons! The Snow is housed in a building known as Exley Station, built in the fall of 2008 and named in memory of Clair Exley. Clair joined the museum staff and served six years on the Board of Directors. He loved the Snow as he remembered the Snow engines at Van, Pennsylvania, which he heard running during his childhood years. Retired from Joy Manufacturing Co. in Franklin, Pennsylvania, Clair was an excellent pipefitter. Unfortunately, his untimely passing prevented him from hearing this Snow run. 1917 600hp Snow Manufacturer Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp. Year 1917 Serial…

26 min.
magneto chargers

While a friend of mine had a magnet charger, I always felt a little uneasy about putting him to the trouble of ensuring that the battery that powered it was fully charged, and the fact he had to clear his work bench to make room to use it. Part of the satisfaction I gain from restoring engines arises from the turning of various bits of metal into a working piece of machinery, so I felt that to make a charger would be a new challenge, and that I would also learn something in the process. I knew little about electricity, apart from being able to change a plug, and knew even less about magnetism. Fortunately, I still met my old school physics teacher for a glass of beer most weeks, as we…