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Gas Engine Magazine December - January 2021

Gas Engine Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to the hobby of collecting antique stationary gas engines. Since 1966, collectors and restorers have turned to Gas Engine Magazine for information about specific models and companies, detailed restorations and event coverage, and to connect with other enthusiasts.

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community connection

In late summer, I attended my first event as part of the Gas Engine Magazine team. The clear, blue sky was perfect for an outdoor gathering and it was just hot enough to remind everyone it was August. You couldn’t ask for better midwest summer weekend weather. There is something truly enchanting about visiting small towns. I grew up in various neighborhoods in a sizeable city in Kansas, and now have a rural home on the outskirts of the same town with plenty of land surrounding us. Despite my chickens and my view of corn and soybean fields from every window, I’m still a short highway drive away from all aspects of city life. I hear sirens regularly and the stars aren’t quite as bright. When I spend time in a…

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the show must go on

In a year marked by cancellations and few public events, the Northwest Missouri Steam & Gas Engine Association held its 57th annual show on August 21-23. While all state and county Covid-19 restrictions were observed, the virus did not keep the public from turning out to celebrate all varieties of vintage power. The show is held annually in Hamilton, Missouri. A town famous for being the boyhood home of J.C. Penney, Hamilton is also known as Quilt Town, USA, with many visitors being drawn to the Missouri Star Quilt Co.’s variety of stores that occupy main street. While these shops are temporarily closed, it’s easy to look through the glass storefronts and see why they draw quilters from all over the world. The weekend kicked off with a tractor cruise while vendors…

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flint & walling engines, updated & corrected

Flint & Walling is best known for its windmills and water pumps. They also offered steam and gas engines at a time before electricity was available in most areas. Engines started back in 1892 in catalog No. 27 when they first offered the Daisy Steam Engine. In catalog No. 42, dated 1901, they introduced the Charter gas engine of Sterling, Illinois. Flint & Walling specifically named the manufacturers of these engines. It seems that when they used the manufacturers name in their description they were not allowed to re-tag. I know of no Charter engines tagged Flint & Walling. Alamo and Woodpecker engines Moving forward to catalog No. 54 and pamphlet No. 66, dated 1908, Flint & Walling introduces the Alamo vertical engine in 2, 3 and 6hp, also the 9, 12 and…

13 min.
the forgotten king engine of southeast kansas

During the turn of the 20th century — as well-established Kansas City engine manufacturers such as Weber, Bauer, and Witte were producing their engines — several now forgotten southeast Kansas engines were being produced a hundred miles to the south. The most prolific of the manufacturers was Ulysses S. King (often referred to as U.S.), who was likely drawn to the area by the zinc and lead mining industry. King was born in Iowa in 1866, and appears to have moved to the Parsons, Kansas, area by 1884. A 1900 news article noted his 20 years of experience “working at the bench,” which would put the beginning of his career as a machinist somewhere around 1880. King spent the early years of his career as a machinist in the zinc and…

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aumann auctions presents the kenny and wendy wolf collection, 2nd installment results

For a complete listing of auction results, visit aumannvintagepower.com Gemmer Horizontal Winning bid $79,800 – 47 bids The original Gemmer engine is unstamped but estimated to be 4hp. It has a copper water tank and unique brass fuel tank with level indicator. This engine was originally found on a Victor tractor chassis flat-belt pulley. It features a Wizard friction-drive-generator that works, 16-inch flat-belt pulley, and flywheels that measure 30 inches in diameter. It was manufactured in Marion, Indiana. Brown and Cochran 6hp Winning bid $32, 550 – 36 bids This Brown and Cochran is repainted with brass piping. It features a riveted cooling tank, flat-belt pulley and brightwork, and is mounted on a steel frame. The engine is manufactured in Lorain, Ohio. Lambert Gas Engine Winning bid $44,100 – 34 bids The Lambert is tankcooled and restored with brightwork…