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Gas Engine Magazine December - January 2018

Gas Engine Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to the hobby of collecting antique stationary gas engines. Since 1966, collectors and restorers have turned to Gas Engine Magazine for information about specific models and companies, detailed restorations and event coverage, and to connect with other enthusiasts.

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building interest

Of all the shows I wish I’d attended in 2017, the Northwest Michigan Engine & Threshers Club 50th Annual Buckley Old Engine Show at the club’s grounds outside Buckley, Michigan, sticks out. Not to take anything away from the hundreds of incredible shows held across the country, but if you didn’t go to the Buckley show – and I didn’t – you missed one of the more historic occasions in our little corner of the world: the first turning of the club’s 1907 doubleacting, twin-tandem Snow engine. And yes, I said “turning,” as the engine wasn’t actually run, but turned over on compressed air. That fact hardly detracts from the herculean task completed by the club’s volunteer members, namely the disassembly, transportation and reassembly of a mammoth 225-ton, 150,000-cubicinch engine. Rated…

8 min.
shaw du-all, maytag paint, sears economy engine and tiny tim generator

53/1/1: Lauson Frost King Junior Down Under I would like to make contact with a Lauson expert. My engine is a Frost King Junior, serial number 14800, dated 1916. When the engine came into my position it was in a very poor state and needed a complete overhaul. The engine had in its working life been converted to high-tension ignition and with this setup runs very well. However, I have installed a modified Fairbanks- Morse igniter using a Sumter magneto with a homemade striker, but have not been able to get it to fire. From the information that I have, Lauson made its own igniter, but these are non-existent here in Australia. Lauson engines are rare in Australia and parts are scarce as the proverbial hen’s teeth. I belong to the…

3 min.
53/1/10: gem experts

Are you knowledgeable about a specific company or engine? Help keep our old engines running by sharing your knowledge. Send an email to editor@gasenginemagazine.com to add your expertise and contact information to the list. Updated regularly, you can also find it at: www.gasenginemagazine.com/GEM-experts • Air-cooled (Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, etc., valve and carb repair): Robert Blin, (319) 377- 3339 bblin@bser.com • Alamo: Gary Calvin, (517) 368-5895 g.calvin@hotmail.com • Alma/McVicker: Roger Eldred, 10750 S. Vroman Rd., Shepherd, MI 48883 roaks30@gmail.com • Associated/United igniters: Jim Albaitis, Ludington, MI (231) 843-4442 jim@gyhtech.com • Althaus & Ewing registry: Mark Shulaw, Bluffton, OH frappi@wcoil.com • Babbitt bearings/rebabbiting misc. engine machining: Larry Bunch wendyrocky2@gmail.com • Briggs & Stratton: Gene and Jessie Burmeister, Kewaunee, WI (920) 255-6193 aircooledobsession@hotmail.com • Buzz coils: John Weymiller, Box 427, Eitzen, MN 55931 (507) 495-3256 • Cars/1915 and earlier parts, brass…

7 min.
show time! 1907 1,100 hp snow

Ten years ago, Tony Suykerbuyk and other members of the Northwest Michigan Engine & Threshers Club in Buckley, Michigan, made a decision that changed their future, and likely that of the club, as well. After learning about a surviving Snow double-acting engine – a 1907 1,100 hp twin tandem, the only one of its kind still in existence – they decided the engine had to be saved. There was one little catch: The engine was in West Virginia, some 600 miles from the club’s show grounds. And it weighed an estimated 225 tons. The Snow If the engine looks familiar, it should. We documented the discovery and rescue of the Snow engine back in the June/July 2016 issue. In that article, we reported the club’s goal to have the engine set up…

9 min.
a 28-year-old engine fan restores a 98-year-old engine

Twenty-eight-year-old Andy Moravec is chasing after pieces of his grandfather Lloyd Young’s collection, and already has a couple of crawlers and his elder’s 1919 Monitor 7 hp gas engine, which the Minneapolis, Minnesota, youth has restored. “My goal is to reassemble his collection,” Andy says. Lloyd Young started collecting back in the 1960s and died in 1975, so Andy never got to meet him. But much of Lloyd’s collection was passed down to his aunts and uncles. “One of my favorites when I was growing up was his Rumely 20-40 G OilPull tractor, because that one started the Union Thresheree at Symco, Wisconsin, in 1967, along with Harold Werth’s threshing machine,” Andy says. 1919 7 hp Monitor This 1919 7 hp Monitor was passed down to one of Andy’s uncles and remained as…

7 min.
collecting engines and equipment from the sunflower state

Leon’s interest in hit-andmiss engines dates to the 1-3/4 hp Associated engine his father once used to provide power for a cement mixer. After the engine sat abandoned for many years, Leon asked his father for permission to tinker with it and get it running. Later, after purchasing and restoring a few other hit-andmiss engines, Leon began collecting Delco light plants. They were less costly and, at the time, he was working in the electric power industry. “I started collecting Delco light plants 32 years ago, when I worked for the Nebraska Public Power District,” he says. “The Delco electric generators were really cheap when I started collecting them. Now it could cost as much as $400 to purchase and restore one.” Leon has enjoyed hearing the personal remembrances of people he…