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Gas Engine Magazine February - March 2016

Gas Engine Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to the hobby of collecting antique stationary gas engines. Since 1966, collectors and restorers have turned to Gas Engine Magazine for information about specific models and companies, detailed restorations and event coverage, and to connect with other enthusiasts.

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the next generation

For as long as I’ve been around the engine crowd, I’ve listened to enthusiasts express concern over how to encourage younger people to join the old iron fold. As we get older, it’s only normal to wonder; who’s going to step in behind us? Our “hobby” (some people think it’s really more of an obsession than a hobby, but what else do you call it in polite company?) was founded by a unique community of enthusiasts, most of them people with direct ties to the engines and equipment they were set on preserving. With time, however, those ties have become more tenuous. To be sure, there still exists a significant crowd of collectors with strong ties to their old iron. Yet even then, many of those ties are likely looser than they…

11 min.
flywheel forum

51/2/1: Fairbanks-Morse Model Z This 1923 Fairbanks-Morse Model Z open crank 3 hp engine was on my grandmother’s farm for many years. It sat down on the creek and was used to pump water from the creek up to the cows. In 1989, I brought it to my place in Wichita and started restoring it. It was by this time just a pile of rust. For a long time I would go out every day and spray it with WD-40 and would start turning the bolts a quarter turn until eventually they came out. I took it apart piece by piece and laid them out on the table. finally got it restored on April 25, 1990. It is all original including the glass oilers. I also restored the little Maytag engine seen…

2 min.
coolspring spotlight

1900 10 hp Springfield Model B Manufacturer Springfield Gas Engine Co., Springfield, OH Serial number 3745 Horsepower 10 hp Bore & stroke 7-3/4in x 14in Ignition Make & break Governing Pendulum, hit-and-miss Owner John Rex Dating from about 1895, the Springfield Model B engine has a totally different appearance from the Springfield Model A. “It’s believed that this engine was designed by Peter T. Coffield, who was the founding president of the Springfield Gas Engine Co. and went on to do work for the Callahan Engine Co. in Dayton, Ohio,” says Coolspring’s Clark Colby. In 1897, Coffield designed an engine of similar styling for Dayton, Ohio, industrialist and banker William P. Callahan, and moved to Dayton to oversee its production. While in Dayton, he and his sons built the Coffield clothes washing machine. The Model B engine is quite…

2 min.
best in show

Take a quick glance at the exhibitors and attendees at gas engine shows, and it’s easy to think that this is an older person’s hobby. But take a closer look and you’ll find a growing number of younger enthusiasts. You’ll meet them here inYoung Iron. Dana Kehoe Age: 16 Location: Monroe, WI Q: How long have you been collecting gas engines? A: I have been collecting gas engines for four years. Q:What attracted you to the hobby? A:I was attracted to the hobby after attending the Rock River Thresheree Reunion as a grade-schooler. I felt a connection to the antique equipment and wanted to know more about them. Q:Who else in your family collects engines? A:The other members of my family that collect are my Opa (grandpa), uncle and cousin. Q:How many engines do you have in your collection? Any…

8 min.
big and small

Circa-1903 10 hp KC Lightning Manufacturer Kansas City Hay Press Co., Kansas City, MO Serial no. 9 (added by Marvin Hedberg) Horsepower 10 hp @ 250 rpm Bore & stroke 7in x 6in x 2 Flywheel 3in x 42in Ignition Low-tension igniter Governing Flyball, hit-and-miss Marvin Hedberg grew up in the 1950s on a farm near Moose Lake, Minnesota. Now 72, Marvin’s farm memories include the threshing circle of seven to eight families that moved from farm to farm with the threshing machines, and a neighbor who had a 6 hp International Harvester M engine on a rig to saw wood for the stove. “On a real cold winter day, you could hear it sawing wood a mile away,” Marvin says. Marvin moved away from the farm, following a career as a machinist, but he never forgot threshing or…

2 min.
morrison & marvin

Marvin Hedberg enjoys building scale engines because he gets to learn how they function, “Every engine has a different way of doing things,” Marvin notes. “I measure the engine, and then generate the parts so they’ll do exactly the same thing in the same style and motion as the original. The more unique and special an engine is, the more intriguing it is to me.” Making sure intake and exhaust valves don’t leak, and getting engine timing right are important on scale engines. “The timing is the most critical,” Marvin says. “When you make a model, you’re also scaling down the tolerance area on timing, parts fit and the way things work together. It is much more critical on a model than on the big ones.” Marvin’s fascination with scale engines…