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Gas Engine Magazine February - March 2017

Gas Engine Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to the hobby of collecting antique stationary gas engines. Since 1966, collectors and restorers have turned to Gas Engine Magazine for information about specific models and companies, detailed restorations and event coverage, and to connect with other enthusiasts.

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2 min.
getting started

I n a bid to stick to my stated New Year’s goals of last issue, namely finally getting my 1921 1-1/2 hp IHC Model M and/or my 1920 5 hp Piersen running – or at least on the road to running – I recently pulled both engines out from under cover. Taking the coward’s way out, I’ve decided to start with the Piersen, if only because it seems to be complete and therefore an easier prospect to get running without having to tear it down. Pulling the Piersen out from its long slumber has so far revealed at least one pleasant surprise. Dusting it off, I realized I’d never really examined the homemade cart it’s sitting on, basically just a few pieces of 2 x 6 pine bolted to an old…

6 min.
hummer, hercules, renfrew and bessemer questions, fuller & johnson

52/2/1: Hummer gas engine I am hoping someone can come up with some information on Hummer engines. My engine is cast in one piece except for the wet head. The bottom of the main casting is open, similar to an Alamo. The engine appears well built. The engine is silver. “Hummer” appears in green stencils on both sides of the hopper. The serial number, 8283, is stamped in the head. It has a 3-7/8-inch bore and a 4-inch stroke. The crankshaft is 1-1/2 inches in diameter. I would guess it to be 1 hp. It has splash oiling for the crank end of the connecting rod with cast grease boxes for the crank lube. I would like to know who built it and when, as well as what its original color…

3 min.
52/2/5: gem experts

Are you knowledgeable about a specific company or engine? You can help keep old engines running by sharing your knowledge with the rest of the old engine community. Send us an email at editor@gasenginemagazine.com to add your expertise and contact information to the list. The GEM Experts list is updated regularly. Find it as well as gas engine registries at: www.gasenginemagazine.com/GEM-experts • Air-cooled (Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, etc., valve and carb repair): Robert Blin, (319) 377-3339 bblin@bser.com • Alamo: Gary Calvin, (517) 368-5895 g.calvin@hotmail.com • Alma/McVicker: Roger Eldred, 10750 S. Vroman Rd., Shepherd, MI 48883 roaks35@aol.com • Associated/United igniters: Jim Albaitis, Ludington, MI (231) 843-4442 jim@gyhtech.com • Althaus & Ewing registry: Mark Shulaw, Bluffton, OH frappi@wcoil.com • Babbitt bearings/rebabbiting misc. engine machining: Larry Bunch wendyrocky2@gmail.com • Briggs & Stratton: Gene and Jessie Burmeister, Kewaunee, WI (920) 255-6193…

11 min.
tank-cooled stover

Jim Keenan started collecting gas engines through a coincidence after his younger brother visited the Rogers, Minnesota, threshing show (today called the Nowthen Threshing Show) in the 1980s. “My brother said, ‘Did you know there are shows for peoplewho collect stuff like that cement mixer we have?’” The cement mixer, paired with a 1924 3 hp Stover KB engine, had been part of the Keenans’ life growing up. “Our dad and grandfather picked it up in the early 1960s for putting in the sidewalks for our house in Blaine, Minnesota. So we knew what gas engines were. I started attending shows and saw that peopleindeed do collect stuff like that, and we have one.” After getting the 3 hp Stover engine on the cement mixer going again, Jim bought a 1928 2 hp…

13 min.
ship to shore

In high school, Bob Drake started working on the Ohio River for Crounse Corp., a coal barge towing company. His love of boats and the river led him to build a sternwheel vessel from scratch, which he christened the Cindy, a project he worked on from 1979 to 1983. It was through a shared interest in sternwheel boats that Bob befriended Donald Brookbank, in 1972. Donald was the owner of Brookbank River Services, which was working with Crounse Corp. when the two met. Donald had his own sternwheel towboat, the Donald B, which was purchased in 1939 from Standard Oil of Ohio by Donald’s father, Ray Brookbank. The Standard, as it was called by Standard Oil, was built in 1923 by the Marietta Manufacturing Co. of West Virginia, and was StandardOil’s…

2 min.
gas engine patents of note seeking simplicity: the mcvicker automatic

In the early days of gas engine manufacturing, engineers were constantly testing ideas to make gas engines easier and more reliable to operate. Working for Alma Mfg. Co., Alma, Michigan, engineer Walter J. McVicker came up with a novel means of controlling exhaust valve and ignition operation for what became known as the McVicker Automatic Gas & Gasoline Engine, which was produced by Alma for about 10 years starting in 1903. Instead of gears timing the crankshaft and valve operation, McVicker developed a ported system that used pressure created by the moving piston to charge an auxiliary valve that actuated the exhaust valve. In the McVicker Automatic, as the piston moved rearward following combustion it uncovered a port in the cylinder. Pressurized gas from combustion pushed into the port where it…