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Go! Drive & Camp July 2019

A 132-page lifestyle magazine for campers, caravan and 4x4 enthusiasts and adventure travellers.

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South Africa
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the generosity of strangers

“We read every day how cruel and unfeeling humans can be, but when you arrive in a campsite, the opposite is proven again and again” In last month’s column, Erika Bornman wrote about her surprise when strangers helped her and two girlfriends after they almost lost their way in her Renault Clio because the roads were flooding near Bredasdorp. And after I camped in the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast for this issue, I agree with Erika. We read every day how cruel and unfeeling humans can be, but when you arrive in a campsite, the opposite is proven again and again. I went camping with a borrowed caravan and didn’t have a spirit level to make sure it stood perfectly level. So, off I went to the neighbours, somewhat embarrassed to have to borrow…

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winning letter

Albert wins a cooler bag worth R220. Whether you’re a camper, fisherman, or sports fan next to a cricket pitch; this cooler bag has room for luch box and a 1,5 ℓ cool drink bottle. The lid also has space for a coffee flask. The interior is lined with PVC, which makes it easy to keep this bag clean and hygenic. The bag has a short strap that reaches over the top and attaches with a Velcro strip, and also a longer shoulder strap if you’re going to carry it over longer distances. It’s an ideal picnic accessory or a padkos bag for a road trip.…

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We love hearing what you have to say! Please write to us at drivecamp@gomag.co.za and do remember to provide your full address and contact details. go! Drive & Camp reserves the right to edit and abbreviate letters – and to publish them in the magazine, on the website and elsewhere. Rest and peace for all Following Danie Uys’ letter “And when a neighbour is sawing logs?” in the March 2019 issue, I would like to share a story about snoring in the campsite. My wife Merika and I camped at Dragon Peaks near Winterton in KwaZulu-Natal in 2000. We were newly married and invited some English friends to join us. All of us were excited about the camping and especially looked forward to the hiking trails in the area. We even loaned our…

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facebook comments

Mariana Du Preez Years ago, a good friend of ours had to sleep in his bakkie because of his snoring. He woke us all up the first night when we camped together. Fortunately, he accepted it, and we still laugh about it. Marinda Le Roux We snored so loudly, that we scared our neighbour’s children. They moved away. Hannes Erwee My snoring has never bothered me. Fred Oberholzer I go to bed to sleep, not to lie down and listen to my neighbour snoring. Gerhard du Toit In a campsite without demarcated stands, an “I snore” sign is quite useful. This can prevent fellow campers from entering your personal space and spoiling your holiday. Mari Marais It is natural to snore. I snore and it hurts my feelings when people mock me. You must go through an expensive operation and get…

4 min.
from vivid to monochrome

In the glow of the golden hour He seldom misses the chance to catch a beautiful sunset with his camera, even when he’s next to the fishing water, says Theo Kriel from Orania. “We live pretty much next to the Orange River and recently acquired a fishing spot. We call the place Sandbaai, and my neighbour Daan Meyer and I pad it a visit. Daan wanted to fish, but I saw the sun setting and couldn’t help but shoot the beautiful view.” Every one of us has a photo of a sunrise or sunset somewhere on a phone or in a family album. It’s that time of day – usually lasting just a few minutes – when shades of yellow, orange and red appear between the blue heaven and the horizon. When it…

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send us your pictures

to us and we might publish them here. We’re not looking for traditional “prize winners”, just regular pics that you love. Think of the type of pic you’d use as your Facebook cover photo; or something charming, such as kids warming their hands over a campfire. Whether the pic was taken with an expensive DSLR camera or a run-of-the-mill cellphone, if it’s good enough for your family photo album it’s good enough for us. THEO KRIEL wins a go! Drive & Camp camera bag worth R520 with his photo – congratulations, Theo! Send your photos and contact details to leon.botha@media24.com…