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Go! Drive & Camp September 2019

A 132-page lifestyle magazine for campers, caravan and 4x4 enthusiasts and adventure travellers.

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South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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a perfect pairing

“In our family, the only thing we plan carefully when we go camping is the first night’s braai. Because it feels as if that’s the most important one” The world has seen several iconic collaborations that have provided loads of entertainment across a wide spectrum. Instances where you can’t say the one’s name without instinctively thinking about the other. I’m talking about combinations like Victor and Bakkies, Lennon and McCartney, Laurel and Hardy, Jagger and Richards, Petersen and Kramer… The thing about these combinations is that although each would probably have reached extraordinary heights on his own, he was just so much better off with the other one. Victor would still have been unmatched in the line-out, but how many opportunities would he have had to excel in the loose if Bakkies…

1 min.
winning letter

Johan wins a cooler bag worth R220. Whether you’re a camper, fisherman, or sports fan next to a cricket pitch; this cooler bag has room for lunch and a 1,5 ℓ cool drink bottle. The lid also has space for a coffee flask. The interior is lined with PVC, which makes it easy to keep this bag clean and hygenic. The bag has a short strap that reaches over the top and attaches with a Velcro strip, and also a longer shoulder strap if you’re going to carry it over longer distances. It’s an ideal picnic accessory or a padkos bag for a road trip. winkel.weg.co.za…

3 min.

Namibia is a wonderful place This past June holiday, I was privileged to travel through Namibia with my wife, Ancen. How friendly the people are was evident, and we felt safe. It was only the bad roads around Sossusvlei that bothered a little. The first night we camped at the Orange River Rafting Lodge and shot up to Rehoboth for the second night which we spent at Lake Oanob. It was quite an experience camping next to the dam and we appreciated the hordes of bird species. You get your own bathroom facilities, a kitchen, built-in braai area and a private deck. Etosha, however, was somewhat disappointing and we did not see as many animals as in the Kruger National Park. The game we did see was healthy. From here we drove west,…

1 min.
facebook comments

Our Facebook friends recall those ceramic fuses… Piet van Heerde I remember that foil from a pack of 30. Tear it into narrow strips to apparently change their “strength”. Eugene Heiberg My Ford Cortina bakkie still uses these ceramic fuses today. Frikkie Booysen I also used the shiny paper and almost burnt out my Chev Firenza. Cedric Pieterse I was brave enough to use a copper screw instead of the fuse. When doing that, one of two things could happen: either the problem didn’t return, or you could immediately see the problem because that’s where the smoke or flames would start.…

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send us your pictures

and we might publish them here. We’re not looking for traditional “prize winners”, just regular pics that you love. Think of the type of pic you’d use as your Facebook cover photo; or something charming, such as kids warming their hands over a campfire. Whether the pic was taken with an expensive DSLR camera or a run-of-the-mill cellphone, if it’s good enough for your family photo album it’s good enough for us. Mari Marais wins a go! Drive & Camp camera bag worth R520 with her photo – congratulations, Mari! Send your photos and contact details to leon.botha@media24.com…

4 min.
i see you!

Dusty wonder She may have been on her way to a social event, but Mari Marais of Leniesdeel in the North West never leaves her camera at home. “I took this picture on my way to a farmer’s dance between Leniesdeel and Piet Plessis. We drove ahead of our friends on the dirt road and pulled over to watch the sunset. The breeze blew the dust to the one side, and it was the perfect moment for a pretty pic with our friends driving up through the dust.” Mari captured a very special moment, and you immediately spot the car. And even though it’s coming towards you, it’s actually the clouds of dust that give the photo a sense of movement. You can see in your mind’s eye how the dust slowly subsides…