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GQ India February 2019

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it was written

French novelist Victor Hugo famously remarked, “No force can resist an idea whose time has come.” Witnessing hip-hop culture seep across India, find emotional purchase at the grassroots and transform into a movement with a distinct local identity, has been a source of deep personal, quiet joy. What was once considered an alien, ghetto genre – an outlook steeped in prejudice and ignorance – is today the most powerful force in youth culture. In the mid 2000s, I was an evangelist for the cause: DJing across Mumbai at venues like Zenzi, Seijo and Busaba, canvassing for intelligent hip-hop. This was an era when clubs and bars were flooded with cheesy synthetic Euro beats, Bolly remixes and mullet rock. Each gig would be a history lesson, tracing a musicological line: kicking off…

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define your perfect holiday.

ANNIE ZAIDI WHO: A writer based marginally in Mumbai who believes in the cult of the rot. Twitter @anniezaidi WHAT: “Open Season”, page 112 THAT ONE FESTIVAL: “Jashn-e-Rekhta. I was once introduced to a group of young Urdu poets: We ended up walking away from the programmed events, sitting on a patch of grass and putting together an impromptu mushaira. That one hour represented to me what poetry means – resistance, coexistence, solidarity, love.” “I like my holidays peaceful: no friction, no special agendas.” UDAY BENEGAL WHO: Mumbai-based singer-songwriter-producer who loves to ride his motorcycle to places for al fresco meals. Instagram @udaybenegal WHAT: “Packing a Punch”, page 108 I’D GIVE ANYTHING TO WATCH: “The recently retired Neil Diamond perform live. Because that voice could settle the deepest worries.” “One where there are no crowds, I’m surrounded by nature,…

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life is a journey. live it large

Imagine driving up to Kalimpong, bicycles in tow, so that you and your family could ride around the picturesque tea gardens. Or, embarking on an impromptu, all-boys trip to Kovalam to battle the ocean in a car loaded with surfing gear. Picture yourself being able to feel the luxury of space, despite being in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Or, perhaps even conduct a business meeting with a client while you’re on-the-go. Well, this what life feels like once you own the new Mercedes-Benz V-Class. A visual, haptic and ergonomic indulgence, the V-Class epitomises elegance, comfort and safety on a grand scale. Featuring a powerful front with a dynamic tapered hood, its rising lines harmoniously connect the rear to the sporty radiator grille. This aesthetic follows you as you enter the car. Think exquisite…

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gq access

RAISING A TOAST WHAT: The GQ 50 Most Influential Young Indians in association with The Glenlivet WHERE: Oval Room, Hyatt Regency, Delhi Changemakers, newsmakers, artists, disruptors, innovators and mavericks across various fields – from green tech to music to sport to hospitality – were felicitated at GQ India’s fourth edition of the 50 Most Influential Young Indians under 40, held at the Oval Room of the Hyatt Regency, Delhi. Following a conversation between GQ Editor-in-Chief Che Kurrien and actor Ayushmann Khurrana, host Rajiv Satyal wrapped up proceedings early in the night, leaving plenty of time for some convivial networking, serious partying – and a surprise set by rappers Prabh Deep and Lit Happu of Azadi Records. ROOM FOR THE GROOM WHAT: GQ Wedding Collective WHERE: DLF Emporio, Delhi GQ hosted the first ever, much-anticipated Wedding Collective in…

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the next gen baller

Diesel’s always been ahead of the game when it comes to its denim, clothing and accessories. Since its beginning in 1978, it has been a pioneer in denim, and became a true favourite all around the world. The Diesel philosophy of passion, individuality and self-expression, is what has kept this brand brimming with greatness. And now, it’s done it again, with the coolest new item in its arsenal. We’re talking about the Full Guard 2.5 touchscreen smartwatch – it’s pure genius, with badass style. Wrapped in Diesel’s signature bold, moto-inspired design, its intention was to tell the world that fading into the crowd is not an option. And with this bad boy on your wrist, standing out is inevitable. It’s loaded with super cool features. From rapid charging to music control and…

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excellence beyond the road

When it comes to Lexus, every aspect is an experience in itself. Be it the vehicles’ carefully crafted contours, the wood-trimmed steering wheels, the exclusive Mark Levinson audio system in its cars, or the exquisite and unique design of their Guest Experience Centers; excellence in design is at the forefront of all that Lexus does. When it comes to Lexus, design is not just a function of visual appeal, but one that aims to combine aesthetics with form and function. Attributable to the Takumi way that runs through the entire Lexus assembly facility, Lexus’s attention to the most intricate details and desire for perfectibility, ensure that every detail is thought through and improved such that even the commonest designs, resemble works of art – unequivocally making the Lexus experience, idiosyncratic. DESIGNING…